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Naked by Kay Brandt


Paired as teammates on an extreme survival reality show, two survivalists, Cadence and Jackson, meet as naked strangers, totally dependent on each other for getting through the grueling four-week challenge surviving the wilds of Madagascar. Away from family, friends, lovers, their cellphones, the internet, and all modern conveniences including their clothes for nearly a month, Jackson and Cadence develop an uncommon bond that surpasses friendship. When the show ends, and Jackson and Cadence return to their normal lives without each other, the intensity of their bond proves unshakable for them both. Will their newly developed relationship remain as their shared secret, not to be explored beyond Madagascar? Or, is their chemistry strong enough to draw the two brave survivalists back together?

Book Excerpt:

Almost ripping the latch just to get the stubborn bra off, Cadence's fingers unfastened the harness and set her full C-cups free. Why did I wear a brand new bra for this? She wondered to herself, wrinkling her nose over having to drop a clean, light pink bra onto the muddied ground. And then she noticed her matching underwear, and suddenly thought, Thousands of people are going to judge me by my pink lace panties, even my customers at the bank. Standing in the escalating heat, Cadence shivered with a weird mix of adrenaline and fear running through her chest, stripping out of her frilly bottoms and tossing them on the rest of her discarded clothes. She almost spoke, then quickly remembered that wasn't the direction given, and held her gaze off-camera until Dani called, “Cut!”

With a hard exhale, Cadence laughed as she stood in her nude awkwardness. “I don't think I took a breath during the entire segment.”

The crew laughed with her, averting their stares like professionals who'd seen one too many nude bodies on the job.

“Well, you did it,” Dani praised. “The rest is easy.”

Dani's humor made Cadence laugh more. “Right,” was her sarcastic reply.

“I can't say that the worst is over because I'd really by lying then,” Dani shared, her laughter replaced by a more serious outlook. “Come on. Your partner's waiting to meet you.”

Brian instructed the crew on where to station themselves next, receiving the nod from Dani to move forward.

“Your partner has a camera following him, and Brian will stay on you,” Dani continued, “Try not to look at either camera as you two connect and wait till you hear me give the signal. Then we'll reposition and give further instruction. Cool?”


“Starting again,” Dani called out in director-mode, alerting her crew to get ready for the next shots. “Following Cadence as she takes the path to meet her partner.” Hands on Cadence's shoulders, she turned her nude participant in the right direction then gave a friendly nudge and told her, “We've made markings for you to follow. That's the last time we'll assist during the show unless there's an emergency. We just have to make sure for sake of time that you and your teammate find each other so we can film the next few segments before it gets too late.”

“Totally understand,” Cadence confirmed, facing her greatest challenge up ahead. Her heart rate increased before she started moving, knowing that a naked male stranger would be walking towards her soon. Bare, without any kind of protection, Cadence closed her eyes and waited for Dani's cue.

About the Author:

Kay Brandt is a seductive storyteller, award-winning adult filmmaker and bestselling author, delivering a passionate blend of story and explicit, graphic content. In the 1990's her creative expression was writing erotic stage plays like the critically acclaimed "Kiss Me Twisted", which many years later evolved into the X-rated films, "Cherry episode 1" and "Cherry 2" and then evolved again into "The World of Cherry" ebook series. Since 2009 Kay has written/directed/produced more than forty X-rated films, many winning AVN and XBIZ awards, for top companies like Adam&Eve, Digital Playground, New Sensations and Girlfriends Films. The "Cherry" films, are the two biggest budget lesbian adult films ever made and since their release in 2011 have been deemed erotic classics. Kay's current creative passions include writing/directing a new genre of adult films based on erotic books. "Safe Landings," a feature based on Kay's dramatic romance novel and the epic film based on Selena Kitt's New York Times bestseller "Babysitting the Baumgartners" are the first two offerings in Adam&Eve's books-to-films series. She also released her first horror novella, "Soles" through Fido publishing in 2016 and there's more twisted horror stories coming soon. Share the journey and indulge in the wild fantasy worlds she creates for your pleasure.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

What Am I Up To?

It's come to my attention that I haven't given my readers much clue as to what's going on with me! Here's the lowdown:

In 2016 my former publisher thought it would be a good idea to steal royalties from its authors and use them to buy a new car for their daughter and go on lavish vacations. A lot of the authors stayed for a while, hoping that the missed payments were a glitch and they'd get their shit together. I was one of these authors. I had to stay; the publishing house wasn't just a place to publish with, they were my friends. But they betrayed that. Anyway, I lost over a year's worth of income due to their bullshit.

