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Choose Your Pleasure: The Dragon's Gift, A Lesbian Tale
(Lesbian Contemporary/Paranormal) 
Available on Amazon & Radish Fiction

This book is a Choose Your Passion based on the original work, The Dragon’s Gift (FREE on Radish!), by Angora Shade. In this unique title, you become the main character, the story design yours to create. In addition to the original story thread, there are multiple new pathways to choose from, five different love interests, and a dozen possible endings. Will you find a happily ever after, a content existence, or a situation that completely surprises you? The choice is yours.

"You," the college student, have been in love with Maxine as long as you can remember, but Maxine is straight, isn't she? Despite feeling you have little chance, you sit through Maxine’s latest theatre performance about a dragon to show your never ending support as her best friend. Besides, Maxine’s promise of a surprise for you following the show has piqued your interest. But what happens at the show? Do you bump into an old flame, meet a busty beauty, connect with a curly haired stranger, lose your sanity, or curl up next to the love of your life? In the dark, under the stage, inside a restroom or a bar, the allure and desire for a happy ending is within reach... Choose wisely.

A Normal Girl 

(Heterosexual satire erotica)

Ryan, a geeky technology apprentice student, is on his way to losing his virginity. Shy by nature, his lack of experience with women has left him unfamiliar with ideas other than vanilla sex. In his search for his ideal girl, he seeks out those he deems normal, only to be faced with and turned off by various sexual kinks. Ryan comes to learn that normal is relative, and that he and his ideal girl are anything but vanilla.

5 star reviews:

"I love this book! As evident by me finishing in one afternoon. Anyone who enjoys exciting story and an engaging plot will want to check out this sweet confectionery goodness."

"A Normal Girl was a refreshing departure from the Erotica I usually read. Not quite as explicit but charming and, if I dare say, a little sweet - no pun intended for those that have read the story. Definitely off the beaten path and definitely worth the read."

"A normal girl is a fun, kinky story. How Ryan acts with each girl makes this story worth reading. He knows what sex should be, even though he's never had it. But the kicker is the ending. I don't want to spoil it, but normal is indeed a subjective word.

"Angora Shade writes hot, kinky sex. This tale has femdom, furry, pegging, watersports (not much), and so much more. The characters are interesting and realized, and Angora brings them to life. If you enjoy erotica with a story, as well as kinky sex, you'll love A Normal Girl."

Cat Games
(Lesbian/menage erotic romance)

She was quiet--an introvert, a thinker. They called her Mouse. But beneath her veneer was a passionate hunger and desire for those around her, and a longing to act out fantasies she didn't even know she had. After a brutal betrayal by a former lover, Mouses' journey toward sexual fulfillment begins with a justified revenge leg by Rayne--a dominant and more knowledgeable goddess--where Mouse experiences her first female sexual encounter and developed a taste for non-vanilla sex. Through Rayne's guidance, Mouse is pushed to take charge of her sexuality and learn what it is she truly desires, allowing her to transform from a shy, timid creature, to one with claws. Tables turn unexpectedly, and suddenly the pupil becomes the teacher.

5 star review: "Hot... Spunky... Sexy... yea, pure panty-melting indulgence. This short read by new author Angora Shade uncovers one woman's journey to self-realization. It's more than sex. For Mouse, it's truly discovering her own strength. Under Rayne's more dominating instruction, Mouse finds her power as a woman. Sure, this is a short and sexy read but the author also manages to delve deeper. I'll be watching for more... the sneak peek at the end tells me there is more to come with Mouse and Rayne. Meow!" --Guilty Indulgence

The Queer Collection
Four Stories of Gay & Lesbian Erotica and Romance

Available on Amazon & Radish Fiction

Four stories of gay and lesbian erotica and romance await you in this compilation of Angora Shade's best short stories. There's something for all tastes, ranging from sweet romance to hot and spicy encounters. From drive bars to city buses, military uniforms to theatre costumes, you'll find it all in this exciting collection.

