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The Girl in the Taxicab

Coming to you from Bold Strokes Books January 2019: Escape to Pleasure

Find this book HERE January 1st, 2019, and January 15th from all other major venders

Here’s a NSFW sneak-peek into my story (unedited):

“What are you doing?” Kiyoko breathed.

Mae starred with a take-charge determination into Kiyoko’s eyes. “Making up for the trouble.”

They fell upon the lone bed in the corner of the cramped room, dust rising into the air in a poofy cloud as the springs under them squeaked in protest. Mae gripped her fists into Kiyoko’s short hair, and felt the pull of arms wrapped like ropes around her back. A full body flush erupted over her skin, her lungs heaving with excitement, her body alight like a firecracker. She swooned when Kiyoko found her neck and licked her jaw to ear, and all control was lost in her fumbling of Kiyoko’s belt and the buttons of her fly.

They rolled to the side and fell hard to the floor, Kiyoko’s voice ringing like childish laughter. She pulled Mae to her feet and grabbed the hem of her shirt, yanking it up and over her head in a well-practiced movement. “I like a woman who surprises me,” she whispered. She ran her finger between Mae’s shoulder and bra, pulling the strap down over her shoulder. “I like a woman who knows what she wants.”

Kiyoko pushed Mae against the wall, pressing her back into the drape-covered, cold pane of a window. She leaned in for a kiss, but dodged Mae’s lips, diving instead for her neck again, nipping her nape with controlled pressure of her teeth. Goosebumps rose over Mae’s body from the intimate action, her thirst for more intensifying as she felt the clasp of her belt
loosen and her slacks slump in a bunch to the floor.

Kiyoko dipped her head and took one of Mae’s nipples, still in her bra, between her teeth, before sucking it into her mouth. She let go the moment she felt Mae’s sharp intake of breath; crouching down, her hands began trailing behind the same line she began to draw with her tongue all the way to Mae’s navel. Kiyoko swirled about the divot with her tongue while her hands peeled the thin layer of Mae’s panties away from her skin.

Mae reached for Kiyoko’s hair. It slid like silk through her fingers, Kiyoko’s breath scorching the thin layer of her panties. The fabric folded and breath trailed lower still, Mae’s legs loosening, the gap of her knees widening, the soft push of humid mouth falling upon her sex with eager appetite. 

Mae swooned. Kiyoko’s tongue tapped her stiff nub as her hands rounded over her backside. A single digit slid past her dampening center and explored the pathway to her rear, meandering in a slow caress until brushing the pucker of Mae’s anus. She moaned and threw her back tighter against the window, rattling with resistance.

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Sacrifices & Impact of Writing Erotica

What goes on inside the head of a writer? The answer is simple: lots of things. Some of us hear the voices of our characters, some of us worry about deadlines, and sometimes we freak out when our personal and writing lives don't mesh. But let's go deeper. What does writing really do to our lives and relationships, especially with erotic writers. The negative stigma surrounding sex in modern culture can have an enormous impact, but sometimes, the positive outweighs the negative.

Here are what multiple erotica and romance writers had to say:

Has writing erotica made positive or negative changes to your personal life? 

“Writing erotica has been a definite positive, mostly because of the people I've met as a result of writing what I do. I'm having lunch with other erotic/erotica authors this week.” –Nia Farrell 

“Both, actually, but I'll save the negative for the next question. :) On the positive side, the practice of writing - of engaging beta readers, of talking to reviewers, and hearing from readers - along with being part of a community, has made me a better writer and a happier, more confident one. I don't feel so alone anymore. There really is somebody on the other side of that keyboard.”—Sally Bend 

“I began writing erotica for my wife. We’d been married 30 years at the time and I wrote for no other reason than to turn her on. She loved the first story and offered a scenario that still fuels our books. These fantasies have only enhanced our own sex lives so that would be a big positive change. For the other side of the coin, see question 2.” –JF Silver 

“I'm not sure it has made a difference among my friends. I have several who have worked for companies that either import Japanese hentai doujins or work in the translation of Japanese eroge (erotic games) for the English market. Among my family, I don't tell. several close people to me wouldn't be happy.”—Reed James 

“Both. Sometimes when I write a really good scene or finish a book, things heat up around the bedroom. But if I’m on a deadline or have writer’s block, I don’t even want to TALK to anyone. I can be a bit of a grump, lol”—Paige Prince 

“Writing has made lots of positives in my personal life, especially in a town I live in where people do nothing more but drink and gamble their money. I work for a casino, and I’ve dealt with the worst of the worst. When I come home and write, it’s like a solace from all the grinds I have to deal with in real life.” –Ray Sostre

"I would say a little bit of both. I think on the plus side I'm a happier person, being able to express the minds and ideas of my characters without restraint. I love connecting with others who enjoy the same topics. But I also feel restricted about who I can talk to about my writing based on the negative stigmas surrounding the erotica genre. I've definitely gone to social media to find an outlet for discussion versus seeking out those in my immediate vicinity."--Angora Shade 

How has writing erotica affected your relationships with family and friends? 

