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New From J. Thomas Ganzer AND CONTEST


I recently had the pleasure of reading Ten Minutes in Hell by the multi-published J. Thomas Ganzer. I’m familiar with many of his books, from his Chicago Secrets trilogy, to his short story collections, and I can even brag I’ve had the golden opportunity to read some of his unpublished works. I can brag further and say he’s my friend, we’ve worked together on writing projects, and he’s also a great human being. All that aside, his new collection of short stories, Ten Minutes in Hell, is really a great read. If you didn’t get the genre by the cover or the title: it’s horror. But in an unconventional way that I wasn’t familiar with, but I loved it.

Ten Minutes in Hell includes ten very different stories exploring how characters from different cultures and backgrounds live, die, and yes, go to the other place. From ancient Egypt, to Hollywood, and even the Church of Satan, there’s a fun, twisted story to suit all tastes. I imagine a good bit of research went into understanding how different cultures view death and a negative end to human existence, some of which are truly horrifying. The characters themselves are equally horrific, some being murders, abusers, thieves, and the truly wickedest among us. 

I found the most terrifying story to be about two miners—boss and worker—who die in the same explosion. Just when you thought you understood who was going to heaven and who to hell, the weight of a person’s heart is put on display, and the heaviest heart leads to the worst fate I can imagine: being eaten by the great monster Ammit and blinking out of existence. Loved ones even forget you existed. This idea of hell is worse than my idea of death. 

But there are stories in this complication that also explore other ideas of hell. For example, a very sweet story right in the middle of the books explores the life of a good person. You’d think she’d go to heaven, having been a nurse and helping people all her life. But even good people die. And yes, she went to hell. But it wasn’t her punishment. It was her choice. She chose to go to hell in order to help those suffering there heal and eventually move on to a higher plane of existence. This was her sacrifice to continue her good work, even after death. Other stories explore how people remain in hell because they haven’t quite figured out how to not be there; they’re trapped by their actions, their inability to see they’ve shackled themselves. But I won’t spoil it for you and give all the details away. 

The most curious thing about this collection is how well the author explores the human experience and how shitty human beings can really be. It makes you think about your own actions, your thoughts, and how everything you do as a person has a direct affect on other people, even things that in retrospect feel mundane, and even things you’ve been forgiven for. 

The last story in the book is about a surprising character. The character is greeted by Saint Peter at the golden gates of eternity. But we learn that perhaps we don't know as much as we thought about the nature of “God” and “the rules” and “how it all works.” We know shit. In Mr. Ganzer’s tale, this is made very clear. Maybe we've got it all wrong.

This last story struck a very hard chord in me. I was raised Catholic and I admit I suffer some intense Catholic guilt. Ingrained in me are ideas of right and wrong, good and evil, and how things are because of a 2,000 year old storybook. But Man is fallible. Always. 

I would highly recommend this book to those who enjoy thinking outside of the normal perspective of good and evil, and society at large. It’s only when we understand we know nothing that we can face reality. 

I’d also recommend the sister book in J. Thomas Ganzer’s collection: Ten Minutes to Kill, exploring ten short stories of murder. Just like Ten Minutes in Hell, it packs a punch.


To Enter: Answer the question in the blog comments and include your Twitter handle (@Your Name) or email address. Three winners will be chosen by author at random, receiving an eBook copy of Ten Minutes In Hell. Contest begins May 4th, 2021, and ends May 10th. Good luck!

Exclusive Excerpt:

Here is a small excerpt from the author's favorite story, Dante's Fourth Circle of Hell. Both characters were in love with money: One loved to spend it, the other to save it. A hedonist and a miser, both with the means to help others, choose to think only, rewarded with their just desserts.

Virgil and Luther entered the void to find themselves dropped into a large stone pit with many beings like them milling about. Luther subconsciously adjusted the watchband on his Rolex, he was allowed to keep that and whatever else he had on him when he arrived. Virgil still clutched his briefcase to his breast, that was his treasure. But these things were more like anchors tethering them to this plane of existence, which is a lesson they would have to learn, if they could. Many never learn. Ever.

