Monday, August 13, 2018

Let's Get Personal: Summer Update

Happy August everyone. You know it's August in Sheep Shit Nowhere, Europe, when the spiders are as big as your mouse rubber ducky. They come in search of an attractive female, only to have themselves murdered in the process of their mating rituals. This guy did find himself a female, but alas, he was let down... down the long drop of gravity when I chucked him out the second story window. I'm sure he'll try again.

I keep trying, not with spiders, but with my goals. I began this year with both personal and professional goals, and then found myself in a total slump. Picture a very bored, lethargic writer, going out of her way to do anything but spank the muse. My muse needs this regularly to dose out the spells of inspiration. 

I was a writing machine from New Years (hello resolutions!) until about March when I began a physical change. I didn't feel good about the way I looked and fit inside my clothes. It's no fun to feel like your body has betrayed you. Over the slow course of a decade, I gained some unflattering kilos. So I put down my computer, and instead, began an intense cardio workout of kickboxing and running. I also changed my diet to exclude my daily dip into the Nutella jar with a spoon and my nightly half bottle of red wine. I literally melted. Lost 9 kilo and I feel better about myself. Not only that, but I'm a MILF, or at least I feel like one. And that was the point.

But writing had the back burner. I didn't have an interest in putting down new words when I was so busy focusing on my personal goals. But now that I've met them, and I've learned how to maintain the body I want, I'm finding my way back to words.

My professional goals are lining themselves up in a neat little row inside my head. I'm working on my bucket list. To me, Cleis Press is the place to be published in my chosen genre. If you can be published with them, it means a) you don't suck, b) ... see A. Publishing with Cleis is the affirmation I need to know I've made it as a serious writer. I'm currently waiting to hear back from 3 separate Cleis submission calls. My writing partners are optimistic. So am I. But if nothing happens with these, I intend to keep trying.

(Side note about writing partners: I love you. Like, literally love you. You guys are the awesome sauce on my hot fudge sunday, the cheese in my quesadilla, the cinnamon on my oatmeal. You do so much for me. I don't know many personal details about you guys, but it doesn't matter. I know your brains. You know mine. We have *Dramatic Music* --a mind meld-- *Evil Laughter* I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. Kisses)

My efforts from earlier this year have been fruitful. Angora Shade will feature a brand new story with Bold Strokes Books in their upcoming Lesbian Travel Anthology releasing January 2019. My story takes place in Japan, where a young woman intends to prove to herself and her friends, that yes, she can be independent and travel the world alone. But the world is full of surprises, especially when she finds herself in the wrong taxi cab. Keep an eye out for this. Cover reveal and more details about this fantastic anthology will follow this fall.

My biggest news right now comes from connections with people. From the friends I've made online and the friends I have here in Sheep Shit Nowhere. Friends are important. They guide, support, and when they're true friends, fill your thirsty thoughts with more imagination than you ever thought possible.

I was invited to participate in an upcoming anthology with some very talented authors. INVITED. Yeah. Their group discussed whom they'd like to take part, and a handful of people were chosen. Is there a greater form of flattery? I don't think so. Needless to say, I'm both intimated by the quality of writing and storytelling these other writers have, as well as excited to be included in something so marvelous. I hope I don't let them down. This has the feeling of something wondrous and important for the purpose of interlocking creativity and learning, improving my craft, and reaching new readers. 

But it hasn't stopped there.

I told a few friends about this invitation and the premise behind the anthology over drinks and a BBQ. I confessed about what I love doing. We were up till 3 in the morning talking about it. Keep in mind, in Sheep Shit Nowhere, you don't go talking about sex the way you shoot the shit with your neighbor. But these friends ARE neighbors. Their kids go to school with my kids. We do the carpool thing. PTO. And I didn't get you're a perv looks.

My news fascinated them. My friends are apparently, really fucking pervy. 

I took them online and showed them, YES! Bigfoot erotica is a real thing. It became a running joke throughout our evening. And YES! They want me to write some bigfoot smut (which I've never read myself or intended to write, but hey, why not?). 

Fuck yeah
 I can make this dude sexy. Look at that body! Those pecs! That luscious, long hair. He'll smell like the musk of masculinity and pine, and fuck with the abandon we all want to feel, the true definition of passion.