“It hasn't really had an effect other than that I have to watch what we discuss when young ears are around.” –Nia Farrell 

“The discovery that I was writing erotica caused some significant tension with my spouse, partly because I had kept it a secret, and partly because of what I was writing. We had to have that long conversation about fact, fantasy, and fiction, and how writing erotica about a sex act or partner doesn't mean you *really* want to do that with them any more than writing horror about a serial killer means you *really* want to murder people and eat their eyes.” –Sally Bend 

“The reason our once private series of stories are now published was my wife’s desire to help some friends with their sex lives. A lunch with women she hadn’t seen in decades led to a discussion where she discovered that many were no longer sexually active. Quickly learning that communication was the main issue, she encouraged me to emphasize that as we went forward with publishing the series. For some of those friends and many others we’ve met through our books, we’re grateful for every comment thanking us for helping them. 

Family, however, is another story altogether. We’re proud of our books and did several very public interviews including a piece in Wisconsin’s largest newspaper. One of our adult children decided we were just too embarrassing for her family to deal with and have banned us from any contact with them. Other, more conservative relatives have also distanced themselves from us and invitations to family events have slowed as well. We realized that living to please others is far less important than our own happiness and if people have a problem with what we do then THEY have the problem. We would be complete hypocrites if we didn’t use the lessons in our books for ourselves. Life really is too short.” –JF Silver 

“It's made me have to lie to several people on where my income comes from. I've settled on "ghost writing" and say it's an NDA that I can't tell what I am writing.”—Reed James 

“My mom is a bit old school, so she blushes heavily and tends to not really mention the kind of books I write. My brothers and sister all think it’s insanely cool and tell everyone they meet. –Paige Prince 

“In one aspect, yes. Yet, I’ve been open to my woman on what I write, and who I write for. I write erotic romance, and the audience I work with is dominated by women. My fans are primarily women who love to read it, and I interact with them. But as far as family or friends, I have no effect from them.”—Ray Sostre 

"I'm very careful whom I speak to about my erotica and romance writing. I sometimes will admit to acquaintances that I write stories, but I don't go into any detail. I live in a close community with traditional values, and I would hate for a negative mark to be placed on my family based on the genre I enjoy writing most. My closest friends are supportive, my significant other is as well, but only a handful of my actual family has any clue I've published explicit sexual literature. That's the kind of thing you get cut out of the family for where I'm from--that and tattoos. I often feel very closeted and unable to be completely open with those I love for fear of rejection."--Angora Shade

Do you have your own personal hard limits on what you will or will not write for subject matter? 

“I don't do incest or bestiality. Any character who has suffered childhood sexual abuse is written as an adult survivor (I do not make them live through it). I have lesbian friends but I'll probably never write FF or FFM because that's not my thing. I want cock. The bigger, the better and the more, the merrier in my books.”—Nia Farrell 

“I prefer to write about LGBTQIA characters and themes, along with BDSM or power-exchange fetishes, because that's both what I know and what I'm comfortable with. I'm not really interested in writing a heterosexual vanilla relationship. I am fascinated by themes of dubious consent, of characters being 'forced' to test their limits and 'encouraged' to cross lines of gender or sexuality, but it's a fine line . . . there has to be an element of mutual pleasure there.” –Sally Bend 

“My stories are fantasies with mature characters who have a lot of experience. There are few scenarios we haven’t covered but I would never use an underage character or delve into bestiality of any kind. Incest and certain bodily functions would probably be axed, too. Our latest actually takes them into a supernatural realm and may even include extraterrestrials! So, there’s not a whole lot I won’t write about.” –JF Silver 

“Yes, I do have hard limits. I do some commission writings for fans and I told one flat-out know. This person's idea made me physically nauseated.” –Reed James 

“Yes, I do. I won’t write anything underage, rape or molestation, or anything about causing an animal harm.”—Paige Prince 

“I will write anything, regarding to whatever kink, but I’m not into dubious content. I don’t believe in using derogatory words to any female character, nor any male character, including race, sexuality, and so forth. I want to create an open world of erotic fiction, a place to escape to, not to express hate and ignorance. I want to pull readers into a story where they feel aroused; not turned off by derogatory comments.”—Ray Sostre 

"I won't write about anything that personally turns me off. If I can't feel sexy about a topic, I don't feel that an attempt would translate well into my writing. I also won't write about underage encounters for the sake of underage encounters, or anything demeaning to a culture, race, sexuality, etc."--Angora Shade

What’s the largest sacrifice you’ve had to make as a writer? 

