Erotic Poetry

"Disco Dance" by Salvatore Vuono/
Monday January 27, 2014

"The Encounter"

In the club in the dark
Strangers everywhere
Dancing, moving, gyrating under
glitter, lights and fog
A break from the sweat-
A moment to breathe
alone and separate
but not

You're there-

A shadow blended into
rock posters, fliers,
brick and inebriated dreams
Young and serious
without words
Eyes that plunge into forever
pushing me into darkness against
burning lips

Flat, vertical upon stone-
The two unseen in the
back corridor
Walked passed
Your eyes taste me

Fingers running
every curve and crevice in
creative exploration over
hot, sensitive, wanting skin
Kisses deep and controlling
Breast to breast and hands
pressing, digging, needing
Deeper to the core
the center-
To the ache that
pushes back desire for
flesh, air, freedom

Gasping, stuttering-

The sin builds in
thrusts of unforgiving motion
moving silently between
locked, muted lips
Your fingers in my mouth
Youth juice
Tasting myself
The lifeblood of
explosive testing of
the silent, predatory stranger

Your silhouette retreating back
to darkness, shadow, brick-
And I to
glitter, lights and fog.

Friday January 24, 2014


Rapid change
Growing in the dark inside a
constricting cage
Pushing till the form
no longer fits the curve and
expectations of reality-
Social conformity

Rabid creature loose

Grinning and aware that
an ember burns the skin
Ignited, redefined, brave
Make the spotlight center stage

Here I am

Nude and a tease
Bent knees
Plump lips
Round ass
Smack it harder

Yes, please

Slither, slather
Blow a kiss
Whoops, want more?

Applause and smirks but
some shake fingers thinking
The cage
Get the key

Catch up or
Get out of the way
Standing up
Take a bow

Stories, photos, sin
Infected by the germ and
swimming in the aftermath

I glow.

Friday January 17, 2014

"The Way I Want It Today"

Flip me over quickly
Turn my breath to shocked gusts
Rip from me my jeans
Expose my goddess naked

Force me to my knees
Push up against me
Long, hard member
searching to fill me

Slip forcefully inside me
until I scream and quiver
and claw into the sheets

Thrust in rapid rhythm
Make me grunt and cry
Grasp me by my hips
Smack my wanting ass

Demand of me submission
Pull my head back by my hair
Rock and sway deep within

Let me feel the warm wet
Let it grow and slide
Claw into my back
Explode with me loudly.

Sunday January 12, 2014



Image "Sexy Woman Hands Tied With Chains" by adamr/


Bound and forgotten as
you drag your nails over the
red raw already bleeding


Pulling at my limbs as you
demand my exquisite attention from
the chaos of everyday life


You lash without reserve
dangling my sanity by the inches
before the accessible cliff


You ravish and fill me with
your painful need to be
controlling and remembered


I ask you

Image courtesy of "Party Flyer" by jscreationsz/

Saturday January 11, 2014

"In the Club"  

The heat stifles
surrounds and compresses
as the throng sways to the rhythm of
luck-fuck music
Pressing for space
Sweat and motion
Freedom pours from the walls and
flows freely from unrestricted glasses
Drink up and dance
Touch and feel within the
working machine
Fog, disco ball and flashing lights
Embrace the collective
the strangers about you
Hips, thighs, ass
Hold and grind
Warm tempo caressing
Mass of lips and hands
Forced closer and surrounded
The orgy not frowned upon.

 Friday January 10, 2014

"Blissful Waking"                       

From a blissful sleep I
find your lips 
exploring the curves of
my torso, thighs
Like a fluid liquid
washing about me
in warm
gentle strokes
Your touch reaches
into the furthest regions of my soul
stirs the breath I breathe and
scorches like fire as you look at me
Every fingertip
of your hand caresses 
tasting the texture of my skin
tickling and trailing over me
finding places secret 
only for you
Over my blossom lips
into my body you
explore with genuine lust
lapping at the nectar of
my own creation
You fill me with rhythm
movements of the world
sounds of unrestrained 
primal need
Building and erupting 
I quake around you and
I fall still, satisfied 
sated and calm
You kiss me
Good morning.

Image courtesy of "Woman Under The Shower" by Just2shutter

Thursday January 9, 2014


The water is
not hot enough to
scald away your touch
Your fingers still
caress my skin and
drag around curves
of breast and thigh
I cannot remove or
rinse your flavor
from my mouth
Taste of salty sweet
Sweat and lust
Your essence flows
inside me
I have tasted life in
your extreme pleasure
Your love of me.

Wednesday January 8, 2014

"A Time in Amsterdam"                                       

Busy people walking
Crossing the river with the ferry
Image courtesy of "Sitting Girl In The Doorway" by Vlado/


Stepping off into the swarm
Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers
Bicycles kling their bells
Moving down the streets
Store fronts and cafes
Churches and tattoo parlors neighbor one another
Red lights play like breadcrumbs calling
This way to pleasure
Tall life-sized windows
Display of wares
Buy our product

Curtains closed. Busy

A woman stands naked and exposed
High stool chair. Legs crossed
Breasts pulled by gravity
Long black hair tangled. Long day
Young and thin
Bruises on her wrist
She looks down as I look at her
Ashamed. Working
I catch her eye. Smile
I nod and speak with my eyes
Work is not what you are
Work is what you do
Love the world and yourself
She nods her understanding

Stands and gestures to a man next to me
He knocks on the old door
Stale hot air
He enters. He disappears
The curtains close. Busy

I cross the street for coffee.

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