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Author Spotlight: Shira Glassman

Wishing a warm welcome to my fellow author Shira Glassman. Check out what you can expect from "Eitan's Chord"

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About the story:

Fairy magic requires fairy sex, so when the three Chanukah fairies—cute butch Latke, enthusiastic party girl Dreidl, and their elegant leader Menorah—decide to help an impoverished young couple, a fairy threesome is in order!

Eitan, a trans man, and his cis wife Abigail work retail and live on love in a studio apartment with broken blinds. If only Abigail’s beaded jewelry would sell online, they’d have a little more cash, but nobody’s biting. While they sleep, the fairies bring the miracle they’re looking for.

Excerpt from "Eitand's Chord"

Soon, the mezuzah's lid swung open as if it were a door, and a third of the little sprites emerged. She was shorter than the other two and wore a pale gold sparkly party dress fluffed out with tulle petticoats. As she spun in the air, her skirts twirled and the other two fairies could see the Hebrew letters that went all the way around it.

“Whee!” Dreidl finally touched down on the windowsill, and promptly deposited a kiss on both Menorah and Latke's waiting faces.

“Quickly, let's go,” said Menorah, after checking to make sure Dreidl had remembered to close the mezuzah up again so the prayer inside wouldn't fall out while she was gone.

The fairies fluttered around inspecting the apartment, filling each other in on the young couple. “He's a cashier at the co op,” said Menorah. “He also teaches guitar lessons on the side, and volunteers for the trans crisis phone line.”

“Sounds like an all around mensch, a decent man,” said Latke.

“She works retail at the mall,” said Dreidl.

“Ohh,” said the other two fairies, wincing in sympathy.

“Exactly,” said Dreidl. “They're in the middle of the Christmas rush. Just today, she was screamed at by three different customers for being low on stock!”

“Poor thing,” clucked Menorah.

Dreidl added in a shocked whisper, “One lady even told her she'd ruined Christmas.”

“I wish people like that would just shop online,” Latke groused.

“Speaking of online—that's why we're here,” Menorah reminded the others, for she was the eldest. “Eitan made a wish that Abigail's jewelry would sell.”

“Let's grant his wish!” Dreidl clapped her hands and spun around, her skirts flowering in her wake.

“Chanukah is for miracles, after all,” said Menorah.

“Where shall we play?” Dreidl darted around the room eagerly searching.

From the author:

"My two biggest motivations as a writer are happiness and frustration! That may sound contradictory, but what it means is that sometimes I write because I want to wallow in something glorious, like how much fun it is to play in an orchestra, or how beautiful our holidays are, and sometimes I write because I'm frustrated with something--like a lack of older men or trans men or chunky men in hetero romantic fiction. I write the stories I wish existed; I write to express my love of things that are, and my love for things that will only exist if I write them. I also write to get to experience things that are outside the boundaries of my own life; I'm not having any all-girl threesomes, so I wrote one so I could "experience" that on the page.

My newest story, the one in this anthology, is your typical "impoverished family is helped by supernatural creatures over the winter holidays" cheese, only from a queer, Jewish point of view because that's my point of view. As Eitan and Abigail lay sleeping, the three Chanukah fairies have sex all over their stuff to bring them luck. I guess you could say the story is a celebration of sex between women, a celebration of love between a trans man and his wife, and a celebration of Jewish observance. So, basically, it has my name smeared all over it :p"

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