“Personal time. There is none when a schedule is as demanding as mine (I'm on track to have 21 releases this year, getting ready to load #18 now, and two more are done). I rarely get to read for personal pleasure and limit television to maybe two hours a week. I watch Outlander and Vikings and very little else. I love to sew and make jewelry, but all my projects are in boxes, waiting.” –Nia Farrell 

“Time, plain and simple. I used to have an agreement with my family that I get one uninterrupted night off a week to write, without guilt or distraction, but then our youngest came along and suddenly time is just a little more precious. I try to multitask, to write when I can, but I know there are nights where I've ignored people or been short-tempered because THE WORDS MUST COME and the muse won't let go.” –Sally Bend 

“As a writer, I think the largest sacrifice most of us make is our time. It sometimes seems like writing is the easy part. Promoting and the time spent on social media were completely new concepts to me when I started. I didn’t even use Facebook or Twitter until J.F. Silver came to be about five years ago. Now, I have so many friends and would be nowhere as an author without it. But, I spend so much time there!” –JF Silver 

“I'm not sure I had to make any sacrifices. I mean, I guess I sacrificed pursuing other life options for this one, but it's freed me up from having to work for others.” –Reed James 

“Time with my family. My sanity. (I’m kidding... Pretty sure that has never been a thing.) it’s difficult for me to balance my focus evenly. So, when I was working full time I wasn’t writing. Now that I’m writing (sort of) full time, I’m not really working much. That’s also because of my health, but that’s another tale for another day. I tend to forgot to eat or that my family also needs to eat actual food beyond sandwiches or Ramen while I’m working on a manuscript.”—Paige Prince 

“In the early days, it was to stay up and write. Sometimes, not spend time with my woman and watch TV with her. Thank god for DVRs, because I would hate to miss out on my favorite prime time shows. There had been other sacrifices, but not being able to spend time with my woman has been number one.”—Ray Sostre 

"Time is the largest factor. If I'm trying to write, that means my attention isn't on my family. It's a double edged sword really. Do what I love doing, or spend time with those I love the most. The balance is maintained only when everyone around is happy doing whatever it is they love doing. That's when I write."-- Angora Shade

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in the name of “research”? 

“I had to research a punishment scene where the heroine hated pickles and the smell of vinegar. In the scene, her Dominant has her suck on a large dill pickle with a vinegar-soaked square of gauze draped over the end of her nose. I learned first-hand that a cotton ball under the nose wasn't enough. I had to cover my nose to get the full effect. Nasty, nasty stuff.” –Nia Farrell 

“Okay, this is going to sound icky and gross, but the difference between castration, an orchidectomy, and a penectomy. What impact do they have on a person's overall health? What does each do to your hormone balance? How do the change your sex life? How has the definition of an eunuch changed over time, and how do it differ by geography?” –Sally Bend 

“Our stories are multiple partner fantasies. A threesome leads to exploration with another couple and things heat up from there. This was just a fantasy until a few years ago when we decided to try it in real life. All in name of research, of course. After 41 years of marriage, we have no trust or jealousy issues. We just love sex. We also hate the term, “swingers” but that’s the most commonly understood definition of people who enjoy others. After a few fun encounters, we set up an evening with a couple we met online. They invited us to spend the evening, we had a nice dinner, drinks, etc. One thing led to another and we enjoyed each other in more intimate ways. Afterwards, while relaxing in front of a cozy fire, we were horrified to discover that the male half of the couple was a hateful, bigoted racist. I mean, really fucking nasty. My wife is the most open minded, liberal person you could ever meet and she really took one for the team that night. It was very weird.” –JF Silver 

“I think researching about ballerina dance techniques and names and those minute for an erotic story about ballerinas doing naughty dances (with futas, of course, to make it hotter). I've researched into mythology, into biology (I've tried to find out the average number of vaginal contractions a woman has in a minute while orgasming), what the medical term for spontaneous lactation (galactorrhea), how the mind works in regards to arousal and decision making, how to swear in different languages, weapons, I recently did crystals.”—Reed James 

“I’ve had to spend hours Googling the right kind of tree to have been in existence hundreds of thousands of years ago, an herb that would harm a vampire that wasn’t garlic or vervain, and sent porn links to my editor so she could see that a certain sexual position is actually possible.”—Paige Prince 

“Actually, it’s human sexuality. I realized that there are a number of people in this world who have a deep, dirty erotic secret they wouldn’t share with their partner(s), and their sexual confessions have been listed in my stories. When I first started writing erotic romance in 2010, I was writing the romance part, but as I evolved in the next four years to the present I learned that there are a lot of people who want to read stories that are very sexually explicit to what caters to their fantasies. Along the way, I learned that while there are many people who physically attracted to people of the opposite sex there are people who are also flexible with their sexuality. I learned that there are women who would love to have a threesome with other women; bisexual fantasies between both sexes; men and who want to have sex with a transgendered person; men that are into being dominated by a woman, and women vice-versa; even cyber and phone sex with a stranger is one of their fantasies. 

While group sex is their major kink, I learned along the way through interacting with them that they want to read stories that make them wish they were the character(s), living out the fantasies like never before. It’s why I write them. While many of us couldn’t express those fantasies freely, I write for those who want to read it, and by listening to what their sexual fantasies are it’s opened my mind to write it. 

The best research ever.”—Ray Sostre 

"I've done some pretty weird things in the name of research in order to better understand certain kinks. I peed naked in the garden during a rainstorm trying to understand the allure many people have for wetting themselves. I also had my partner pee on me trying to understand the attraction of a golden shower. I learned I love being naked outside in the rain, but personally, although I think I understand the sensation of pee a little better, it's not for me."--Angora Shade

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November Update

Exciting things are happening in the world of Angora Shade!