A Place of Permanence
(Gay sweet romance)

Available on Amazon

Jesse hates the still monotony of his small town existence. With the encouragement of his lover Antonio, Jesse sets out to “taste life” through joining the military. His service takes him across the world far longer than he intends, and he loses contact with family and friends. Years later, Jesse returns to a changed world, but with love still in his heart. Will Antonio be waiting?

The Encounter

(Gay erotica)

Available on Amazon

He hates the clubs: the roar of bad music, the throng of moving bodies, and the close, stale air. But the pilot has to be there; he’s waiting for his best friend Jay, and Jay is late. Surrounded by other couples, he begins to feel like an outcast, and goes in search of a quiet place where he can drink his beer in peace. At the end of a secluded hallway, the pilot discovers that he’s not the only one who prefers solitude. Another is waiting for him. Suddenly face to face with his ideal man candy, the pilot discovers the allure of spontaneous, no-strings attached exploration with a stranger, and the thrill of sex in a public place.

5 Star Review"This is without a doubt one of the hottest short stories I've ever read. This one encounter between two men absolutely leaves you wanting more while being utterly satisfied with what you get." --By Christina Wade on November 22, 2015

Compatible Gardens
(Lesbian erotica)

Available on Amazon

Bella hates the bus for its lack of space, dirty seats, and crazy passengers. She plays the Stranger Game to pass the time—a game of invented names and stories for the people she encounters. When Mr. Widebottom pushes Ms. Greencoat’s body and hand into her lap, Bella realizes that for the first time, she’s become part of the game. Every bump in the road is another push in the right spot, every abrupt stop of the breaks and sudden slip of a digit a seemingly deliberate caress. With her destination several minutes down the road, Bella must decide whether to play the game or not, and if winning is worth the prize and judgment of the other passengers.

5 Star Review: "Angora builds the tension until it explodes across the page." --Reed James

The Dragon's Gift
(Paranormal Lesbian erotica)

Available on Amazon &  FREE on Radish Fiction

Sitting through Maxine’s latest theatre performance about a dragon is an experience her friend dreads, but Maxine’s promise of a surprise for her after the show has piqued her interest. After a production that both pleases and surprises, Maxine—in full dragon costume—motions to meet her friend through a stage side door. In the dark and under the stage, the friend’s desire for Maxine is finally realized …and then some.

5 Star Review: Angora pens a sultry tale. She weaves in all the sensations and delights and you keep waiting for the protagonist to realize what is truly going on." --Reed James

The Power of Rumors
(Heterosexual teenage virgin erotica)

Rumors are powerful force, and Lara uses them to her advantage. This contemporary erotic m/f story explores how far one young adult will go to both fulfill her sexual desires and take revenge on those who have spread lies about her. Blackmailing her much older nextdoor neighbor allows Lara to punish her rumormongering ex boyfriend, as well as lose her virginity to her ideal man.

5 star review: "The Power of Rumors is a sultry tale of voyeurism and lust. Angora Shade weaves the different threads of this erotic tale together into an extremely satisfying conclusion. From Lara spying on Mr. Triton's affair with a hot, young woman to her own, exhibitionist tryst with the hunky man, the Power of Rumors delivers the sexy goods!"--Reed James


  1. When will there be more from Ryan?

    1. Please forgive me! I intend to finish this story and I'm thrilled you have an interest! I'm working on multiple projects right now. For some reason I can't concentrate on one, but bounce back and forth between several at once. Feel free to inspire me with your own thoughts on where you'd like this story to go. It might push my concentration knowing someone is waiting for the rest of it!

  2. I really would like to know how it continues...

  3. "A Normal Girl" is currently still in progress, nearly complete. The goal is to finish writing, have the book (it's a book, not a short story) edited, and submitted to publishers by the end of the year. If a publisher doesn't want it (it's a very different kind of story) then I'll self publish on Smashwords and Amazon.

  4. I'm intrigued would love to see Stella become the dom over another women and see her reactions any way you go with this story is great and I will follow which ever way you go