Monday, October 19, 2015

10 Reasons Why Reading Erotica is Good for You


It's actually good for you. Here's why:

1)  Reading erotica can help a person orgasm. Orgasms are proven stress relievers, can help induce sleep, and well, they feel pretty damn good too.

2)  Reading erotica allows you to play out fantasies inside your head that you may not be able to make reality in your everyday life

3)  Reading erotica often leads to masturbation, which helps to teach yourself what kind of stimulation you both want and need for sexual fulfillment.

4)  Erotica is not the same as porn, and usually comes with more plot. A real story to with the sex increases the brain's ability to imagine vivid scenes and "get off.

5)  Reading a variety of erotica can inspire new ideas for the bedroom!

6)  Reading erotica allows you to be a secret pervert. You can download your heart's desire without a potentially revealing trip to the porn store.

7)  Reading erotica can serve as a one-person foreplay before an encounter with your sexual partner. It's a great way to stimulate arousal.

8)  Reading erotica allows you to experience sexual encounters from the perspective of other sexualities and genders.

9)  Reading erotica can serve as an example to your partner of the kind of intimacy you like or dislike. 

10)  Reading erotica helps improve both your literary and sexual vocabulary. 

THE BEST REASON OF ALLReading erotica means you're not a close-minded turd, and you're willing to explore and accept concepts and ideas that society has deemed taboo. And that just makes you cool :)