Have you heard about my latest release? Here's what people are saying about it!

About "Refined Tastes": Mankind has fallen and nature has reclaimed the world. For a lone vampire, life is mundane and meaningless without the people who were once plentiful. During a chance encounter with the last remaining band of humans, she must decide between her desire for blood or the preservation of the species she dearly loves.

Genre: Lesbian, Paranormal, Horror, Erotic Fiction

Contains adult situations. Recommended for ages 18+

"Erotic, romantic, and tragic. These are the threads that bind together the world Angora Shade has created in Refined Tastes. Following nuclear apocalypse, a lonesome vampire -- the last of her kind -- wanders the wasteland. The atmosphere is dim and oppressive. When she finally comes across a wandering group of humans, the story really hits its stride. Somewhere between anthropological wonder and romantic longing, she follows these people. When she crosses paths with one of the women, her desires get the better of her. The love affair that follows is touching and beautiful in its own strange way. This is definitely a worthwhile read for anyone. No matter what your tastes are, you should read this story." --Review by Mitch Workman

"If there's one thing this story excels at, it's creating atmosphere, but with such parsimony when it comes to use of words. It reads like a poem, where every word, phrase, and paragraph has its function, all rushing towards that inevitable "huh" moment that ends the story, but is only the beginning of an endless cycle." --Review by Lusty Soul


Yours truly has had an action packed new story accepted into the upcoming Bold Strokes Books Anthology: "Escape to Pleasure", a Lesbian Travel Erotica! Look for this fab book from your favorite venders January 15th, 2019, or directly from BSB January 1st! 

My Story: "The Girl in the Taxicab" explores the vacation of Mae, a college nursing student, visiting Japan to prove to herself and others that she does indeed possess the guts and independence to travel the world alone. Satisfied with herself upon her journey's end, Mae steps into a taxicab to head to the airport--the wrong taxicab. Car chases, gun fights, safe houses, spies, drug dealers, and a heart-throbbing lesbian encounter await you in this tale of self discovery, passion, and romance. 


Have you heard about Chemical [se]X?  Volume one was released by Oleander Plume (together with a plethora of uber-talented, smutty authors), creating a delicious, chocolate-themed anthology. 

"Using a top-secret ingredient, two lonely scientists create the most powerful aphrodisiac chocolates the world has ever seen."

I've read this book. It's awesome sauce, well-written, and dripping with all the chocolate goodness you can imagine. I give it 5 out of 5 stars, which I rarely do. No joke, it's that friggin good!

Check it out HERE .

AND I'M FREAKING OUT! Volume 2 is set to release February 2019, the ranks of authors including the Sisters in Smut, a few hand-picked extras, and ME! It's too early to reveal what my story is about, but stay tuned!


It's too early to announce, but I can tell you I've hit a bucket list goal! I'm going to be published next year with a big name (no I can't tell you who) for a respected, well-read anthology series (can't tell you which one), and I'm very proud of myself! Details will follow at a later date.

I'm also busy writing for other submission calls. I'm tits deep in the apocalypse where humans are infrequent and the undead the bane of existence. It's really fun. My protagonist is more than a little nutty, horny, and desperate. It makes for an entertaining combination. Never a dull moment. I hope to know what'll happen to this story early next year.

But before the year is out...

Get ready to celebrate! There's always a big party with the Wicked Pens! The entire month of December the Wicked Pens will host Walking in a Wicked Wonderland. Each day a new author will take over the Wicked Pens Facebook book for author news, games, and giveaways! Never a dull moment with this group people! Check in regularly, and be sure to stop in December 19th to hear from yours truly.

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Review! The Fence by Lusty Soul

The Fence is a story about the duality that resides in all of us. On one side of "the fence" is our cultivated, well-adjusted mask, on the other side is darkness, lust, desire, and savagery...

A chilly May night. A sleeping suburban neighborhood. A young man brings his girlfriend home after their date. They're both virgins, but he's ready to take their relationship to the next level. Literally aching, he tries every angle he can think of to help her see things his way, but she revels in teasing him, dangling promises of more intimacy in front of him, only to snatch it away at the last moment. The dreaded blue balls set in, leaving him only one option.

Disappointed, in the concealment behind the fence of her garden, he takes matters in his own hand, literally. To expedite the much-needed relief, he explores dark and forbidden fantasies, things he wouldn't dare discuss with his pure and unspoiled girlfriend...if she'll be his girlfriend for much longer.

But then the ambush springs. They weren't alone, kissing and cuddling on the porch steps of her house. Someone was watching. Someone depraved, neglected, ravenous and ready to grant a young man's wishes. But our young hero very quickly finds out that you should be careful what you wish for. Because what you get just might be a lot more than you can handle...

The Fence is all that stands between us and our animal nature. It serves as a boundary, keeps us safe and civilized until darkness falls and the enclosure fails...unleashing something into the night that is not quite human...

WARNING: contains explicit scenes

REVIEW: 4 out 5 Behind-The-Fence-Meetings

This book was given to me as part of a review exchange. I had no idea what the book was about when I received it, and everything I have to say about it is honest truth. 

