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Review: Shadowy Tentacle Passion

"Shadowy Tentacle Passion" is book one in the "Magical Girl Chronicles" by author Reed James. 

This novella is about an introverted virgin college student who finds herself wanting to explore her sexuality and to break free from her very sheltered upbringing. Aided by her knowledgeable and overtly sexual roommate, Ashly, Cora visits a porn store for the first time. On impulse, Cora buys her first sex toy--a colorful vibrator--only to discover that inside the toy lives the spirit of Iris, the demigod of rainbows. With Iris's power and the power of the vibrator, Cora learns to channel the ancient magic of the Greek Goddess Persephone to become Magical Girl Persephone. She fights evil using energy/magic she obtains through sexual encounters. Traveling the streets by night in search of her nemesis, the tentacle God Ophiotaurus who works for the twisted Goddess Hera, Cora transforms from a shy girl into a powerful superhero. In order to defeat Hera, Cora must fight against all her monsters, and even a former lover.

My thoughts on the story:

I enjoyed several aspects of this story. The author did a great job describing Cora's conflict between exploring sex and wanting to be in love beforehand. Her boyfriend, Aidan, is everything she thinks she wants in a man. She trusts him and cares deeply for him. Her curiosity about sex has her wanting to learn everything she can, and she does her best to be true to her boyfriend despite her attractions to Iris, Ashly, and the man embodying Persephone's former lover, Hades. Cora's struggle was believable and something I believe a lot of people can relate to in their lives. 

This story gets super points for being hella creative! I found myself pleasantly surprised by the classic, witty superhero style banter, complete with all the cheese! In order to transform into a superhero and use bits of magic to battle her enemies, Cora says things like "I am Magical Girl Persephone, Pretty Pussy Soldier for Truth and Justice!"  when she introduces herself, and "Sexy Razor Leaves!" when she uses a magic spell. Her magic is charged through exploring her sexuality and having sex, and the story is based on ancient culture while set in modern times. Nothing about the plot was dull, and because of its complexity with all these elements, I was felt compelled to comfortably read the story all the way through.

The best thing about this story is that it's sex positive. Although Cora struggles internally over what's okay sexually and whom she's allowed to sexually explore, she comes to understand that exploration, love, and pleasure are wonderful aspects of what should be included in (hopefully) everyone's life. 

Overall I give this story 4 out of 5 Pussy Solider Stars!

You can find more information about Reed James Online: 

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Author Spotlight: Asta Idonea

Welcome to my fellow author Asta Idonea!

About "Devouring Red"

Straying from the path on the way to his grandmother's house, Redd is pursued by a vicious, hungry wolf. Help arrives in the form of a mysterious stranger, but will Redd wish he'd taken his chances with the wolf when he comes to learn there is more than one way a handsome young man can be devoured?

Exclusive Excerpt from "Devouring Red"

Redd crashed through the forest as fast at the trees would let him. The space between their trunks appeared to be shrinking. Were they closing in on him? He put on a burst of speed. Branches stretched toward him, grasping at his clothing with jagged wooden fingers. Twigs and dead leaves cracked and crunched beneath his feet, and his crimson cloak billowed out behind him, flapping in the breeze and brushing over the foliage.

Then one of the trees got lucky. Its slender limb caught on the hem of Redd’s cape and sent him tumbling to the ground. The shock of the fall was enough to snap him out of his panic, and he lay there until his short, sharp breaths steadied to slow and deep inhalations. Once calm, he pushed up onto his elbows and assessed his surroundings.

The woods encircled him, dense and dark. He knew it was still daytime because here and there the sun’s rays penetrated the thick foliage, creating glistening puddles of light that made the reddening leaves shimmer. However, there was a faint bluish tinge to the illumination that told Redd dusk was not far off. The thought of being forced to spend the night in the forest sent a new shudder of fear through him and he scrambled to his feet.

Why had he done it? His whole life he’d been warned about straying from the path and he’d never been tempted to disobey before now. But then he’d never had any incentive until today. His grandmother was sick. Dying. No one had said the word aloud, but Redd had seen it in their faces when they spoke of her illness. Getting weaker, they muttered. Growing frail. Others spoke of the long years she’d enjoyed as if that somehow made up for the inevitable loss. For Redd, there could be no positive to numb the pain.