The several dozen souls in the pit took little note of the new arrivals, they eyed one another with suspicion and envy. All had cases and purses and bags containing items that were unique to each soul. Pluto guided the two to the edge of the pit and spoke in a hushed tone.

“This is where you will reside until such time as you reside somewhere else. You may use the things you have with you to barter for other things. Or not, you may wish to do nothing. There are things you may want to acquire, or there may be things with which you do not want to part. Trading begins soon, best of luck to you both. I hope you find what you are looking for.”

Dante described his Fourth Circle of Hell as a dark place where two classes of greedy souls fight one another for wealth—members of one group committed the sin of spending, the other of saving, though all are guilty of avarice. He would marvel at this eternal display of greed, watching for a sign of awareness, just one soul who could recognize the pettiness, the pointlessness of it all. None did.

The two men meandered about, eyeing one another and the rest of the attendees. At once, a deep, booming bell rang, and a frenzy of activity followed. All began yelling at one another, demanding deals or outright refusing to trade. The souls were barking and spitting at one another until they all descended into a cacophony of voices demanding satisfaction. Soon, they split into two groups: the spenders and the savers. Virgil and Luther quickly split and joined the group most befitting them, and their voices joined the chorus.

Interview With The Author

Q:What inspired you to write a story collection about Hell?

It hit me like a real epiphany. I wanted to write another horror short story collection, and I wanted to do something that hasn’t been done before. I thought about imagining hell, then I realized hell has a thousand different iterations through literature. So why not imagine people being confronted with their own personal hell, but the hell as imagined by Dante? Or the ancient Egyptians? Once I started, I couldn’t stop writing.

Q: Does your own personal belief structure play a role in your writing?

I tried not to let my own beliefs interfere with the story. I have my own thoughts on life, death, and what, if anything, comes next. But there are so many people who have a particular view on what hell is, I like to think that every reader can connect with at least one story.

Q: What kind of research went into writing your book?

Ugh, lots of research. I had to explore hell as considered by different cultures. But if most stories of hell include your basic fire and brimstone, lava and torture, that setting only gets me one story, I needed nine more. After a while, it became difficult to find ten distinct views of hell and final judgment and the afterlife.

Q: What kind of reactions are you hoping to get from your readers?

One of my beta readers told me she couldn’t sleep and had to confront her own faith’s view of hell after reading the book. As an author of a horror collection, that’s truly high praise. Knowing it was more than just a silly little story, but something that resonated to that degree, put me over the moon!

Q: Which story in your collection is most important to you and why?

I loved writing the story called Dante’s Fourth Circle of Hell. It’s about two filthy rich wall street guys, one is a hoarder of cash to the point of being a miser, the other can’t spend it fast enough on hedonistic pleasures. And, like most of the stories and legends of hell told across time, they have the key to the jailhouse door but won’t open it to escape. As bad as their hell is, they don’t want to leave because they love the money more than eternal happiness.

Q: If you died and went to hell tomorrow, what do you think would be waiting for you?

Oh wow, good question. You’re stumping me, Gora. I think my personal hell would be the absence of intellectual stimulation. I would be Sisyphus, doomed to perform the same mundane task over and over for all eternity.

Q: What's next on your writing agenda?

A: I have a novel “in the can,” but it needs a whole lot of editing. It is a legal thriller about a law professor chasing the brass ring of tenure when he is struck by a brilliant research idea. He enlists two law students to assist him in developing this idea, but things take a dark turn when his little project crosses the line from unethical to deadly. And I love my twist endings so we’ll see if this one holds up!

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Happy Reading!

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New From J Thomas Ganzer

Five characters lift the veil on the world of science and research. A university department chair struggles to find time for family, an assistant professor strives for tenure, a post-doctoral researcher hunts for a job, a Congressman fights for funding, and a pharma CEO tries to hold it all together while searching for a cure. A must-read for anyone thinking of a graduate degree or a career in academia.