Cover: A lot of self-published books are none too fancy on cover work, but this cover image is engaging and does a good job of describing genre without breaking all of Amazon's no-no rules.

Plot: This story contains a clear beginning, middle, and end, complete with a lot of really wonderful detail. Some stories that contain sex scenes skimp on the what, when, and why of a story, instead jumping to the sex scenes where detail is given right down to what way the wind is blowing while who does what to whom. But this story is detailed from the opening paragraph. You're sucked into the story quickly, it's engaging and entertaining, making you want to read further and get into the head of this story's young couple. Questions arise while reading that are answered throughout and at the end. The story leaves the reader thinking at the end, and for days after. The plot twist (which I won't give away) had me scratching my head wondering who the mystery character was for a while, which is always a bonus. When things are too obvious there's a bit of fun lost. But this was fun. The ending is equally as fun, throwing a bit irony into the flavor of things, which I personally enjoy in my reading.

My Take: What's really nice about this story is how practical it is. I think a lot of people can relate to the type of relationship shared by the young couple. Frustration for more is a factor for a lot of inexperienced youth, and the waiting can be infuriating as well as maddening. Male or female, the reader can place themselves into either role and understand the motivation behind decisions that are made. The author has a good understanding of this, which is why I think it was excused so well. Description was spot-on; I was able to visualize everything, making for ease of reading. I didn't stumble on poor editing or grammatical issues, which is a huge bonus in any self-published story. This author cares about her work and how it's displayed for the world to see. Much appreciated by moi. 

Overall this is a book I'd recommend for those who enjoy a satisfying, descriptive, lusty read about young love, growing up, and all those wonderfully unexpected bumps along the way.

About Lusty Soul

Lusty Soul, or Lucy, is a simple Flemish girl with eclectic interests. She started writing erotica to vent her mind, and to improve her command of the English language. In her free time she's an avid reader of horror and speculative fiction of such grand masters as Stephen King and Dan Simmons. Her musical tastes range from A to Z and everything in between. She's very active on social media and fights a continuous battle to conquer her legendary procrastination. If she ever publishes another story, that dragon will have been slain...temporarily...

Note: As with any information appearing on my blog, all opinions are my own. I highly suggest you engage in your own quest to fulfill your literature cravings and form your unique opinions. Reviews are the best feedback for an author! Please take the time to review any and all books that you enjoy.

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Refined Tastes

It's that time of year again! The days are growing shorter as we head into the tunnel of shifting seasons, but that doesn't mean we have to hide. Happy October, happy autumn, happy harvest, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Grab your cozy sweater, slippers, and a pumpkin spiced drink as you curl up to an exciting new story.

It's my pleasure to announce the October 15th, 2018 release of "Refined Tastes," a lesbian, paranormal, dystopian, horror erotic story! Expect to be wooed, chilled, and thrilled. This story is deliciously twisted and not for the faint of heart!

Mankind has fallen and nature has reclaimed the world. For a lone vampire, life is mundane and meaningless without the people who were once plentiful. During a chance encounter with the last remaining band of humans, she must decide between her desire for blood or the preservation of the species she dearly loves.

Look for this new release HERE, and check out my other titles on Amazon

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Let's Talk Monsters

Do you love horror movies? Curiosities? Monsters? If so, you're not alone. From shape sifters, vampires, and zombies, to swamp creatures and mythological legends, there's a monster out there for everyone. In every situation. 

For every fantasy. 

But why?

Are we looking for the shred of humanity inside the mad creature, as in the classic Frankenstein tale?

Is it because we enjoy the fantasy of being sexually ravaged by a true beast, such as the wild, savage, Bigfoot?

Or are we trying to imagine something outside the realm of possibility, through aliens and tentacle monsters, just to escape the monotony of traditional sex? 

You'll find every kind of monster encounter possible through the limitless sub genres of erotic fiction. But what is the allure? What's the purpose of writing monster-to-human or monster-to-monster sexual encounters? Is there more to it than what we think?

I've asked several "monster" writers (using the term "monster" here to depict anything other than traditional human) the what and why of their chosen genre.

How is “monster” erotica different from traditional erotica or erotic romance?

“Well, for one thing, it's far superior to all other forms of erotica or romance, as we all know. The fact that at least one character is only partially human, inhuman, or superhuman (AKA a "monster"), is the main difference. That difference really drives the story and should make the sex unique for erotica. It's the attractor but also the problem. Getting involved with a monster brings both the good and the bad. The good: mind-blowing sex and a relationship unlike anything you've ever had. The bad: other people don't understand/have issues (torches and pitchforks style issues) and of course monsters often tend to... hurt people. Or eat them.”—Bryce Calderwood

“The biggest difference is that in most monster erotica or monster romance, the fact that one of the characters either is a monster or shapeshifts into a monster plays a large role in the plot of the story. For example, you can have a story about a billionaire and his secretary, but if the billionaire is also a shapeshifting dragon, that adds an extra plot line to the story and typically plays a large role in the development of the tale.”—Sophie Stern

