Thursday, April 20, 2017

New Short by Felicity Brandon

Looking for something new to read? Then get your FREE copy of the Wicked Pen Writer's latest anthology Behind The Mask. This new release will come available April 28th. Don't forget to stop by Mr. Blackthrone's Dungeon on Facebook for the Anthology Release Party Event taking place April 28-30th to hear from multiple authors on their story contributions (members only. Request your membership ASAP). It's sure to be steamy! See you there!

A new short from the talented Wicked Pen Writer, Felicity Brandon, is included: Marta's Desire.

About the story:

When Marta consents to meet Brent one evening, every fibre of her being tingles with anticipation about what will transpire... Marta dreams about being taken over Brent's lap, and spanked soundly, but she has never had the courage to make the fantasy a reality - until now. Will she have the mettle to go through with her first spanking, or will the potent mix of fear and adrenaline win out in the end? Can Marta come to terms with what she really needs, and face her ultimate desire at Brent's hand?

Sneak-Peak Snippet:

I moan over him, unable to articulate the combination of emotions I am processing as the pleasure and pain merge; the sweet ecstasy of his digits inside me, combined with the cruel treatment of my left nipple. I feel myself crumbling as he pushes me closer and closer to the edge.

Then without warning his right hand is gone and the pleasure is replaced with another hard smack on my upturned buttocks. I wince inwardly as Brent changes tact, and yet even I have to admit that this time the penance feels good. I am well and truly warmed up and love the feeling of his hands on me – in whatever form I can get. Each new strike adds impetus to my aching clitoris, now so desperate for release. That’s not to say that I don’t feel each one though or that they don’t hurt – they absolutely do – but now the pain has become as much my friend as my foe.

About the Author:

Felicity Brandon is an international best selling writer of BDSM, spanking erotic romance. Golden Flogger Finalist, Spanking Romance Review runner-up.

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