This left me in a big funk. Not a good dance-type of funk. I'm talking about the feeling you get when you lose faith in the people around you because you live with the illusion that good always triumphs over evil. The truth of the matter is that people will take advantage of others if and when they can--at least some people will. I can't expect the whole world to be as wholesome as I am.

Due to my funk, 2017 was a bumpy, boring, monotonous existence. My writing consisted of letters I sent to Grandpa and social media interaction. Somehow I was able to force myself to finish my Choose Your Pleasure: The Dragon's Gift, A Lesbian Story, but it was no t without great effort. I didn't have much focus or desire. I didn't get that feeling of elation and accomplishment I used to get when reaching a goal. 

When 2017 came to a close and I looked over my Amazon earnings, I laughed out loud. I'm going to tell you: I made $35. In. One. Fucking. Year.

Looking back, even though my publisher robbed me blind, the earnings I did receive through them in 2016 were my best year ever. A lot of this was due to taking part in anthologies. Write a piece based on a theme, submit, get accepted, and be included with a bunch of other talent, being paid $50 a pop.

I've told myself that 2018 is going to be a better year. I've finally put the incident with my publisher out of my mind and I've moved on. I know this is true and not just something I'm telling myself. I'm actively writing again, and like a fiend! 

In the month of January, I wrote 10,000 words! This might not sound like a lot, but when you're a full-time mom, doing full-time shit everyday, finding the time to write can be a challenge. It's mid-February now, and I'm claiming bragging rights to say I've completed SIX anthology submission calls, some for small places, some with big names. I've started a seventh story, and have a plan ready for number eight. If I'm accepted to at least one of these, even the one that pays the least, I'll have made more money than I did in the entirety of 2017. 

So will it happen?

It will. It has to. I'm confident in my writing ability, focused on my goals. I have wonderful beta readers and a good support network of fans and other authors. I do write for them, but mostly I write for myself. I'm starting to feel confidence again, maintaining the mental high that comes from working hard on an idea and seeing it through to fruition. I want to be a good storyteller, and I know I can be. I am. 

So 2016, 2017, you can go fuck yourself. 2018 is gonna be great. 

Here's what you have to look forward to so far, in an anthology published this year or self-published:

  • A multicultural lesbian romance based in the deep south, where race and risk takes a front seat over love. Time and personal growth leads to a HEA.
  • A multicultural gay jungle adventure erotic romance with a HEA.

  • A short heterosexual erotic voyeur story taking place in a college dorm, with a HEA.
  • A vampire erotic horror based in the post apocalyptic world with a HFN (depending on how you look at it).
  • A multicultural lesbian action adventure erotic romance based in Japan and focusing on breaking down walls. HFN/HEA 
  • A lesbian erotic dungeon tale focusing on sadism, masochism, and the power dynamic between dominance and submission. HEA
Keep a look out. I'm making this my best year ever.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Say Please!

Mason Walker is a man of refined tastes. He likes tarts. Crisp, juicy, moist, fig tarts, drizzled with honey.

Mason likes the tart-maker too. She’s juicy . . . full of honey.

Mason is the part owner of the luxurious Silverstone Resort, a brilliant businessman and a gorgeous male specimen. He may appear civilized, but underneath the suave veneer, is a man raging to run wild. He’s ravenous; on the scent of a delicious prey. 

Rachel Cooper is a celebrated two-star Michelin chef, making a fresh start in the Colorado mountains, at the resort. She’s quirky― a mixture of sense and sultry. She’s the happiest when concocting recipes and feeding people. Now she has an excellent job and wonderful friends. Life is good. Only problem is her employer, who seems hell bent on making a meal out of her!

Lord have mercy!

Mason wants to devour his prey and savour her sweetness. She’s a breath of fresh air to his jaded senses, with her guileless allure and fiery sensuality. 

Rachel was his. To eat, prey, love? 

Only if she says please.

As the two of them combust between sheets, an avalanche of emotional demons threatens to annihilate everything in its path. Will Rachel be able to deal with past baggage and find that perfect recipe for love?

Editor’s note: The book is delicious. You’ll be hungry by the time you finish. Order the largest tart! 

Note: This is book 2 of Their Command series. The books should be read in order for the best reading experience.