“It's definitely a taboo genre of erotica that covers a quite broad category of creatures from the mainstream vampires and shifters to the truly kinky tentacle monsters and fantastical beasts form mythology that are truly impossible delights to enjoy. They are a play on power fantasy. Either the monster is overpowering the protagonist and giving them a pleasure they don't think they want or don't want to admit they want, to the other end of the spectrum where the protagonist is dominating the monster. Taming them, showing their mastery over a beast that could, quietly literally, rip them apart.”—Reed James

“Um ... the hero has a lot more hair. I like to think it's edgier and it lets me push the boundaries of what is acceptable.”—Virginia Wade

“The only real rule that I see there is that monster erotica by definition must include some kind of monster. It should be a physical monster; just a human who has a monstrous soul doesn’t count, and neither does a ghost who possesses a normal human. There has to be a monstrous or bestial physical element involved. Beyond that, I’d say that there is typically some level of humor involved, some awareness of the absurdity of what’s being portrayed. It’s a genre that—as intense, macabre, or profound as it may be at times—lends itself well to pure amusement and to joyfully frivolous diversion.”—Richard Bacula

What’s the allure for readers to choose “monster” erotica over other genres? 

“I think it's for the same reason we love stories about superheroes and magic or fantastic technology: it's a power fantasy. Often there's a touch (maybe more than a touch) of the taboo. Danger blends into sexual excitement. People never get tired of the "Beauty and the Beast" dynamic. We will always have vampires, shifters, and mermaids (or in the case of my stories: octogirls). If you dig a little deeper there's some REALLY crazy shit like getting impregnated by insectoid or tentacle monsters and getting your holes stuffed with eggs so the monsters can breed. Good times.”—Bryce Calderwood

“While many genres have to stay true to this "world," monster erotica lets authors explore the unknown. Since monsters don't actually exist in this world (that we know of!), authors get to play with reality and create different worlds to explore. For example, I have one story about alien dragons who shapeshift in space. That's one of my favorites!”—Sophie Stern

“Monster erotica is taking normal erotica to its extremes. More dangerous dom/sub play. More helpless submission. More extreme forms of bondage or other forms of edge play (like knife play with claws). They could have more extreme sensory experiences or lovers with inhuman stamina. It's erotica unbound by the limits of the real world.”—Reed James

“I once read a naughty version of Beauty and the Beast, and the idea of the heroine having sex with this monster creature weirdly aroused me. That might be it.”—Virginia Wade

“I think that the genre attracts readers for a number of reasons. Some readers are attracted by the WTF factor, simply curious what exactly is going to happen in a story/matchup, and how. This is often the case with sillier premises, like human/dinosaur matches. But there's also the attraction of the primal mindlessness of most monsters—they're beings of pure emotion and physicality, all cock and lust (or pussy and lust, in some cases, or tentacles and lust... you get the idea). An important part of sexual fantasy is sharpening the elements down to an erotic edge, removing all distractions that might distract the reader from their emotional and physical reactions. Human aspects like personality, intelligence, ambitions, and so forth, can all enhance the erotic aspects of stories, but they can also distract from them. Sometimes it's best to remove those aspects, the humanity, from one or more of the participants in a sex scene, to shave away a large number of potentially distracting elements, and leave only the pure, bestial lust that monsters are capable of.”—Richard Bacula

What sort of “monsters” do you write about and why? 

“My two main ones are vampires and octogirls. For erotica my niche is futanari (women with both female and male sex organs), which are "extrahuman" in their own way. So now it becomes futanari vampires or futanari getting it on with octopus girls (Remember Ursula the sea witch from Disney's The Little Mermaid? Like that, only mega sexed-up).”—Bryce Calderwood

I write about shapeshifters in my books. Most of my paranormal romance and erotica centers on dragons; however, I do have stories that feature bears, tigers, wolves, and even dinosaurs. I love showcasing how big and strong monsters can be, yet how they're willing to be sweet and gentle with the person they love. I also like exploring the idea of monsters being misunderstood and judged by humanity, only to have someone discover that they aren't always what they seem.—Sophie Stern

I write about just any sort of monsters. I've done shifters, dragons, unicorns, centaurs, tentacle monsters, vampires, shadowy abstractions, sirens, mermaids, nagas, and more. They are just new things to write, new sexual encounters to imagine and put to pen.—Reed James

“I did very well writing about Bigfoot and his sex life. I thought it was the craziest idea I had ever had, so I knew I had to write about it. “—Virginia Wade

“I will write about absolutely anything. To date, I've done erotic stories about werewolves, scarecrows, vampires, gigantic octopus gods, unicorns, dinosaurs, and a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple pussy-eater. Probably some other stuff as well, that I've forgotten. I love the challenge provided by taking something that seems un-sexy, and making it surprisingly erotic. I love the opportunities provided by characters with superhuman strength or abilities, and/or with inhuman attributes and appendages.”—Richard Bacula

Are you able to take more liberties as a writer with the “monster” sub genre? 