Their imaginations ran wild and helped me generate legit plots to test, enough to keep me busy for a very long time. They also want to read me. Google docs is gonna get a serious workout. Hopefully some vibrators will as well. Maybe they'll name their future babies Gora. That would be fun *HAH!*

I can't tell you how pleasant all of this has been. I'm not open with my true identity where my writing is concerned due to the negative stigma surrounding the erotic genre. And that's sad. My own mother won't speak to me about my "sex writing" and I've never dared share my "hobby" with my extended family for fear of full-blown rejection of me and mine. MINE. Isn't it horrid to think my grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. would stop speaking to me, and in addition, my kids, simply because I write erotica and erotic romance! But it's true. I honestly believe my worst case scenario would happen. Not everyone is open about sex. Not everyone can mutter "lesbian" or "bondage" without a shudder. Not everyone is open to discussion and acceptance of the very basic nature of what makes us human. I wish my family could embrace diversity--the great spectrum of sexual possibilities--and the writing I do, which makes me happy. It shouldn't matter how a person gets their jollies so long as they and their partner(s) are consenting and safe. And it shouldn't matter what a person reads so long as their mind is active and their thoughts entangled in a space where possibilities expand.

But more of my friends know now. It's such a relief. I feel supported. I feel on top of the world.

So I'm going to write today. I'm going to embrace what I love doing and keep doing it. I'm feeling successful despite not having the impressive catalogue I thought I'd have after 4 years of taking my craft seriously. I have false starts and stuff I chuck out the window because it's for sure as hell crap, but I also have masterpieces of my own thoughts, broadcast in a way that makes sense to me and what I believe is a good story. That's all the more I want.

And as long as we're on the page of getting personal... And smutty. Cause I'm working on not shying away from sex or smutty or pervy or unusual whateverness of art (and hopefully someday I won't shy away from the truth with my family). Because that's what I do in my writing: art. But I do lots of art unrelated to writing. So here's my latest. The result of light and shadow, wet and dry, and the possibilities and limitations of using an iPhone in the shower: Silhouette of a Woman. 

Stay smutty.

Monday, August 6, 2018

New from Wicked Pen Pandora Spocks!

Get Ready for a NEW RELEASE from Pandora Spocks!

Book 4 from the Dream Dominant Collection

She is the perfect combination of princess and warrior. 

Scott Nielsen and Jackie Walker. Their attraction is instant from the moment they meet. But he’s Dominant. And no way is she submissive. Is it a missed connection? Or a divine appointment? 

Scott Nielsen is ready for change. He’s walked away from his career as a wilderness counselor, planning to start his own outdoor survival school. He looks up his old friend and former colleague Blake Walker, intent on leasing space at Blake’s family’s remote wilderness guest lodge. That’s where he meets Blake’s sister Jackie, who runs the lodge with her brother’s help. Her strength and independence intrigue Scott. A single mom, Jackie has no intention of being anyone’s submissive. 

In his personal life, Scott is tired of casual sex in the BDSM club scene. Envious watching his buddy Blake fall head over heels for his own submissive, Scott thinks he might be ready to take the plunge himself. As he and Jackie spend time together, he’s enchanted with her inner Warrior Princess. But Jackie’s been burned before. And she has two children who are her priority, not to mention the business to run. As independent as she is, she can’t see relinquishing her power to a man, not even one she’s falling for. 

Scott’s heart aches at the idea of not having Jackie in his life. Can she take another chance on love, or will she insist on ignoring her submissive soul? 

If you enjoyed LOST & BOUND, you’ll love this spin-off stand-alone story.

Release Date: August 14, 2018 
Genres: Contemporary Erotic Romance 
Heat Level: Erotic 

Spicy Excerpt:

Enjoying the view, she watched as he walked to the bed and reached beneath it, removing a Kink Ink bag. “I went shopping myself today while I was in town.” His bag was larger than the ones she and Amy had returned with.

From the bag, he withdrew a mass of black straps and silver chain. Arching an eyebrow dramatically, he carried the device toward her, stopping beneath the massive log that served as the center beam of the cabin. Belatedly, Jackie noticed a heavy black ring attached to the beam. Reaching up, Scott secured a thick steel chain to the ring overhead. From the chain hung a curved black bar, with black straps in various lengths that dangled beneath.

Scott crooked a finger. “Come.”

Ignoring the butterflies performing dive bombs in her stomach, Jackie slowly padded toward him.

“Do you know what this is?”

She chewed her lower lip. “I have a pretty good idea.”


Jackie flushed crimson. “It’s a sex swing?” She eyed the device curiously. Two padded straps connected the ends of the curved overhead bar, one longer than the other. Two short straps with cuffs at the ends hung suspended from a chain at the center of the bar. And at either end of the bar hung a longer strap with cuffs at the end, presumably for ankles.

He nodded. “I thought,” with his hands on her hips, he turned her around, “we might try something interesting.” He moved the lower strap behind her thighs. “Sit, Princess.”

