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New from J.B. Taylor

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After defying the war lord in control of his home planet Veladon, Eckta is sentenced to an eternity of suffering. When his pod crash lands in the Daedalus Crater of Earth’s moon he expects he will remain there forever. Little does he know his pod is emitting a pulse and below him, on Earth, someone is listening. 

From her station at the SETI Institute, Abigail Murray is about to hear something that will change her world forever. Alien life exists. But after discovering Eckta’s amazing abilities, will Earth permit this stranger a peaceful life, or will their greed and ambition get the better of them? 

Eckta will bring humanity new possibilities, new hope, but his people are not to be reckoned with, and they are coming. Will Earth be ready?

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Flash Fiction

There's this cool group on Facebook & Twitter called #ThursThreads Flash Fiction, hosted by author Siobhan Muir, and judged by various editors and authors. Every Thursday, participants are given a prompt to use in a new piece of flash fiction, which is based on a line taken from the previous week's winning story. This is not only a cool way to generate new story ideas, but also to interact with other authors. It's a beautiful thing to give everyone the same directions, and come back with unique pieces.

I participated this past Thursday--week 245--for the first time. Writing of the piece took about 5 minutes, and another few to check for errors (but I see I missed some!) and fill out the form on the blog. What's interesting about writing flash fiction of a small word count is getting your reader's attention, holding it, as well as including the basic elements of storytelling (description, dialogue, characters, plot). But because of the word count parameters, there's a little more leeway with beginning, middle, and end. Sorting through what's most important to accomplish the most elements is challenging, but very fun.

I would highly recommend other writers to try flash fiction on their own, or by participating. You can find Siobhan's blog here. 

I'm very pleased to say that I won week 245! My prompt was "That makes two of us." I wonder what line they'll take from my story for next week's prompt! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Holiday Release!

CELEBRATE with the Love Brothers this holiday season!

Join 16 best-selling, award winning authors as they bring their own unique stories to this critically acclaimed, Amazon best-selling, family saga-style romance series by Liz Crowe.

Everything from breweries, wineries, distilleries and race car drivers, to EMTs, Olympic athletes, cops, and serious second chances—PLUS a brand new Love Brothers story from Liz herself—can be found in this amazing collection of novellas from some of your favorite romance story-tellers.

Available December 15, 2016 everywhere ebooks are sold, the CELEBRATE Anthology is the perfect holiday romance reading treat—and is only around for a limited time. 

Don’t miss your chance to feel the holiday love—Love Brothers style!

CELEBRATE! A Love Brothers Anthology 

Release Date: December 15, 2016 
Publisher: BeerWench Enterprises, LLC 
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Exclusive Excerpt from "Distilled" by Deelylah Mullin

Kurtis took his sheaf of papers to his office and sat behind the antique cherry desk for a few minutes, gathering his thoughts.

First, no one mentioned Veronica Diarmuid’s appearance. I’ll have to give Thad a piece of my mind for keeping that tidbit to himself. Thad Martin, Junior was his lawyer. His father, Thaddeus Senior, was his parents’ attorney. Kurtis acknowledged Veronica was gorgeous, but off-limits. Clementine Distillery wouldn’t end up with similar lawsuit issues historically plaguing the Clements’ stables and household. 

Kurtis knew he wasn’t his father, nor his grandfather—even though he’d used generational property and trust money to begin Clementine Distillery, which required him to carry a version of the family moniker—and he wouldn’t make the same mistakes they had. This was why knowing history was important. If we don’t study history, we’re doomed to repeat it. Learn from the mistakes of others and all that jazz. 

His cell phone vibrated, and the text message icon popped up. Kurtis chose to ignore it and rose, pocketing his phone and heading for lunch with his new distillery team. 

The atmosphere was light in the kitchen, Kurtis noted. He was glad—it seemed like everyone was going to get along just fine. It didn’t appear like anyone would be extremely needy or lazy, and for that, he was grateful. And he was even more grateful he was able to hire Veronica and James. They both came with significant experience, even though neither were beyond their early thirties. Just babes in the distilling business. 

Everyone sat at the large table in the open end of the room, near some panoramic windows letting in natural light. They seemed to be easily chatting as they ate, and he heard occasional laughter. Always a good sign. 

He put together a plate with fresh fruit and vegetables, and then made a turkey pita, before he pulled a bottle of water from the refrigerator. Next, he headed to join his team. His cell phone vibrated in his pocket, distracting him, and then he felt a warm body and soft curves, just as a feminine Oh reached his ears. 

His plate hit the floor with a plop and he focused his attention on steadying the delicious-smelling woman encroaching on his personal space. 

“I’m sorry, I was reaching for my phone, and—” he said. 

“It’s okay, I bobbed when I should’ve weaved,” Veronica murmured. 

They regained their balance, and he realized he still held her upper arms. He stepped back, narrowly avoiding the mess he’d made of his meal. 