Author Asta Idonea:

Asta Idonea (aka Nicki J Markus) was born in England, but now lives in Adelaide, South Australia. She has loved both reading and writing from a young age and is also a keen linguist, having studied several foreign languages.

Asta launched her writing career in 2011 and divides her efforts not only between MM and mainstream works but also between traditional and indie publishing. Her works span the genres, from paranormal to historical and from contemporary to fantasy. It just depends what story and which characters spring into her mind!

As a day job, Asta works as a freelance editor and proofreader, and in her spare time she enjoys music, theater, cinema, photography, and sketching. She also loves history, folklore and mythology, pen-palling, and travel; all of which have provided plenty of inspiration for her writing.

Interview With Asta Idonea:

1) Why did you start writing? How did you get started in the romance genre?

I loved books and reading as a child and always wanted to write my own; however, for a long time it was one of those dreams I talked about but never acted upon. Then in 2011, I was chatting to a published friend who encouraged me to submit a short story. That story was accepted, and the rest, as they say, is history. I began with M/F (which I still write under my other pen name Nicki J. Markus); then I started to write M/M as well in 2014. I was editing (that's my day job) for an LGBT publisher, and decided to try my hand at a story for one of their anthology calls. I've had stories in every one of their anthologies since, and in 2015 I started submitting to some other publishers as well.

2) What led you to write your story in the Twisted Fables Anthology?

I love fairytale retellings, so when I saw the Torquere Press open call, I knew I wanted to submit. I have written six previous fairytale and myth retellings (which are being released as a collection in March this year) and didn't want to repeat any of those. Red Riding Hood was one that hadn't fit well in that collection; therefore, it seemed the ideal one to tackle here. Plus, as soon as I thought of it, an ideal scenario came to mind.

3) Tell us about your story, how it relates to fables, the message behind it, your favorite part, etc.

Devouring Red is an M/M retelling of Red Riding Hood with a twist. I wondered: what if the wolf isn't the only dangerous thing in the forest? I didn't want to go too obvious with the wolf being a werewolf or something like that, so I considered the idea of being devoured in a more sexual sense. That is certainly there in the original tale: the little girl (in this case a young man) is tempted from the path and experiences a sexual awakening. In the original fariytale that is a warning against such things; in my story the ending is more optimistic.

4) What's the most difficult aspect of writing?

Marketing. I have a rather fertile imagination and don't struggle to come up with ideas. Plus, as an editor, I feel fairly confident in my prose. However, when the story is accepted and I then have to get it to the attention of readers... well, that's something I find hard. With so much choice, it's really a full-time job to keep up with social media and find a way to promote your stories and get them noticed. I'm also a bit of an introvert at heart.

5) What can readers expect in the future? Working on anything new? 

Absolutely! A couple of weeks ago my M/M PNR short story/novella series Souls for Sale released. In March I have the fairytale retellings collection and two more short stories in anthologies coming out, and I have a further three shorts and one novella contracted for release between April and June. At present I have eighteen shorts under consideration with publishers for different 2016 anthologies (a mix of M/M and M/F stories) and I am working on the third draft of my next M/F novel - a Regency PNR with a hint of Gothic. I keep busy! Anyone wanting to know more should check out my blog:

6) Interesting fact about you?

I'm a keen linguist and have studied a number of foreign languages, including French, German, Italian, Czech, Danish, and (most recently) Icelandic.

Find Nicki J Markus Online:

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Author Spotlight: Sheri Velarde

Welcome to my fellow author in the Torquere Press Twisted Fables Anthology, Sheri Velarde

About "Rumpled Sheets"

A mysterious offer sends Charlie Martin into a frenzy. He must create an entire fashion collection within a week or risk losing a backer promising him his dreams. Just when he thinks it’s impossible, someone claiming to know him from his past agrees to help him. That is when things really get interesting for his career and for his heart.

Ron Stein is a likable but forgettable guy. He loves to help people and he really wants to help Charlie, someone from his school days who has finally noticed him. However Ron has some secrets to hide, will they ruin his chance at happiness?