Terry was seven years Marne’s junior and a post-doctoral student in her lab at the University of Wisconsin. Postdocs are those poor souls that complete their PhD’s but still need to spend three to four years in the wilderness before they qualify—in the minds of industry and academia, at least—for an actual job in an actual lab. Terry liked telling women at the bars that he was a scientist and, if they were so inclined, could even call him “Doctor.” They never understood the difference between an MD and a PhD anyway and Terry was never quick to educate them. His shoulder-length black hair, bright blue eyes, and permanent five o’clock shadow ensured he never had to be alone on a Saturday night, though lately his laboratory rats took up more and more free time and dating costs money that he didn’t have. 

Terry completed his PhD at age thirty and was shocked to learn a dump truck full of money was not backing up to his efficiency apartment. He, like most of his contemporaries in their early twenties at the time, graduated from college lacking any career direction whatsoever and decided grad school was a good place to hide from reality while he figured out what to do with his life. He bounced around Europe for a while and, after six years of research, completed his PhD and decided a life of academia suited him quite nicely (commercial researchers at Merck and Pfizer generally don’t wear cargo shorts to the office and bang their assistants, as far as he was able to determine after conducting exhaustive research). Terry split the rent in his meager quarters with a hipster named Bonkers who was an aspiring club DJ, which was a vocation that, against all reason, commanded a salary greater than his. Instead of spending his days jetting around the world giving lectures on neurological impairment and offering his advice on Nobel candidates to King Gustav, Terry was stuck making $19 an hour for research that perhaps fifty people in the entire world could do, which was something they conveniently didn’t tell undergrads looking for a career in laboratory research. And where Marne Baxter had business cards and a parking space and everything, Terry had three overdrafts in the last nine days and would be out of a job if Marne didn’t come through with her NIH grant application. “Publish or Perish” was a way of life for academic researchers, but Terry’s seven first-author published papers paled in comparison to Marne’s fifteen. First authorship was the only measuring stick in their universe, meaning Terry was stuck for at least another year while he beefed up his resume. His fate was in Marne’s hands and, by extension, the NIH’s. Regardless, Terry was certain he would get a few more first-authorships out of his latest project and he even had a line on a position next fall at a lab at the University of Oregon in Eugene, which was totally his speed. If he could hang on one more year.

About the Author:

J. Thomas Ganzer is an attorney practicing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has experience in both civil and criminal matters in private practice and at the Wisconsin Department of Justice. He currently practices civil litigation for the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. Armed with a diverse career, J. Thomas offers his readers a unique perspective on the traditional legal thriller, focusing on the odd characters and constant one-upmanship that lawyers, clerks, and judges know all too well.

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Be sure to check out other titles by this great author:

Got some spare time while sitting on the train? Need a little escape over the lunch break? Want to scare the hell out of yourself in the time it takes to enjoy a nice glass of wine? From the wonderfully twisted mind of suspense author J. Thomas Ganzer, Ten Minutes To Kill will make you think twice about that bump in the night

Available from Amazon

Joe Haise is a bland, bow tie-wearing Assistant US Attorney in Chicago handling low-level fraud for the federal government. His stable job and marriage provide him a predicable - perhaps even boring - life. But one evening he scoops up his wife Tina's phone by mistake and reads a cryptic text from an unknown number. Joe's world descends into chaos when he pieces together several random events and discovers Tina is moonlighting as a high-priced escort for Chicago's jet set. In his fervor to uncover the seedy details of her secret life, Joe must confront a dark secret of his own. What could one do, a federal prosecutor no less, if one had no conscience?

Available from Amazon

Jackie Dekker is a young idealistic Federal Prosecutor in Chicago. Her career is on a hot streak until she discovers her boss, the esteemed Joe Haise, murdered his wife. Her world begins to fall apart. Will anyone believe her? Is she even right? And when her boss learns she has uncovered his secret, what will he do? When you know the law, you know how to break it. When Jackie dances with the Devil and the music stops, she must decide which one will be left dancing.

