Tuesday, January 31, 2017

REVIEW! July Cumming's "Violet The Organ Grinder: Love is a Battlefield"

Violet has a special talent, one that her man found could make him rich. Crowds come to watch her, and the lucky ones get to join in.

Tonight she's performing on a small stage, entertaining the troops. Will Violet be able to satisfy the starved men in uniform? Can she handle the military action by a couple of war heroes?

Dare to come in and get wet.

Disclaimer: This book contains descriptions of explicit sex and should only be pursued by mature adult audiences.

REVEIW: 4.5 out of 5 wet sprays!

I recently picked up this book. I hadn't heard anything about the plot, nor was I previously familiar with this author's work. After my initiation into Mr Blackthorne's Wicked Pen Writers, I felt I had to see what July Cumming's work was all about! I'd heard nothing but good things. They were all correct!

Cover: I love this cover. All the books in the Violet series share the zigzag cutout and engaging script lettering. The image is well balanced in both color and shape, making it intriguing to look at. Bravo for a well designed cover. 

Plot: This book details the unusual profession of a young woman named Violet. We discover how Violet was brought into her situation through her boyfriend. We also learn, that although she was "kidnapped", she loves everything her Master "forces" her do. Violet works for a sexual circus, performing live sexual acts for audiences, and taking some higher paying individuals between her legs for their own private show. In this story, Violet has a sensual encounter with a coworker, as well as with a tent full of military folks. Her private performance takes place with two hunky soldiers for a spicy, public menage. 

My take: I liked that this tale. Although taboo in subject and "filthy" by traditional literature standards, nothing about the plot or language turned me off. Instead, I was fascinated in the way the story kept me guessing how Violet came to be in her situation, and why she chose to remain there. This story plays strongly into the public sex, sex with strangers, and voyeuristic fantasies, but it still maintains a sex positive tone. All acts are played out with full consent, and every lover is appreciated not only for their how and why to please, but for their individual quirks and diversity. An author who can take the marginalized or unusual and make them desirable is truly talented. 

About July Cumming:
July Cumming is a dirty girl with an even dirtier mind. Living in Western Canada, she hides from the snow and frolics in the sun. When she isn't writing out her naughty taboo fantasies, she's plotting them wherever she goes. She enjoys singing '80s tunes at a local karaoke pub and loves to create scrumptious meals.

July's stories are vivid, highly charged smut with a twist.

She loves receiving emails from her readers. You can send her a message at JulyCumming@gmail.com or find her on Twitter @JulyCumming.

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