Heart pounding, Jackie did as she was told, grasping onto the straps that hung down. Scott knelt, fastening a padded black cuff around each of her ankles, spreading her wide. Then he moved the shorter padded strap behind her shoulder blades. “Now lean back, Princess. I’ve got you.”

Shakily, she lay back against the thickly padded strap, gripping the side straps for dear life. With a smirk, Scott peeled her right hand off the strap, kissing it lightly before raising it to the cuffs overhead. He followed suit with her left hand.

When she was completely fastened in, he gave her a little push and stepped back to admire his handiwork.

“Whoa,” Jackie gasped as she swung around in a slow circle.

Scott grinned. “How does it feel to be completely under my control?”

Jackie tried unsuccessfully to suppress a nervous giggle. “It’s not so bad.”

“Not so bad? I’d rather it was oh, so good.”

As she swung around, she lost sight of him. When he came back into view, he was holding a black satin blindfold.

“Tonight, Princess, is all about sensations. We’re going to cover your eyes, so you can concentrate on what you feel.”

He stepped toward her and stopped suddenly. “Did you come up with your own safe words?”

Her eyes widened. “Oh. Yes. I did.” She looked to him, feeling suddenly sheepish. Maybe we should just go with the original ones, she worried.

He raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to elaborate.

“Well,” she gestured with a shoulder, causing the swing to spin to the left, “I thought I’d use earth, water, and fire.”

Scott pursed his lips in amusement. “Earth, water, and fire. What about air?”

As she spun, she shrugged. “Well, I only needed three, so…”

“Earth is the same as green?”

Jackie nodded. “And water is like yellow, and obviously fire is red.”

“Obviously,” he smirked. “Alright, I’m about to blindfold you. Give me feedback.”

“Earth.” She watched him carefully.

“Earth it is.” He leaned down and kissed her tenderly before he slid the black satin mask into place.

The next time he spoke, he sounded further away. “If at any time you feel uncomfortable, use your safe words.” She felt a swish of air, as though he’d moved by her.

“I considered a ball gag,” his voice came from in front of her, “but I need to be sure I can read your body language before we take away your voice.”

Strong hands gently gripped her lower calves as he trailed kissed up the inside of her right leg, his facial hair prickling in a maddeningly sensual way. When he reached the place where her thigh joined her body, he skipped her needy place to travel back down her left leg.

Jackie groaned with disappointment, and she felt the vibration of his chuckle against her inner thigh. “All in good time, Princess. The King will feast, I promise.”

When he’d finished his travels, he released her, sending her spinning in a slow, dizzying circle. With the blindfold, Jackie had no sense of up or down, left or right. She felt as though she were floating.

Then she heard a soft buzzing sound, followed by Scott’s sexy chuckle. “Oh, this is a naughty toy. Just what did you get up to with this?”

Mortified, Jackie was at once glad for the blindfold, and sorry she wasn’t gagged. “I, um…used it.”

He whispered into her ear. “Yes, but how?”

Oh. My. God. “I pressed it against myself.”

“And where exactly did you press it?”

Jackie cleared her throat. “I pressed it against my pussy.”

“Your pussy. This glorious pussy right here?”

She yelped as he unexpectedly touched the vibrator to her sex. “Yes.”

She felt him stiffen. “Yes, what?”

“Oh! Yes, Sire.”

He applied an open-handed pop to her pussy, and she yelped again. “How quickly we forget. Perhaps we should stop and allow you to consider the error of your ways.”

Jackie’s mind flitted to what Amy had said about orgasm denial, and she panicked at the thought of not being allowed to come during this play session. “Um, no, Sire, really, it was merely an oversight on my part, I’m so very sorry, please, I didn’t mean it, I just—”

Scott laughed out loud. “You’ve been talking to Amy, I see.” He whispered, closer now. “Don’t worry Princess. I plan to wear you out tonight.”

About the Author:

Pandora Spocks is a sassy ginger and hopeless romantic, living her happily ever after in South Florida. She enjoys reading and writing literary erotic romance.

She is the author of the three-novel epic romance Rannigan’s Redemption, modern-day adult fairy tale Chasing Ordinary, and a naughty little romantic novella, Just One Night. Her Dream Dominant Collection is a series of light BDSM stand-alone novels featuring sexy Alpha males and the strong red-haired submissives who can’t resist them. The collection currently includes four novels: Luke & Bella, Lost & Bound, For Sparrow, and Warrior Mine.

Pandora is busy on her laptop, working on her next spicy romance.