Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thoughts On My Fetishes

Over the last few days I've been having entertaining conversations with several people about fetishes. We all have them. From leather and whips, to chains, food, brown hair, boots or feet… We're all aware of what turns us on, but do we know why? I don't usually go into a lot of detail about my own sexual likes or dislikes because I prefer to keep my focus on writing, but for the purpose of satisfying myself and this topic, I simply must discuss myself. I’ve examined my own peculiarities, and have come to the conclusion that my specific tastes stem from what I do.

In addition to being a writer, I'm also a teacher and hold a degree in art, which I think explains a lot of my own personal fetishes.

Fetish #1: I’m a texture junkie.

Clay, paint, stone, or textiles of lace, tweed, or spandex; they all send signals to the brain when touched. I love the smooth and tacky feeling of acrylic between my fingers when I smear it over a canvas, and I enjoy the primal hunk of clay I get to throw onto the potter’s wheel. I live for the feel of lace on my skin, and even the itchy wool of a winter sweater on my neck. It’s pure sensation. How does this apply to sex to make my love of texture a fetish? Well, use your imagination…Or just cover me in body paint and paint the walls with me naked, and I’m probably yours.

Fetish #2: Tattoos

There is such a thing as a bad tattoo, but take for a moment that I’m only speaking about well-drawn and artistic tattoos. They’re beautiful, expressive, and they also draw attention to the body wearing them. They are images that float and move over the skin with the body, they're fluid, and always in a state of change. Intricate detail makes my brain wild, and I want to come close to examine every dot, swirl and color. I want to touch them and discover the illusion of depth behind them. I want lick them. Yes. Big turn on for me.

Fetish #3: Curves & Belly Buttons

This probably stems from my love of the human form. I've studied the human body at length through hours of Life Drawing and sculpture. I've learned to enjoy the shapes and lines of the body. I'm attracted to large curves and prominent structure in human beings. I like to trace these with my eyes, and feel them in my hands.

I'm also drawn to the well that is the navel. It's a sensitive area on the body, both in and around. I'm ticklish here, which is a wonderful sensation, but sometimes a nice painful flick right to the center is nice too. I like how navels move like dimples over a face. I like hot and cold sensation applied to the area (giving or getting), and I love kissing and being kissed here.

What turns you on? Surely a lot of people are more than eager to share. I'd LOVE to hear about really unusual fetishes that others have and why they believe they have them... I'm no stranger to the world and the ideas, thoughts, and activities that go with it, so don't worry about scaring me. TELL ME. I'd love to discuss with you. 

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