Available from Amazon

Assistant US Attorney Joe Haise is off-balance. The bodies were so carefully concealed, the evidence meticulously destroyed, and the king was protected. A homicidal federal prosecutor can be forgiven for feeling above the law. But all of it is coming undone at the hands of his one-time protégé, Jackie Dekker. She knows precisely what he is, and she’s done running. Move and counter, thrust and parry, the two warily begin the final match. Murder is such a wonderful game.

Available from Amazon

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Delilah Night for Chemical [se]X

Welcome to Delilah Night, author of Season's Change in the new aphrodisiac chocolate erotica anthology: Chemical Sex Volume 2: Just One More. 

Today we hear directly from the author about this decadent story!

I have always been a big fan of Greek Mythology. I have read a lot of Greek Gods themed fiction, and I’ve toyed with the idea of writing my take on a myth, but I kept hesitating. Sometimes when you love something so much, you get intimidated. 

When Oleander reached out to me about Chemical Sex 2, I jumped at the opportunity to write for the series. The first book nearly made me orgasm on an escalator (and is why I’m hesitant to read erotica out in the wide world these days), and I wanted to bring my A game to the book.

My story, Season’s Change is my take on the Hades and Persephone myth. Years ago, I heard a recording of a song called Persephone by a group called Escape Key. The lyric “They all forget I had a choice, y’know/I could have chosen not to eat or drink,” really spoke to me, and is the foundation upon which I built Season’s Change. I reached out to Michelle Dockrey, the lyricist, and she gave me permission to use the song. I had originally envisioned as a BDSM story because of a few of the lyrics, and the first draft was in that vein, but it wasn’t very me. The result is a tale of true love and trust built over time until Persephone makes the deliberate choice to stay with Hades.

I enjoyed playing around with these archetype characters, and when I take a breath from my ongoing projects, I am leaning towards writing more myths. I liked the idea of a benevolent Hades—he created not just Tartarus, but also the Elysian Fields. I wanted a Persephone with some agency—in many takes on the story, she’s a passive object that is kidnapped and then returned to her mother, but in mine she has choices. I also enjoyed writing a little cameo from Zeus, where he comes off as the pussy hound dudebro we all know he is. I mean, seriously, as a Tumblr post I once read says all of Greek Mythology can be summed up as ‘don’t put your dick in it, Zeus’ and Zeus ignoring them and putting his dick in it anyways. Demeter is mentioned, but not featured, although I picture her as a particularly tightly wound helicopter mom/stage mom type. I especially loved writing each of Cerberus’s head’s personalities. I can see why some other authors have had their Cerberus’s talk.

I will confess I immediately thought of Hades and Persephone because eating something is a major plot point in the myth. Pomegranate becomes a chocolate bonbon with pomegranate filling. So the story leant itself to the theme of the anthology in an organic way that wouldn’t come across as forced or shoehorned in. The first anthology was so strong that I didn’t want to let anyone down.

I hope you’ll enjoy Season’s Change!

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The EnForcer by Linzi Basset

New from Wicked Pen Linzi Basset: The EnForcer. This is book one of the A Dark Desire Novel series, standing at 70,000 words. Be on the watch: releasing June 25th, 2019

A man without a soul, heartless, a bastard beyond redemption. He destroys … ruthlessly and they will yield … because he makes them. 

Buy links: Universal link: www.books2read.com/LB-EnForcer

Available now on Amazon and KINDLE UNLIMITED:

Goodreads TBR: https://buff.ly/2XhLLsS

ENFORCER Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/qWnxfbmSasI

About this book:

A man without a soul, heartless, a bastard beyond redemption. 

A Dark Desire Novel 

He's a bastard. Beyond redemption. 
He knows it. 
And he doesn't care. 

They love him. Because he reforms their insubordinate subs and slaves. 
He knows it. 
And he doesn't care. 

They fear him. The women he 'shows' the error of their ways. 
He knows it. 
And he doesn't care 

There used to be a time that he cared. Where he loved and was loved. Where he used tenderness and care to guide and protect. Until he learned to hate. 

Five years is a long time for hatred to fester. 
He knows it. 
And he doesn't care. 

She will come to hate him. 
He knows it. 
And he doesn't care. 