“Depends on what you mean by liberties. In terms of what's permissible by Amazon... since we're at least holding hands with if not outright French kissing and maybe getting a little oral action with taboo subjects... I'd say yes to a point. Certainly in terms of action in the story (ALL kinds) there's a lot of crazy fun stuff you can do. Super powers and super strength and fantastical settings or characters give you a rich playground.”—Bryce Calderwood

“Readers who enjoy monster romance and erotica tend to love to explore different topics and ideas within the genre, so as a writer, I get to explore a lot of different ideas. It's also possible to mix genres, which is how we end up with monsters in space or aliens who are also bears or shifters who have super powers. It's one of the most fun things about being a monster writer!”—Sophie Stern

“Of course. You make the rules in monster erotica. Cocks that can keep cumming, women able to take dicks bigger than normal. You can amplify whatever you want. That's the fun of it. Taking things past their normal limits.” –Reed James

“Absolutely! If they ever discover Bigfoot is real, I'm in trouble. Then it would be bestiality, I guess. I've gotten away with all sorts of things writing in this niche.”—Virginia Wade

“Yes, I believe so. People are quite squeamish about rape fantasy as a rule, but it's a pretty standard element of most monster erotica. In regular erotica, readers are often concerned with consent, with non-violence, and such, but in monster erotica the single most-used trope is an unwilling woman being ravaged by some kind of rampaging and rampant beast. I like to mix things up more than that, having men ravaged by female monsters, or having women willingly seek monsters out, but generally speaking writers don't have to be as concerned with certain sensibilities when writing monster erotica.”—Richard Bacula

Do “monsters” turn you on? 

“I have gigabytes of monster girl art on my PC, so that's a solid "yes," it absolutely turns me on.”—Bryce Calderwood

“I'll let my stories speak for themselves ;) :)”—Sophie Stern

“I wouldn't write about them if it wasn't fun fantasizing about the scenarios. To figure out what can be sexy. Monsters are attractive for the same reason futanari are. It's the erotical illusion at work. That knowledge that it's impossible and yet sexy. It's intriguing, a novel experience. And as omnivore creatures, we are genetically driven to seek out new experiences. It's how omnivores find new sources of food.”—Reed James

“See question #2. Yes! It's the taboo thing, I guess. It's the creature in the woods, the danger of it. In my stories I have kidnapping and seduction. My Bigfoots love their women, though. They would never hurt them. They take care of their families.”—Virginia Wade

“No. Sex turns me on. Women turn me on. Monster erotica can turn me on, but the monsters themselves are simply vehicles that I can use to explore and focus on a female character's physical and emotional reactions. I don't fantasize about being a dinosaur, for example, having my way with a human woman. I don't fantasize about being a human of any gender who's having sex with a dinosaur. But the character's mixture of reactions to the monster? That can be quite arousing.”—Richard Bacula

If you could BE any kind of monster in real life, would you? Which kind and why?

“If I could be any kind of monster in real life there's no question about what I'd choose. Vampires live forever, have cool powers, and exude dark sexuality. Sunlight is highly overrated”—Bryce Calderwood

“I'd choose to be a dragon shifter because I love the idea of being big and strong, but also being able to fly. In one of my stories (Stepdragon), the main character can become invisible, as well. I think that would be an incredible power to have.”—Sophie Stern

“[A] Werewolf. Wolves rule and so do werewolves!”—Reed James 

“A vampire. I think they are essentially monsters. I would love to live forever and be eternally youthful, as long as I had someone I trusted to invest my money. Lol! I would have fabulous houses all over the world.”—Virginia Wade

“I think I'd have to pick Werewolf. They're generally endowed with high metabolism, inhumanly good health, and resistance to most forms of damage, and these days they typically get the choice of when to be a monster and when to be human. That'd be the ideal, having the best of both worlds. Or should that be the beast of both worlds? At the worst, it'd would only be inconvenient once per month.”—Richard Bacula


Bryce Calderwood
Reed James

The Acolyte's Passion (The Knight and the Acolyte Book 1)

Shadowy Tentacle Passion (Magical Girl Chronicles Book 1)

Nubile Coed's Hot Birthday Gift (The Incubus's Harem Book 1)

Monday, August 13, 2018

Let's Get Personal: Summer Update

Happy August everyone. You know it's August in Sheep Shit Nowhere, Europe, when the spiders are as big as your mouse rubber ducky. They come in search of an attractive female, only to have themselves murdered in the process of their mating rituals. This guy did find himself a female, but alas, he was let down... down the long drop of gravity when I chucked him out the second story window. I'm sure he'll try again.

I keep trying, not with spiders, but with my goals. I began this year with both personal and professional goals, and then found myself in a total slump. Picture a very bored, lethargic writer, going out of her way to do anything but spank the muse. My muse needs this regularly to dose out the spells of inspiration. 

I was a writing machine from New Years (hello resolutions!) until about March when I began a physical change. I didn't feel good about the way I looked and fit inside my clothes. It's no fun to feel like your body has betrayed you. Over the slow course of a decade, I gained some unflattering kilos. So I put down my computer, and instead, began an intense cardio workout of kickboxing and running. I also changed my diet to exclude my daily dip into the Nutella jar with a spoon and my nightly half bottle of red wine. I literally melted. Lost 9 kilo and I feel better about myself. Not only that, but I'm a MILF, or at least I feel like one. And that was the point.

