Friday, August 15, 2014

Erotica & God

I've recently been discussing with another author where sex and God come together in erotic writing. We both write erotica and come from religious backgrounds. Arguing back and forth about what's okay to write or not and why has been both enlightening and frustrating. I'm angry that religion--something that preaches love, tolerance, and understanding--could make anyone second guess their feelings or tell them that their feelings or emotions pertaining to sex are wrong, or in some cases, damning.

I'm sick and tired of others demonizing sex. Sex (I'm talking about consenting adults here by the way) is a beautiful and necessary part of being human. It's a means of showing your love, passion, or lust for another person(s). I honestly and wholeheartedly believe that THERE IS NOTHING DIRTY ABOUT SEX. PERIOD. Screwing should be something people are allowed to speak about, be curious about, and enjoy. People should also be encouraged to explore personal sexual fetishes and boundaries with their partner(s). It's healthy. It's natural. Be safe about it--sure--but don't feel any aspect of sex is dirty.

Where does God fit into erotica? I don't believe God does. Erotic fiction is just that--FICTION. Traditional erotic fiction is designed to arouse and entertain, not to preach God's word. Leave God's word in the Bible where it belongs. As an author, believing in God should not have a direct correlation on what an author is writing! We are free to write what pleases us. For those who feel guilty about writing specific topics, are limited to specific topics because of their beliefs, or who fear God's or the church's wrath because of what they write... Well then, that's just the saddest thing I've ever heard.

Pretty sure God is a Liberal:

  1. God made us reproducing creatures. We have to fuck to exist. Cole Porter said it best "Birds do it, bees do, even educated flees do it..." Hell, even flowers have "sex"
  2. If God wanted us to not enjoy sex, he wouldn't have made sex so enjoyable and orgasms so fucking awesome.
  3. God made us all unique in every way, be it straight, gay, lesbian, bi, pan, trans, asexual or other. Telling someone they're wrong for how they were created is like saying "Fuck you God, YOU messed up with this dude." For those of you who don't know... God is infallible. God can't make mistakes. That's a human quality. To each their own... Now the haters need to stop hating people who don't have the same lifestyle as what the "normal" currently is accepted to be. 
  4. God gave us creativity. We have the ability for abstract thought. We should use it or it's like saying "Sorry, God. I don't need to be creative cause I'm made to feel by others that it's wrong to express myself." If you're inspired or curious, then fucking write your erotica already!
  5. Finally, what an author chooses to write is up to that author. No one has the right to make you feel ashamed or dirty for enjoying, exploring, loving, or having dirty thoughts about sex. 
Surely some people are going to be irritated about this post. I won't apologize. Reading or writing about sex is not going to damn you... Your actions will. Be a good person, but write bitch write! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Poem of the Day

"New Leaf" by Angora Shade

Forget you think you know it
It’s time to go throw it
The stone that
skips across the water like
it’s glass
Well varnished
Lost into the fog 
with no sense or class
Now rotten
might have been rash

Ignore the fucks from yesterday
Give up the stupid games they play
The bullshit that
stinks up your
Given over to the
deep sin
But never
Released but just
can’t win

Stand a little taller
Don’t let them make you smaller
Push back against
the envelope
Seal it
Feel it
Climb up on a
new rope
Plant a seed of
good hope.

Break upon a fresh wave
Tell them what you truly crave
Spotlight in the
bright sun
The untold
Baked until you’re more
than done
Tell them that you’ve
just begun.