Monday, August 22, 2016

Because everyone likes drunk poetry

When you Google "Coffee Vs. Beer" you get search results explaining how the brain reacts to both substances.




So pretty much, you can't win.

Still, it doesn't stop my muse from fucking with me... My creativity level does noticeable increase when I drink booze, and of course, any worthwhile and notable dose of caffeine motivates me to finish whatever the heck I'm attempting to get done. But I still do some of my favorite writing or come up with the best ideas while tipsy or full-blown intoxicated.

Here's a poem I wrote while intoxicated. Don't ask me where my head was at. I honestly don't recall

"The Dark" by Angora Shade

You left me in the dark
Alone to unravel--
fall apart
On my knees and blind to sight
banished from your protective light

But there's a secret you don't know...
I'd like to say I told you so...

My heart was yours to hold
Worthy to cherish--
warm or cold
But you proved the butcher of a lamb
Perhaps I'll never understand
What gave you cause to leave me
to pretend that you don't see me?

But here I expand.
Here I command.

You think I'll scream until my ears bleed
or until I fall upon my knees
that I'll miss your perfect kisses--
lovely lies upon a fatal breeze

It's this secret you don't know
I'd like to say I told you so...

I'm safe in here.
Free from hurt--
from you
No fear.

You cannot touch what you can't see
therefore you cannot injury me
I'll seek out a better end
and I'll begin anew again

And my secret's still the same...
I'll never lose at this old game...

I'll say it loud and true
I do not envy you
The world will go on round
until you think it's love you found
You'll believe you have it all
up to the point love lets you fall

You'll unravel in the dark

You'll be alone to fall apart

You might then remember me
It's in here that you left me

But to you it won't be kind...

The dark was always mine.