Exclusive Excerpt:

Back at his loft/design studio, Charlie and Ron got down to work. First they went through what Charlie had around already made and ready to show. He was duly impressed with Rob’s keen eye and they soon had a couple of pieces, the rest ruled out as not up to his current standards, but it was a start at least. Next they moved onto sketches and found a few more pieces that would help the collection they were building. They poured over sketches and made plan until the sun had started to rise.

“Wow! Look at the time! We got so much done, mostly thanks to you! Without your critical eye I would still be sitting her with my head spinning in all directions! Let’s get some sleep and truly get started this afternoon?” Charlie yawned, exhaustion hitting him hard all of a sudden.

“I am still buzzing with energy. You go to sleep and I am going to whip out some patterns for a bit. I promise to sleep when I feel the need.” Ron smiled and headed over to a work table. Shaking his head at the other man’s energy, Charlie headed towards his bed. “Make yourself at home, I mean that.”

Ron gave a nod that he’d heard and got to work. Charlie passed out the moment his head hit the pillows. He knew nothing until he woke up late in the afternoon, cursing himself for sleeping so long and knowing he had put himself way behind an already impossible schedule. “Shit, shit, shit!” He yelled at himself before setting out to find and wake Ron to get to work.

He walked into his work studio and stopped, shocked. While he didn’t see Ron anywhere, all the patterns they had discussed the night before had been made and cut. It should have taken a couple people an entire day to get that much done, yet one man appeared to have done it all in less than eight hours. Some muslin had even been draped on a couple of dress forms, ready for Charlie to get to work.

As he stood there in amazement, wondering where his miracle worker had gone, he heard the door of his loft open and Rob call out, “Are you up sleepy head? I have coffee and we have a lot of work to get done tonight!”

“How… Why… How…” Charlie couldn’t seem to form a coherent thought or sentence.

About Sheri Velarde:

Sheri Velarde, lives in New Mexico with her husband and their two dogs.

Being an avid reader since an early age, she has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She has been writing all her life, but only recently started to actually try to pursue her dream of writing for a living. She specializes in all things paranormal and that go bump in the night. Her heart truly lies in exploring unknown worlds or adding the supernatural to our world. If it goes bump in the night or has magical connotations, Sheri writes about it.

She is constantly putting out new material with various publishers, so it is best to keep up with her on her website 

In her spare time Sheri is an artist, jewelry designer, independent comic writer/artist and freelance non-fiction writer. Hiking in the mountains, going to live concerts, art openings, museums, and hosting intimate dinner parties.

Author Interview:

1) Why did you start writing? How did you get started in the romance genre?

I started writing in grade school, actually. I wrote all through high school and college, but never seriously considered submitting anything for publishing. It wasn’t until I was in my early 30s that a friend encouraged me to submit to publishers. Those first stories were accepted and I have been putting out material ever since.

As far as writing romance, I think that people falling in love is such a part of human nature that it flows naturally into a story. That plus I grew up reading my grandma’s Harlequin romances. I guess it left an effect on me. Even in stories where I don’t intend to have romance, there is still some spark, some connection that at least gives the reader a might-have-been feeling of love.

2) What led you to write your story in the Twisted Fables Anthology?

Rumpled Sheets is based on my own time in the fashion world to some degree. Once you read the story, you will realize how competitive and fair weather some friends can be in that world. Those are directly taken from my own life. It all started off wanting to set a story in that world, then I kind of figured if there was a modern day Rumpelstiltskin, that is the world he would live in! It took off from there.

3) Tell us about your story, how it relates to fables, the message behind it, your favorite part, etc.

Rumpled Sheets is a modern retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. It may not be as fantastical as some of the other stories; it’s based more in reality, specifically the reality of the fashion world today.

There’s a mysterious offer, a ton of work that needs to be done that may or may not be humanly possible, and a possible love connection in the mix. I think what I liked best about this story is that both men involved have to overcome their own flaws and prejudices; they need to learn to love and forgive. It’s right at the heart of love for me.

4) What's the most difficult aspect of writing?

To keep writing in the difficult world of publishing. This is a world of rejection, nay-sayers, bad reviews, tough competition, small publishers closing. There is a lot of negativity floating around sometimes. You need inner drive and strength to keep at it. You have to have a thick skin and love of writing itself to persevere.