Book 2 Available from AmazonCom and AmazonUK
Book 1 Available from AmazonCom and AmazonUK

Exclusive Excerpt: 

Sometimes fate takes you on a road you never expect to travel. 

¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`* ღ 

Excerpt Copyright 2018 ©Linzi Basset 

The rivulets of red wine were already dripping over his face, staining his pristine white shirt before she realized she’d upended a glass of wine over his head. The collective gasp from nearby diners sounded like a blast of explosives to her ears. 

She took a cautionary step back as Mason pushed up from the chair. His tall body towered over her as he stared at her through slitted eyes. 

“Shouldn’t have done that, little chef,” Logan Chance, Mason’s friend and co-owner of the resort, thought to enlighten her in her ear. 

“No shit, Sherlock,” she mumbled and then she turned tail and ran. Her breath came in small puffs, hot and nervous as she forced her legs to move faster, imagining the heat of his body close on her heels. 

His long legs kept up with her without effort and she suspected Mason deliberately allowed her to tear through the dining room and into the kitchen. 

“Don’t you dare touch me, Mason Walker,” Rachel cried breathlessly, putting the first counter top between them. Her heart was thumping, she sprinted left and right around the different workstations in an effort to avoid his grasping hands. The sous-chefs twittered as they gawked at them. She began to panic. She couldn’t get that slither of wicked amusement she’d detected in his gaze, that split second before she turned to run, from her mind. 

“Shit!” Rachel cursed when she reached the back of the kitchen. The only exit from there was into the short hallway leading to the staff restrooms and her office. “You bastard,” she puffed, realizing he’d deliberately been pushing her into a corner. 

She forced her legs to move faster in an effort to reach her office and lock the door before he caught her—all to no avail. He slammed the door back and her with it in the process. 

Rachel stumbled backward, her hands held out protectively in front of her. 

“Stay away from me,” she warned, sounding a lot braver than she felt. If only she’d had the foresight to grab one of her knives! 

“You upended a glass of wine over my head, Rachel.” 

“Well, of course I did. What did you expect after making such a . . . a vile comment?” The words came out in a breathless wheeze as Mason finally pushed her back against the wall with his hard body pressed into her soft curves. 

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NEW Gay Sci-Fi from T. Strange

New Gay Sci-Fi from T. Strange & LT3 Press

For killing his husband, Rook is sent to B-226—an alien planet populated by deadly creatures, where the average life expectancy for a prisoner is three weeks. Rook is relieved by the sentence—all he wants is to die and rejoin his husband.

Upon arrival on B-226, Rook is partnered with Stevie, who has beaten the odds and survived for several months. Rook is drawn to Stevie in a way he didn't expect in the aftermath of losing his husband. Before Rook can untangle the mess of his emotions, the already deadly situation on B-226 worsens, plunging Rook and Stevie into an even more desperate struggle to survive.


Rook is T. Strange’s first publication with Less Than Three Press, and it’s been a great experience from start to finish. Sci fi isn’t a genre she saw herself publishing—her three previously published novels are all paranormal romance—but this story literally came to her in a dream (read the book. It was a crazy dream). Fun fact: Rook is not the first science fiction story T. has written. As a preteen, she began an epic saga about guinea pigs dealing with the aftermath of a war with cats. In space.

About the Author 

T. Strange didn’t want to learn how to read, but literacy prevailed and she hasn’t stopped reading—or writing—since. She’s been published since 2013, and she writes M/M romance in multiple genres. T.’s other interests include cross stitching, gardening, watching terrible horror movies, playing video games, and finding injured pigeons to rescue.

Originally from White Rock, BC, she lives on the Canadian prairies, where she shares her home with her wife, cats, guinea pigs and other creatures of all shapes and sizes. She’s very easy to bribe with free food and drinks—especially wine.

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Goldie's Surrender: An Adult Fairy Tale

What if the fairy tale is real?

We all remember the story of Goldilocks, the young woman who stumbles across the three bears' humble abode while wandering through the woods. You'd always thought the story was make-believe, designed to entertain small children, but what if I told you that you were wrong?

Goldie Locks is very real, a spoiled young woman living in a bubble of her father's wealth and indulgence. It is this Goldie who makes her way into the forest, losing her way and eventually seeking sanctuary in the small cottage she finds there. But little does Goldie know who really lives in the deep, dark woods and what they will do when they find her asleep in their home...