“Here, let me help you.” She stooped at the same time he did, and their hands brushed as they both tried to gather up the remains. 

He paused, and looked at Veronica. Her eyes were a brilliant emerald green, and her fiery red hair was twisted up into some knot behind her head. A few tendrils corkscrewed against her jawline, and he resisted the urge to tuck them behind her ear. “No need, I’ve got it.” 

Just then, Suzannah appeared. “Geez, Kurt. You need to focus on your surroundings more. I might be used to staying out of your way, but these guys aren’t, yet.” She produced a broom and dustpan from seemingly nowhere, and had the detritus whisked away before Kurtis had properly risen. 

“Again, sorry about my klutziness, Veronica.” 

“Don’t worry about it. Oh, and most people call me Roni.” 

Let go of her hand. Idiot. Kurtis released her hand, after holding it for entirely too long. 

She blushed in the way only a fair-complexioned Irish redhead could. From her chest, the flush crept up her neck and then settled in the apples of her cheeks. She tipped her head and appeared to regard him thoughtfully. Then, she smiled. 

Kurtis briefly wondered whether he was having a cardiac event. He felt as though the wind were knocked out of him. When he realized it was just the beauty of Veronica’s smile, he recovered quickly. The way it lit up her entire face made her eyes sparkle—mischievously this time. “I look forward to working with you.” 

Her expression blanked briefly, and then she said, “Listen, I’m going to run home and change. I’m sure this isn’t appropriate apparel for traipsing around fields and renovated barns.” 

The air whooshed out of Kurtis’ lungs and he allowed himself to peruse Veronica’s body—under the guise of inspecting her clothing…since she pointed it out. She wore a vibrant green silk blouse that hugged her slight frame in a wrap fashion. A mint camisole peered out from the deep V. Over her slim hips, a pencil skirt hugged her curves and reached below her knee. Sensible square-heeled navy pumps finished her ensemble. After trailing his gaze up her body, he said in a soft voice he hoped only she could hear, “Definitely not the best outfit for what’s planned this afternoon, but—since you pointed it out—I couldn’t help but notice how wonderfully it compliments your coloring and figure.” Warning! Warning! Impending boner! He stepped away from her, hopefully far enough to get her floral-and-fruit scent out of his nose. 

He glanced at the table where Thomas, James, and Derek sat as boisterous laughter sounded from the group. They’re wrapped up in discussion. Thank god. 

“Thank you. I’ve eaten lunch, so I’ll just pop home and be back by one. I’ll see you then.” 

He nodded. “Drive carefully.” 

She turned and walked away, and Kurtis couldn’t even force himself to pull his eyes away from her legs and rear in that skirt. Her gait was fluid and graceful. When she passed the last large window across the porch, she glanced over her shoulder and their eyes connected briefly. Or was it his imagination? 


Kurtis turned toward the sound. 

“I remade your sandwich and got you more fruit and veggies. Go eat, and stop being stupid,” Suzannah admonished. 

“I’ll eat at my desk. I should check email and whatever came in on my phone when I dropped my lunch, anyway.” He wasn’t about to acknowledge Suzannah’s accusation. She’d obviously caught him ogling Veronica. 

She leaned toward him and said in a growly whisper, “Remember, you wanted to hire Roni based on paper-only, Kurt. She’s highly sought-after right now, and I heard through the grapevine that the only reason she took this position was because she wanted the opportunity to be creative. Don’t. You. Screw. This. Up. With. Your. Hormones.” She stepped back and regarded him with narrowed eyes for a minute before she marched away, rejoining the guys at the table. They had a platter of cookies in the middle of the surface, and they all seemed to be laughing. Again. 

He grabbed his sandwich and water before stalking toward his office. He cast a glance at his employees who seemed to be entertaining themselves instead of watching him, thankful they were entrenched in their own conversation. 

Turning into the dark-paneled room, he managed to settle his plate on his desk without further incident and plopped into his chair.

Stabbing at the keyboard of his computer, he opened his email and stared at the screen without seeing. The semi I’m sporting right now is not even cool. Down, boy. Down, boy. 

About Author Deelylah Mullin

Deelylah Mullin has been penning tales since she could hold a pen. Er, crayon. After a wonderful experience in Fourth Grade Writers’ Club, she continued to pursue creative endeavors. Throughout her academic career, creative writing was always a focus. As well as music. There’s gotta be a reason she got a bachelor’s degree in music, right?

While she has always written, her stories have evolved over time. When she was young, she was inspired by Madeline L’Engle and moved on to Stephen King and Robin Cook. Today, her stories are full of romance and a happily-ever-after. Even if they may be slightly weird, creepy, or sappy sweet along the way.