5) What can readers expect in the future? 

I am always putting out new stuff. I have a lot of re-releases coming out this year, as well as new projects. Right now I am trying to finish up a m/m romantic fantasy that I hope will be out in late spring. I love writing fantasy, and this piece has been a lot of fun! I am also moving into some science fiction this year as well.

6) What are some interesting facts about you?

I speak both French and Russian. I am also an artist, jewelry designer, and I am learning millinery (how to make hats).

Find Seri Velarde Online:

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Author Spotlight: T Strange

Welcome to my fellow author of Torquere's Twisted Fables Anthology, T. Strange 

About "Char"

Char is a foundling, raised in the palace kitchens. When he falls in love with the Prince, he decides to show his love, using a lifetime of knowledge gleaned from watching the cooks and bakers around him, to create the perfect cake. Raoul, the head baker, takes credit for the confection, until Char wins the chance to prove himself, and his love.

Exclusive Excerpt:

Char was a foundling. He had been left on a pile of kitchen refuse bound for the hogs, and only his own hearty movement and the sharp eyes of a kitchen maid had spared him from an early and ignominious death. There were those who were in favor of putting him right back on the pile, the kitchen being no place for a babe, and besides, who had time or energy to care for him? But Maud, who had long yearned for a child of her own, but had no husband, took pity on the tiny boy and named him her son. With the filth washed away, the tiny child was revealed to be a fine, healthy boy. He was named Char for the spot he came to occupy in the kitchen, close to the ovens where he could stay warm, if a little sooty, and also for a large, dark birthmark on one of his thighs.

The kitchen was Char's world: his nursery, his playroom, his school. As soon as he was large enough to be useful, Char was set to work, repaying his debt to the kitchen for saving his life and caring for him. He began with simple tasks; washing and peeling turnips and other vegetables, minding the ever-burning fires through the night while most of the others slept, and cleaning. There was always cleaning to do in the palace kitchens. Char worked without complaint, doing many of the jobs that no one else wanted. He seemed content enough with his life of toil and drudgery.

No one knew it, but Char was watching. As he swept, he watched the king's chefs sprinkle pinches of precious spice--cinnamon, saffron, and pepper--over steaming plates of food, breathing deeply to memorize their odors. As he scrubbed sauce pans, he tasted each dish to learn its secrets. On the rare occasions he left the kitchen, to help at banquets when there weren't enough regular servants, he noticed which foods were given the highest praise, and which were eaten without comment. He watched, and he remembered. 

About T Strange:

After enduring several evil stepmothers, T. Strange was finally swept off her feet by a dashing Prince(ss) Charming. Or, in actuality, attempted to sweep the larger Prince(ss) of her feet. They lived happily ever after in the charming, far-away land of Canada with their animal friends. One cat helps with the chores.

Author Interview:

1) Why did you start writing? How did you get started in the romance genre? 

Like many authors these days, I got started writing fanfiction. My stories were very well received, which gave me the confidence to expand into writing my own characters...which led to me being published with Torquere Press!

2) What led you to write your story in the Twisted Fables Anthology?

I love that Torquere Press has an anthology monthly, because it's a great way to get prompts/inspiration. I originally wrote Char for an anthology several years ago, but didn't have enough time to finish it to my liking. I was thrilled to see another fairytale anthology for me to submit it to!

3) Tell us about your story, how it relates to fables, the message behind it, your favorite part, etc. 

Char is a retelling of Cinderella, with the main character male and working in the palace kitchens. My wife worked as a baker for a number of years, and I'd pitch in when they needed extra help, so that's where the baking part of the story came from. As for the Cinderella aspect, it was one of my favourite Disney movies as a kid, and my childhood nickname (which I'm not sharing) came about because my uncle thought my mom calling for me sounded like the evil stepmother calling for Cinderella.

4) What's the most difficult aspect of writing?

Hmm...waiting to hear if your story has been accepted for publication is always hard. That, and writing blurbs!

5) What can readers expect in the future? 