He only has one goal. 
For her new Master to realize he needs help to reform his slave. 
He's been waiting patiently. 

Patience is a virtue. His has paid off. Now, he can finally show her the error of her ways. 

He knows he can. 
Because he is ... 

The Enforcer 

Editor's Note: Don't get comfortable. Don't relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. And prepare to have your brain and your loins twisted into knots as the Enforcer breaks obstinate slaves. You will cringe, you will wince, your body will tense. You might grind your teeth, your insides will clench, your nipples will pucker, and you might even come … as you secretly wish HE could break you too … 

AUTHOR WARNING: Please remember that this is a work of fiction. This book is very dark, and not a normal BDSM story, it goes way beyond that. Although there is a sensual and emotive story entwined which includes a theme of power exchange between Doms/Masters and submissives /slaves, the powerful Master “reformer” trains ruthlessly with no boundaries. 

You have been given ample warning that the content within is not your average BDSM novel. Proceed with caution, and please do not give a negative review if your concern is based solely on the dark content. 

If this is your cup of tea, then get your copy now and be prepared for a thrilling, shocking and unforgettable ride! 

EnForcer is an edgy, fast-paced, very dark novel. Once you start reading this book, you can’t stop. 


Superb. Chilling. Illuminating. Terrifying. 

This is a deeply, deeply heart wrenching, emotionally gutting, mesmerizing cautionary tale of choices & the far-reaching consequences (most of which were never considered) of those choices. Not only for the decision maker but also for those in the ripples. 

The author does a stellar job of using every action & reaction to peel another layer of the onion for the plot of this intense story. And, it is a beautifully complex story with subtle nuances that begs to be appreciated multiple times. 


The only way I have been able to describe this story is by comparing it to the world’s scariest roller-coaster. You know it’s going to be a very dark and scary ride but you just can't help yourself because you know the excitement and thrill will be so worth it or will it. If you can handle this story it is a wonderful and amazing read 


This is the first book by Linzi Basset that I have read. OMG! What an exciting, DARK, overwhelming, enthralling story. I was drawn in immediately by Master E and his training island. He made my heart beat quickly at the same time I experienced a frisson of incredible trepidation. The sex was rougher than I imagined and the training was intensely effective. 

All I want to say is, “Be still my heart! And, I want more!” 


Excerpt: Copyright©2019 Linzi Basset 

Cy noticed Delilah’s pleading look as he closed in on her where she was locked naked in the human-sized birdcage with wide bars in the center of the dungeon. It was aptly named the display area, where all insubordinate subs were shamed publicly. She pressed into the bars behind her back as he circled the cage, flicking the riding crop against his leg. The sound was dampened by his pants but he snapped it sharply at exact intervals, building her expectation, her fear for the first lash against her exposed skin. 

He stopped in front of her, crossing his arms with the crop tapping against his shoulder. Her eyes moved over his large hands, his impossibly wide chest to come to rest on his masked face. He didn’t smile, and with his lips pressed in a stoic line, he appeared dark with a predatory gleam in his eyes. He smiled within himself as he watched her quiver when she identified the look. At least she wasn’t an ignorant slave, he thought cynically. 

“Master E, please … ahhh!” 

The riding crop came down hard on the underside of her arm and immediately on the opposite one as well. Her screams echoed in the dungeon. Cy ignored the immediate interest of members gathering around the cage, keen to watch the Master at work. 

“Did I give you permission to talk?” 

Delilah lifted pain filled eyes to him. He had studied her boundaries while Kieran had signed the paperwork. The little twit wasn’t into pain, which was going to make her reform so much fun. Once they entered his domain, boundaries didn’t exist. It was all about achieving results. The sooner she learned that, the better. 

Delilah whimpered, not sure whether she was allowed to respond. Cy could see the conflict raging inside her. She was able to top her own Master very successfully, something she must have known when she approached him to take her as his slave. Cy had seen her kind often. They loved being slave, as long as they held the reins and allowed their Master to rule how they wanted him to. He could see the realization of terror in her eyes. 

That pleased him. It meant that she knew what to expect. 