But writing had the back burner. I didn't have an interest in putting down new words when I was so busy focusing on my personal goals. But now that I've met them, and I've learned how to maintain the body I want, I'm finding my way back to words.

My professional goals are lining themselves up in a neat little row inside my head. I'm working on my bucket list. To me, Cleis Press is the place to be published in my chosen genre. If you can be published with them, it means a) you don't suck, b) ... see A. Publishing with Cleis is the affirmation I need to know I've made it as a serious writer. I'm currently waiting to hear back from 3 separate Cleis submission calls. My writing partners are optimistic. So am I. But if nothing happens with these, I intend to keep trying.

(Side note about writing partners: I love you. Like, literally love you. You guys are the awesome sauce on my hot fudge sunday, the cheese in my quesadilla, the cinnamon on my oatmeal. You do so much for me. I don't know many personal details about you guys, but it doesn't matter. I know your brains. You know mine. We have *Dramatic Music* --a mind meld-- *Evil Laughter* I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. Kisses)

My efforts from earlier this year have been fruitful. Angora Shade will feature a brand new story with Bold Strokes Books in their upcoming Lesbian Travel Anthology releasing January 2019. My story takes place in Japan, where a young woman intends to prove to herself and her friends, that yes, she can be independent and travel the world alone. But the world is full of surprises, especially when she finds herself in the wrong taxi cab. Keep an eye out for this. Cover reveal and more details about this fantastic anthology will follow this fall.

My biggest news right now comes from connections with people. From the friends I've made online and the friends I have here in Sheep Shit Nowhere. Friends are important. They guide, support, and when they're true friends, fill your thirsty thoughts with more imagination than you ever thought possible.

I was invited to participate in an upcoming anthology with some very talented authors. INVITED. Yeah. Their group discussed whom they'd like to take part, and a handful of people were chosen. Is there a greater form of flattery? I don't think so. Needless to say, I'm both intimated by the quality of writing and storytelling these other writers have, as well as excited to be included in something so marvelous. I hope I don't let them down. This has the feeling of something wondrous and important for the purpose of interlocking creativity and learning, improving my craft, and reaching new readers. 

But it hasn't stopped there.

I told a few friends about this invitation and the premise behind the anthology over drinks and a BBQ. I confessed about what I love doing. We were up till 3 in the morning talking about it. Keep in mind, in Sheep Shit Nowhere, you don't go talking about sex the way you shoot the shit with your neighbor. But these friends ARE neighbors. Their kids go to school with my kids. We do the carpool thing. PTO. And I didn't get you're a perv looks.

My news fascinated them. My friends are apparently, really fucking pervy. 

I took them online and showed them, YES! Bigfoot erotica is a real thing. It became a running joke throughout our evening. And YES! They want me to write some bigfoot smut (which I've never read myself or intended to write, but hey, why not?). 

Fuck yeah
 I can make this dude sexy. Look at that body! Those pecs! That luscious, long hair. He'll smell like the musk of masculinity and pine, and fuck with the abandon we all want to feel, the true definition of passion.

Their imaginations ran wild and helped me generate legit plots to test, enough to keep me busy for a very long time. They also want to read me. Google docs is gonna get a serious workout. Hopefully some vibrators will as well. Maybe they'll name their future babies Gora. That would be fun *HAH!*

I can't tell you how pleasant all of this has been. I'm not open with my true identity where my writing is concerned due to the negative stigma surrounding the erotic genre. And that's sad. My own mother won't speak to me about my "sex writing" and I've never dared share my "hobby" with my extended family for fear of full-blown rejection of me and mine. MINE. Isn't it horrid to think my grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. would stop speaking to me, and in addition, my kids, simply because I write erotica and erotic romance! But it's true. I honestly believe my worst case scenario would happen. Not everyone is open about sex. Not everyone can mutter "lesbian" or "bondage" without a shudder. Not everyone is open to discussion and acceptance of the very basic nature of what makes us human. I wish my family could embrace diversity--the great spectrum of sexual possibilities--and the writing I do, which makes me happy. It shouldn't matter how a person gets their jollies so long as they and their partner(s) are consenting and safe. And it shouldn't matter what a person reads so long as their mind is active and their thoughts entangled in a space where possibilities expand.

But more of my friends know now. It's such a relief. I feel supported. I feel on top of the world.

So I'm going to write today. I'm going to embrace what I love doing and keep doing it. I'm feeling successful despite not having the impressive catalogue I thought I'd have after 4 years of taking my craft seriously. I have false starts and stuff I chuck out the window because it's for sure as hell crap, but I also have masterpieces of my own thoughts, broadcast in a way that makes sense to me and what I believe is a good story. That's all the more I want.

And as long as we're on the page of getting personal... And smutty. Cause I'm working on not shying away from sex or smutty or pervy or unusual whateverness of art (and hopefully someday I won't shy away from the truth with my family). Because that's what I do in my writing: art. But I do lots of art unrelated to writing. So here's my latest. The result of light and shadow, wet and dry, and the possibilities and limitations of using an iPhone in the shower: Silhouette of a Woman. 

Stay smutty.