Lots more! My second novel, My Zombie Fiancé (, is being released this July, and I'm working on the third book in the series. My other projects that are closest to completion are a Western novelette and a sci-fi novel.

6) What's an interesting fact about you? 

I once caught a duck using only a laundry basket.

Find T Strange Online:

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Short: The Dragon's Gift

My first erotic monster story!

Sitting through Maxine’s latest theatre performance about a dragon is an experience her friend dreads, but Maxine’s promise of a surprise for her after the show has piqued her interest. After a production that both pleases and surprises, Maxine—in full dragon costume—motions to meet her friend through a stage side door. In the dark and under the stage, the friend’s desire for Maxine is finally realized…and then some.

Exclusive Excerpt:

I gulp as her claw becomes the flat of her finger, tracing the outline of my mouth and further sending me alight. I want to close my eyes and accept the responses from my body, but my mind tells me I should see who causes them and understand why. But all I see is the dragon and the light of the lantern flickering, appearing and disappearing as the shape of Maxine’s costume continues to sway back and forth, repeatedly blocking it out.

Why knowingly trigger me? Maxine is never cruel, nor does she make decisions lightly. She’s methodical in all aspects of her life, carefully choosing every move before its execution. I think surprise and want to melt into the floor. There could be no greater gift than finally experiencing the touch from the single most desirable person in my life, and no better place for her first experience with the same sex than the exceptionally quiet, still, and private dark under the stage where Maxine has just fabulously performed.

A single clawed digit pushes into my mouth, spreading my lips apart and caressing over the flat of my tongue. I create an O shape around it and curl around her finger. The front of my tongue slides smoothly over her pointed tip as she withdraws, and I enjoy the light smacking sound our actions make from my suction once she’s left my mouth. My mind wanders as I imagine gliding in and out of multiple places…extra-long caresses reaching extra, extra deep…If this is really happening, I tell myself I cannot let her down.

I reach with both my hands to grasp the hand still floating in front of my face. I kiss each knuckle in turn, and then lick the space between her thumb and pointer finger with the tip of my tongue. The texture of the costume is rough in the opposite direction of the layered fabric, and smooth as glass down the other way. I taste something I imagine to be the remnants of stage makeup she might’ve helped a fellow actor draw on, but it’s the warmth radiating from underneath that lures me further; I want to feel it all over my body. Grasping her hand tightly, I place it over my face, guide it down over my features to my neck, and push into the dip of my shirt collar. I feel the trail linger like a mild burn long after her hand cascades onto my shirt fabric and pauses above my rapidly beating heart.

My eyes closed sometime during the action, but I open them to confess what I’ve always wanted to say, “I want you.”

Maxine doesn’t speak a word, but her head tilts from side to side again. I wish she’d say something—anything—to assure me of her intentions. A few touches, some light kisses—they mean less to me without the emotional connection inflicted by words. I’d like to hear her tell me she’s always secretly desired me, been curious. A confession of mutual love would send me over the moon….

About Angora Shade:

Angora Shade is a multi-published American author living in what she lovingly refers to as "Sheep Shit Nowhere" Europe. In an attempt to add some spice to her small town life, Ms Shade began writing explicit erotica as a form of entertainment. Exploring the boundaries of acceptable sexual literature, she often seeks to create stories that not only entertain others, but also expose and push against the negative stigma surrounding sex in modern day society. She believes that sex, in literature, art, personal thought, and physical nature, should be celebrated and expressed freely and as easily as any God given freedom. Her favorite themes in writing include revenge, self-discovery, alternative materials for love play/bdsm, as well as anything that produces a good tingle, sizzle, or laugh. When not writing, Ms Shade enjoys red wine, travel, dancing, classic cartoons, baking, and creating fine art.

Related Links:

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Author Responsibility

"With great power 
comes great responsibility"

If you're a writer, you know all about the voices in your head. They're real, obnoxious, and persistent. Ignoring them is not an option. They want to be unleashed upon the world where they can share whatever message they need to. They want their world, their stories, to be known. Your characters eat away at you until you flush them out--literally--onto the page. Only then can you rest... at least until the next story does the same thing. So you keep writing...

But then what?

If you're gifted in the use of words and storytelling, it's not only your responsibility to tell the stories inside your head, but also to make sure that they're read! 