“You would do well to remember the general rules in my presence, slave. I don’t tolerate disobedience.” He took a step closer, and his eyes gleamed. “Why are you here, Delilah?” 

“I … don’t—” 

Her screams slammed against the walls as Cy pulled back the stiff edge of the crop with his finger and released it. A dark red welt appeared across her nipple. She shook her head as she watched him pull it back again but to no avail. He released it and pain seared through the other nipple. 

“I tolerate lies even less. This is your first punishment, slave. Feel it and remember it, because it will be the one you’ll be praying for in the week to come.” 

With those words still ominously raging through her mind, he flicked the crop against her right nipple and without pause against the left one, just as hard. It hurt even more than the first two and Delilah screamed with each one that followed, begging for mercy. Cy was unmoved as he brought the crop down on her nipples, the side of her breasts, and finally the sensitive part underneath her breasts. Sobs wracked her frame and tears streamed over her cheeks. 

Cy watched dispassionately. 

“I ask again, why are you being punished?” His voice sounded darker than the devil itself, calm and cold as ice. 

About Linzi Basset:

Linzi Basset is a top 100 Amazon and iBooks Bestselling Author. 

Not satisfied to be chained to one genre, she flourishes in producing multiple realms of her imaginary world. Her bestselling Club Cove series have all achieved top 5 on the Amazon charts. Her stories are edgy, dark, suspenseful and at times filled with sweet romance. Linzi is a sucker for HEA and all her books have a happy ending, no matter the battles each couple have to fight to get there. 

As a full time author, there’s only one place you’ll ever find Linzi and that’s behind her laptop … well, now and then she pops in at the gym too and she’s never without her trusty energy booster … a steaming cup of coffee! 

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Ria Restrepo for Chemical [se]X Volume 2

Contributing to Oleander Blume's Chemical [se]X Volume 2 is the fabulous Ria Restrepo

Here's a little about her story: Elevator Confidential

Trapped in an elevator with her secret crush and some aphrodisiac chocolates, Jackie's bad day turns delicious. Walden may be her father's friend and business partner, but how much temptation can he endure before succumbing to both their forbidden desires? What happens between them is dirty, decadent, and strictly confidential. 

About This Author:

Ria Restrepo may appear to be a mild-mannered bookworm who drinks too much coffee and spends most days tapping away on her computer. But beneath the quiet exterior lurks a filthy-minded sex kitten with a lurid and lascivious imagination. Writing romance, erotica, and all the shades in between, she truly enjoys entertaining readers with stories about strong women exploring and celebrating their desires—especially when they involve alpha males with a sensitive side. 

Ever wonder what it's like to take part in an anthology like this? Here's what Ria had to say about the journey:

Shortly after I started writing erotica and erotic romance as Ria Restrepo, I became active on social media to network with other writers and promote my work. One of the early books I read and reviewed was Chemical [se]X. I absolutely loved the concept and thought Oleander Plume's story that launched the whole wild ride was clever, hilarious, and devilishly hot. 

Sometime later, Oleander hosted a contest using a rather bizarre list of writing prompts. If there's one thing readers should know about me is that I love a good challenge. I took the prompt "hot sex in a rickshaw" and entered a story called "Rickshawing with Rick and Shawn." I didn't win, but Oleander loved all the entries so much an anthology called Prompted was planned. Sadly, that never came to fruition. 

A couple of years later, after I emerged from a brief hiatus, Oleander invited me to contribute a story to Chemical [se]X Volume 2. I was truly honored that she and the Sisters in Smut wanted to include me. It's quite a thrill to be asked to write a story for an anthology—especially for one I admired as much as Chemical [se]X. No pressure, right? 

Although I quickly agreed to write a story of Chemical [se]X Volume 2, I was more than a little concerned that I'd be able to write a made-to-order story. Even if a story is intended for a particular call for submissions, I usually write as inspiration hits me, then keep my fingers crossed that it's accepted. This time, my muse had to perform on command. Thankfully, I had some time to make the magic happen. 