In this intensely erotic tale, beautiful, headstrong Goldie is left blushing crimson as she is sternly punished and thoroughly claimed by the three strict, ruggedly handsome owners of the cottage in which she foolishly dared to trespass. To Goldie's surprise, the bold dominance of her captors arouses her deeply, but will she run for her life when their shocking secret is finally revealed?

Publisher's Note: Goldie's Surrender includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

I am on my feet again in seconds, anxiety ricocheting through my body. “Move out of my way!” I demand, my hands subconsciously landing at my hips. “I don’t know who you are, but you have no right to keep me here!” 

He laughs gently at my words. “Oh, really?” His voice is soft and taunting, and I notice that one of his dark eyebrows rises into an unforgiving arch. “I am the master of this house, and as such, I would say I have every right to do so. You are the girl who has come here without my knowledge, entered without consent, and caused quite some trouble in the process.” 

I find myself biting my lip at his accusations, an annoying habit that I have not fallen afoul of for years. “How dare you!” I cry out, my arms folding in front of my chest. “What are you saying? That I broke into your cottage?” Rage fumes within me, and I am barely able to contain it. 

He leans against the edge of the bedpost, watching me with interest. “Precisely,” he replies with a smile. 

“What?” I cry again, adamantly. “I’m no burglar!” 

His expression changes, and I can see that my tone has shocked him. A flicker of fear resonates through me as I realize I have angered the beast, yet the old indignation resurfaces almost at once. He takes a step toward me, and despite my temper I flinch, jumping backwards to avoid his presence. 

“Who are you?” he asks me flatly. 

I purse my lips, knowing that I am pouting as I reply. “It is none of your business who I am, now let me out!” 

With that I run at him, startling him with my agile reflexes. I make it past him, my heart pounding within my chest as I move, but I feel a large palm at my left wrist, and he catches me with ease. I turn, screaming at him as I struggle against his iron grip. “Let me go!” I shout, “let me go! You have no right to keep me here!” 

“Settle down, girl!” he says, his tone unwavering as he holds me in place. 

“I am no girl!” I screech, bringing my right fist smashing down against his torso. I had meant to target his chest, and yet he’s so tall that I barely even reach it. 

He grabs the offending wrist in a heartbeat, looking down at me with a smile. “My, my, you are quite the unruly imp, aren’t you?” 

I shriek in defiance, stamping my foot down on the floorboards below me. 

“Settle down, or I will be forced to make you settle.” His warning is soft, but I recognize the threat nonetheless. 

“Y-you… You can’t!” I stammer. 

“I can,” comes the reply. “This is my house, and my rules are the law here. You came without permission, and took what you wanted without consideration. Now, tell me, who are you?” His tone is so low, that it’s almost a growl and for one long moment, I look up into his face. I am utterly terrified, but refuse to let this brute see it. 

“I will not!” I snap, ceasing to struggle in his large hands, but turning my face away from his insistent gaze. 

“Good grief, Logan!” A voice from the doorway sends my heart spiraling back into a frenzy once more. “It seems our little burglar is quite the petulant one!” 

I twist to my right, seeing yet another giant looming over me. This one doesn’t seem quite as tall as the one who still holds me steadfast in his hands, and his blond locks are quite in contrast to the first. 

“She is indeed!” comes the hearty response of the dark-haired one. What had he called him? Logan? “Quite the high-spirited girl!” 

“I am not a girl,” I cry again. “I’m a rich, smart woman, and I will be missed!” 

I blink at them both for a second, cursing the note I’d left for Harry. He’ll think I’m sunning myself in California by now. He won’t even be worrying about my absence. 

The blond one moves in behind me, and although he stops just short of touching me, I cannot help but gasp at the sudden and close proximity. Now they both tower over me. I am completely helpless, and although I know it, the thought makes me wild with resentment. 

“You are an intruder in this cottage.” It’s the blond one talking again, yet I cannot bring myself to turn and look upon him. “Nothing more, and nothing less. Whoever you are, you should be thoroughly punished for your deeds.” 

Punished? Punished? The rage in me contracts, tightening until I can barely take a breath. “You shall do no such thing!” I spit at the dark-haired one. “No one has ever punished me!” 

“Then,” says Logan, his tone quiet and contemplative, “perhaps someone should have…”

About the Author

Felicity Brandon is a #1 international bestseller of erotic spanking romance. 

She’s been reading and writing for many years, and loves to delve into the psychological intensity of sexual submission. She has written erotic titles in contemporary, historical and fantasy genres. 

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