Stories that sit on a shelf (real or imaginary) collecting dust are not only a waste of your time as a writer, but a damn Greek TRAGEDY! You might have been able to flush the voices out of your head, but you've completely let them down. No one is hearing your characters. No one will remember them.

What can you do as a writer to make sure your stories are head? 

Step One: Publish! Self-publish or seek out a publisher

  • For Self-Publishing: Get on Amazon and/or Smashwords! Everyone and their grandmother is doing it, so can you! Smashwords has a handy guide you can download for free to learn how to format and sell your self-published books. Just make sure you follow some basic rules if you're going to self-publish your work. You can read about the basics HERE
  • For Traditional Publishing: Google "(insert your genre) publishers" Yes. It's that simple. Find out who publishes your type of book, and then read their submission guidelines (usually found under "write for us" or easy "submission guidelines" somewhere on their webpage). Then, follow them perfectly, and submit. Expect to wait weeks to hear back (publishers are busy), and also expect to be rejected (normal! JK Rowling was rejected dozens of times, as were other greats. You have to match your work to the right publisher, and doing that isn't always easy. Just don't give up)
But publishing is no guarantee that others are reading your words. You need to go further!

Step Two: Market! I can not emphasize this enough. 

Don't be intimidated by things you need to learn. Do the research, ask questions, and learn as much as you can. We should never stop learning.

  • Build a Platform: This means getting your ass on social media! Start a FaceBook Author Page, join Twitter, Yahoo, and Google. Get on Goodreads. Get on any social media that will connect you with your market audience and other authors in your genre(s). Join groups where readers are waiting to hear about what's coming soon and where they can go to find your books.
  • Start a Blog: Readers care what's going on inside your head. Give them juicy updates on whatever it is you're working on. Tell them details on your site that they can't find anywhere else. Talk about your life and be more than just a name printed on a book cover. There are numerous free blogging platform. Google "free blogging platforms" and get yourself a copy of "Blogging for Dummies" if your find it necessary.
  • Connect with Other Authors: There are tons of people out there looking to exchange ideas, critique, beta read, etc. Other authors are the best people to learn from, so it's worth putting the effort in to get buddy-buddy. Do some backscratching! If you're willing to help other authors, they'll help you. Plus, in my experience, other authors are some of the most entertaining people I've ever encountered.
  • Advertise: Many book sites will allow you to place an add for a reasonable fee. Some ads are simple book cover images with a short blurb that links to a place your book can be purchased, but other sites will do a full "Author Spotlight" where you and your work can be featured for anywhere from a week to a month with your full bio, and sometimes an interview.
  • Join Events: Go to book conferences, offer to be a guest author at a local book store, or see what your local library offers to help promote authors. Imagine how cool it is for a reader to physically meet the brain behind their favorite story! If you could shake the hand of Shakespeare or Anne Rice, you would, wouldn't you?
  • Keep It Up: Don't stop after one Facebook post or one advertisement placement, or on event. There are literally hundreds of thousands of other authors out there in the thrall trying to be heard, to have their stories read. Quitting is not an option! 
And if you're working together with another author in an anthology or book collaboration, don't let them down. The more word-of-mouth you put out there and promotional efforts you do will directly correlate in a positive outcome for everyone. Sitting on your ass and only being a writer is not cool! Cool people make sure there's a point to dealing with the madness that comes with the voices. Cool people make it their responsibility to make their stories known. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Author Spotlight: Emjay Haze

An Erotic Romance

Recent college graduate, Ethan Moore, flies to San Francisco for a job interview with an advertising firm. That evening, he goes to a gay club where meets a gorgeous man who seduces him, but then leaves his hotel room in the morning with only a note. A few weeks later, Ethan begins his new job and discovers that the man he slept with is his new boss, Chance Harlow. He's fallen for the playboy, but wants to keep their relationship strictly professional. He’s failing miserably as Ethan keeps succumbing to Chance’s seductive advances.