Deelylah has found her own happily-ever-after with Mr. VampBard. He’s truly her knight in shining armor. Between them, they have six children—who are pretty much all grown up. She even has a son-in-law and a grandkitty…with the promise of a daughter-in-law and a grandson on the horizon. 

Deelylah has been professionally editing since 2012.

Distilled is her third published novella.

Find Deelylah Mullin Online:

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Pinterest       Tumblr       Goodreads       Editing Website

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A Place of Permanence

New release! Just in time for the holidays!

Jesse hates the still monotony of his small town existence. With the encouragement of his lover Antonio, Jesse sets out to “taste life” through joining the military. His service takes him across the world far longer than he intends, and he loses contact with family and friends. Years later, Jesse returns to a changed world, but with love still in his heart. Will Antonio be waiting? 

Available for download on Amazon and Smashwords

Exclusive Excerpt: 

“It’s not just a sculpture.” These were the first words Antonio had spoken to him.

The strange, slightly older man had sat on the bench next to Jesse. He’d spread his legs wide and comfortably until they’d bumped him, as if bumping the knees of a stranger was an acceptable and common action. Antonio’s hands had folded together in his lap as he’d leaned forward, resting his elbows on his upper thighs. Jesse had watched with curiosity as Antonio’s mouth twitched from side to side as he’d looked appraisingly ahead through his thick, black-framed glasses, eventually using his left pointer finger to drive his point home.

“It is like a living thing,” he’d stated. The low timbre of his voice had startled Jesse; he’d spoken with definitive passion, yet his words were soft as air. His accent became thicker as he’d continued; his consonants sharp, his vowels loose, and his R’s rolling. “You can sit here on this bench and say, ‘It’s just a sculpture of relatively bland, cold, welded metal’, but…” He’d gripped Jesse’s hand, pulled him to his feet, and directed him to the object’s opposite side. “When you reposition yourself here...” He’d darted a few steps to the left and made a crouch close to the floor. “You see something different you hadn’t noticed before. Suddenly, the light flashes across the object in a new way, you see a reflection or shadow, and your mind forms shapes that may or may not actually exist.”

Jesse hadn’t looked at the sculpture as Antonio had spoken, but at his hand gestures, moving with graceful dexterity. Each step he’d taken around the mangled metal thing before them had been a seductive dance, a deliberate footfall—an artistic pattern in its own rite. Eventually, with each word Antonio had spoken, the less interesting the room, other spectators, and everything around him became, and the more fascinated Jesse became with Antonio. The sculpture had been his creation—a discarded bucket of junkyard leftovers—molded, soldered, and distorted into a concept of modern beauty. But it wasn’t only Antonio’s art that was interesting; it was his words, his power, his passion.

Antonio is the essence of passion—pure, perfect, unhinged, unrestrained, and beautiful. Thoughts of him were all that had kept Jesse hopeful and on his feet; Antonio the reason Jesse came home. Home is the permanent state of being and the only place he wishes to exist; it’s the place where momentum stops, and complete is the emotion that resonates.

Cover Reveal: Detoured

Releasing 12/15/16!
From the "Love Brothers Anthology"

Katherine “Katie” Molloy is in trouble. She desperately needs continuing education credits to maintain her professional license, but the only class available within the timeframe allotted is several states away. The most catastrophic computer failure to hit the airline industry in history has grounded every single flight leaving Houston for days and by the time all flights are rescheduled, the conference will be over.

Dr. Vincent Bauer comes to Katie’s rescue when he offers to drive them both to the conference, since he was scheduled to attend, as well. Unfortunately, his brand new car breaks down more than a hundred miles from their destination, stranding them in Lucasville, Kentucky.

Just as things begin to heat up between the radiology department manager and the good doctor, strange things begin to happen, causing them to think the break down might not have been so coincidental, after all. Can the Love Brothers get the car fixed before they’re permanently Detoured?

*Edited by Sunnie Andrews and Elise Hepner*

**Available for .99 cents until the end of the year**


Paige Prince is the alter ego of Rhyann Harris, erotic romance author, editor, drinker of coffee, and binger of Netflix. Based in a suburb of Houston, Texas, Paige is happily married to her very own romance hero, and they’re raising their very own little heroine. Or hellraiser. They’re not entirely sure which side she’s chosen yet.

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Cover Reveal: Distilled

At Clementine Distillery, bourbon isn’t the only new development. 

Releasing December 15th, 2016!

When Roni Diarmuid took a position at Clementine Distillery, she planned on developing the best craft bourbon money could buy. She never factored in having a tall, suave, and devastatingly handsome boss, Kurtis Clements, who would make her panties melt.

Fortunately, the company doesn’t have a no fraternization rule. 

When the universe seems to be against Roni and Kurtis’ romance—and the success of Clementine Distillery—accidents happen, things go awry, and all hell breaks loose. Will Roni and Kurtis—and Clementine—survive the accidents and sabotage, or will they fold?