About Me

We all have lives. We have family, friends, jobs within the machine that keeps the world moving... But some of us have secrets. Some of us hide things about ourselves, from ourselves, and from everyone. I am hiding. I have secrets. I am one of many who has outwardly conformed to the standard of traditional female beauty and place in society, appearing like a cutout copy of all the others, but I'm hiding in plain sight. I'm the one you wouldn't expect to have secrets. I'm the one you'd least expect it from. Truth be told, I am just like any other person... But I write erotica. In the everyday life I am a teacher. I'm amused to think what my colleagues would think, let alone parents!

So yes. I write erotica. In doing so, I have learned a great deal about my own sexuality as well as what others find entertaining. Society tells us that sex is dirty, sex is something we shouldn't talk about, and definitely something we shouldn't enjoy sharing through any sort of media. If it were okay to speak about and share, teenagers wouldn't hide the porno magazines under their beds or steal their father's condoms. It would be okay to ask about sex. It would be okay to be curious. I think society is wrong. I think sex is beautiful. It's an expression of love, desire, lust, commitment, and one of the most basic human needs. 

So yes, I write erotica, hoping that someday I won't have to hide behind the pen name, be afraid of repercussions with a very public job (which I love and which I'm good at!), and maybe the world will learn that sex isn't the huge taboo so many believe it is. I write to entertain myself. I write to entertain others. It excites me to imagine scenarios that could be, might be, and for some people, are. I write because I find joy in it. I hope that readers find joy in my writing as well, and maybe some pleasure too. Pleasure is a bonus. I honestly hope readers become hot and bothered--even inspired--reading the words I pull out of my head.

Outside of writing erotica, I enjoy dancing like a dirty fiend at European Discotechs, good strong beer, and opera music. I have a 5 foot, red corn snake, and have a diverse collection of sex toys.


  1. Greetings from the picturesque Bavaria! Only recently, I follow you on twitter! https://twitter.com/erlesen

  2. Hello AngoraShade! I enjoy your blog. I write erotic short stories, but I'm putting several together to, hopefully, put in book form.

    Anyway, nice blog posts!