Ethan is selected to accompany Chance to Bali for a huge account and will be spending ten days at a luxurious resort with the man he's fallen in love with. Chance has made his intentions known, and he won't pressure him, but if Ethan doesn't want him, there are plenty of men who will. Ethan struggles with this until one evening they are in the hot tub with two hot swingers who want to play. Ethan flees to his room to get drunk after watching Chance make out with one of the men. Will Ethan finally give in to the playboy, or did his actions finally lose him the man he loves.

Exclusive excerpt from "Taking A Chance"

With just two days before Chance and Ethan were leaving for Bali, Ethan was still holding to his 'no-sex' rule. Chance was in a perpetual bad mood and Brad was acting like the new Diva in charge. But Ethan was certain he’d made the right decision and was proud of himself for sticking to his guns, even though it was frustrating.

After another long day at the office, Ethan went home to pack, thinking about Chance, the plane trip, Chance, and how he was going to resist Chance. He was deep in his thoughts when the doorbell rang. Ethan stumbled through his living room, tripped over the clothes he had strewn over the room, and practically fell on top of Chance when he opened the door.

"Well, hello to you too, baby." Chance held onto Ethan so he wouldn't topple over.

"Oh, hey Chance, what are you doing here?" Ethan was genuinely happy to see him.

"I wanted to apologize for the way I've been behaving at work."

"It's alright. Everyone understands how important this trip is."

"It's not just the trip. I've been without…" Chance didn’t finish his thought, looking down at his feet.

"Is that why you're here, Chance?" Ethan folded his arms and glared at the other man.

"God Ethan—no—of course not," he stammered, obviously flustered by his comment. "May I come in?"

"Sure," Ethan said. Seeing sincerity in the other man, he allowed Chance entrance into his apartment. Ethan walked into the living room with Chance following him. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"Yeah, thanks." Chance sat down on the sofa, looking around at Ethan's living room. There was nothing more than a couch, a coffee table, and television. "You need more furniture, Ethan." Chance had been there twice but had only seen the hallway, kitchen, and Ethan's bedroom. Obviously, he hadn’t noticed how little furniture Ethan had.

"Well, I just moved here and I have this slave driver of a boss, so no time for decorating." Ethan snickered as he walked back with two glasses of wine and handed one to Chance.

"Thank you." Chance took the glass and patted the seat next to him for Ethan to sit down. "Ethan, if you didn't work for me, would you date me?"

"You want to date me?"

"I asked you first," Chance challenged, taking a sip.

"I thought you didn't date."

"I never said that." Chance looked over at Ethan.

Ethan knew Chance used to date. Brad had told him as much, and he met his ex, Blaine. And then there was Kevin,the lunch hookup. Man, Chance's personal life was fucked up. He couldn't judge him though. He wanted to understand him. Neither man spoke, as each was deep in his own thoughts. Chance finished his drink and suddenly stood up.

"Are you leaving?" Ethan stood up too.

"Do you want me to stay?" Ethan noticed the glimmer in Chance’s eye when he asked.

"Chance, I can't."

Chance put his hand up. "It's Okay, Ethan. I'll see you tomorrow. I just wanted to apologize for the tension at work." Chance leaned over and kissed Ethan on the cheek. "Good night, babe… uhm, I mean, Ethan."

Chance walked to the door and opened it while Ethan stood still and put his hand up to his cheek. "Good night, Chance. See you in the morning."

Then he was gone. God, that man's frustrating, Ethan thought as he finished off the rest of the wine before heading up to bed. He could still feel Chance's lips on his cheek and it made him horny. He took off all of his clothes and got into bed, pissed he didn't ask Chance to stay.

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Emjay Haze is a pen name for wife, mother and avid fan-fiction reader and writer of gay romance. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband, two teenagers, a dog, cat, hamster, gecko, and several fish. She always loved writing, and fell in love with the genre seven years ago. After a brief yet bad publishing experience, she decided to go back to school and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from SNHU where she graduated April, 2015 with a new desire to make her dreams of becoming a published author come true.

Her interests include music and pop culture and she is an advocate for the LGBT community. Her stories delve into all types of romantic relationships, with a focus on first times and new encounters in a light-hearted style to show that everyone deserves love no matter whom they are or who they love. Her goal is to gain a diverse readership and broaden the minds of those who might not normally pick up a ‘gay’ romance because it’s more about the person than the sexuality.

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