Monday, November 12, 2018

November Update

Exciting things are happening in the world of Angora Shade!

Have you heard about my latest release? Here's what people are saying about it!

About "Refined Tastes": Mankind has fallen and nature has reclaimed the world. For a lone vampire, life is mundane and meaningless without the people who were once plentiful. During a chance encounter with the last remaining band of humans, she must decide between her desire for blood or the preservation of the species she dearly loves.

Genre: Lesbian, Paranormal, Horror, Erotic Fiction

Contains adult situations. Recommended for ages 18+

"Erotic, romantic, and tragic. These are the threads that bind together the world Angora Shade has created in Refined Tastes. Following nuclear apocalypse, a lonesome vampire -- the last of her kind -- wanders the wasteland. The atmosphere is dim and oppressive. When she finally comes across a wandering group of humans, the story really hits its stride. Somewhere between anthropological wonder and romantic longing, she follows these people. When she crosses paths with one of the women, her desires get the better of her. The love affair that follows is touching and beautiful in its own strange way. This is definitely a worthwhile read for anyone. No matter what your tastes are, you should read this story." --Review by Mitch Workman

"If there's one thing this story excels at, it's creating atmosphere, but with such parsimony when it comes to use of words. It reads like a poem, where every word, phrase, and paragraph has its function, all rushing towards that inevitable "huh" moment that ends the story, but is only the beginning of an endless cycle." --Review by Lusty Soul


Yours truly has had an action packed new story accepted into the upcoming Bold Strokes Books Anthology: "Escape to Pleasure", a Lesbian Travel Erotica! Look for this fab book from your favorite venders January 15th, 2019, or directly from BSB January 1st! 

My Story: "The Girl in the Taxicab" explores the vacation of Mae, a college nursing student, visiting Japan to prove to herself and others that she does indeed possess the guts and independence to travel the world alone. Satisfied with herself upon her journey's end, Mae steps into a taxicab to head to the airport--the wrong taxicab. Car chases, gun fights, safe houses, spies, drug dealers, and a heart-throbbing lesbian encounter await you in this tale of self discovery, passion, and romance. 


Have you heard about Chemical [se]X?  Volume one was released by Oleander Plume (together with a plethora of uber-talented, smutty authors), creating a delicious, chocolate-themed anthology. 

"Using a top-secret ingredient, two lonely scientists create the most powerful aphrodisiac chocolates the world has ever seen."

I've read this book. It's awesome sauce, well-written, and dripping with all the chocolate goodness you can imagine. I give it 5 out of 5 stars, which I rarely do. No joke, it's that friggin good!

Check it out HERE .

AND I'M FREAKING OUT! Volume 2 is set to release February 2019, the ranks of authors including the Sisters in Smut, a few hand-picked extras, and ME! It's too early to reveal what my story is about, but stay tuned!


It's too early to announce, but I can tell you I've hit a bucket list goal! I'm going to be published next year with a big name (no I can't tell you who) for a respected, well-read anthology series (can't tell you which one), and I'm very proud of myself! Details will follow at a later date.

I'm also busy writing for other submission calls. I'm tits deep in the apocalypse where humans are infrequent and the undead the bane of existence. It's really fun. My protagonist is more than a little nutty, horny, and desperate. It makes for an entertaining combination. Never a dull moment. I hope to know what'll happen to this story early next year.

But before the year is out...

Get ready to celebrate! There's always a big party with the Wicked Pens! The entire month of December the Wicked Pens will host Walking in a Wicked Wonderland. Each day a new author will take over the Wicked Pens Facebook book for author news, games, and giveaways! Never a dull moment with this group people! Check in regularly, and be sure to stop in December 19th to hear from yours truly.

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