While working on other things, I kept my Chemical [se]X story in the back of my mind. I often have rock music on while I'm working and when Aerosmith's "Love in an Elevator" came on, it got my mind churning. Hot sex in an elevator! The details of the story fell into place after that. And I have to say, "Elevator Confidential" contains some of my favorite erotic themes. "Write what turns you on" is my general writing philosophy and that's especially true of my Chemical [se]X Volume 2 story. 

I've been published in two other anthologies as Ria Restrepo and I'm seriously impressed with the Chemical [se]X Volume 2 contributors. Not only are they incredibly talented, but I've never worked with a more supportive group of women. Everyone is so generous about sharing each other's work apart from our Chemical [se]X stories. I know I've made some great new friends and we'll be there for each other long after Chemical [se]X Volume 2 is published. That's a rare and special thing in this industry. 

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"Eminent Domain" in The Sexy Librarian's Dirty 30 Volume 3

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Angora Shade for Chemical [se]X

I was approached by the Sisters in Smut  to take part in Oleander Plume's Volume 2 of the Chemical [se]X anthology. Already friends with several of the authors, and familiar with the fabulous stories in Chemical [se]X Volume 1, I jumped at the invitation! If you haven't read Volume 1, GO DO IT NOW. It's so smokin' hot. You will not be disappointed. I can also assure you Volume 2 is just as steamy, if not boiling! 

As a participating author in Volume 2, I was tasked with creating a sexy short story based on aphrodisiac chocolates. I came up with something I've never done before: Bigfoot erotica. Monster erotica has been out there for a long time, and it's true that I've written some paranormal stories including dragons(free read) and vampires, but never anything like this. I enjoy fresh new ideas, as well as a challenge.

About my story:
Gemma is a rich, blonde bombshell, but being born a stereotype didn't mean she had to play the part. Taking steps to prove her worth to her social circle and the man of her dreams, Gemma creates the perfect camping spot, complete with romantic aphrodisiac chocolates. Waiting in the woods, preparing for an unforgettable night of passion, Gemma's little candy box of Beast unleashes more than she bargained for.

In addition to my contribution, you can expect to read heterosexual and LGBTQ+ stories in this anthology, in settings ranging from hotel rooms to parties, the underworld to elevators, and all the places of imagination between. 

Find Angora Shade Online:
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Mischa Eliot for Chemical se[X]

Chemical se[X] Volume 2: Just One More, is here, featuring two new creations from Sister in Smut, Mischa Eliot. Here's what she has to say about her work, her experience, and the Chemical se[X] phenomenon. 

I’m Mischa Eliot and I write smut. I wrote Because She Hates Me and Happy Birthday (as M.J. Spencer) for Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More. 

One day, Oleander Plume walked into the private message chat shared between myself, her, and Dr. J. and said… “What do you think about doing a sequel to Chemical [se]X?” and we both squealed in excitement at this smutty opportunity. 

I read the first Chemical [se]X anthology and thought this is fucking amazing. Authors being given one main idea – aphrodisiac chocolates – and being told to run with the idea. Epic. 

Because She Hates Me is centered around two roommates who secretly crush on each other, but believe the other person hates them. The chocolates bring them together in ways they never thought would happen.

Happy Birthday is about Maryann and Strider, two people who work together at a BDSM club called Possession. I’ve introduced these characters previously in a (now unpublished) series. Sometimes, you don’t know who has feelings for you, until they reveal their surprise. 

It means a lot to have been asked to be included in the anthology. Having not one, but two, stories included has rocked my world. I honestly hope everyone enjoys something about all the stories. We sure went all out with various ideas centered around the theme. 

Normally, I have issues with all-female teams. However, we pulled some awesome people into the Sisters in Smut and I feel that we did well in choosing authors to invite working on the Anthology. I’ve gotten more experience working on this anthology from writing, editing, marketing, and more than I have since I began writing way back when. 

I’ve met some wonderful people in this group and I hope that the relationships fostered by working together will grow and bloom for future projects. 

About Mischa Eliot

Mischa Eliot is an Office Superhero by Day and an Author of Smutty Works by Night bringing you the hottest stories.