Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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Another story brought to you by the Wicked Pen Writer JC Winchester

The Plot: This is a story about a woman's desire to set up a business for a specific market: sexual pregnancy fetish. After finding the perfect large home and fixing it up new, Mistress Alexis sets out to fill spots for her fetish prostitution ring by interviewing girls who find themselves in need of a stable environment and good homes for their future children. The girls are brought in for testing and rated on their performance by both Mistress Alexis and willing men. After girls have been chosen, they get to work on fulfilling the needs of their clientele, including couples who wish to have children without all the hassle of giving birth, therefor selecting a woman as a breeder. Mistress Alexis keeps her word in taking care of her girls, her clients, and herself.

My Take: Specific fetishes aren't something I search for specifically when I go looking for something new to read, but I found this story fascinating. There's something intriguing about the maternal body that is both beautiful and amazing, and I can understand that although this isn't my personal fetish, how some people may find the pregnant form sexually appealing. This story was creative in writing style, narration, and plot, making me wonder what would happen next. I appreciated the variety of erotic scenes which ranged from vouyerism to anal, menage to ff, and included a range of body types, ethnicities, and personalities. Sexual encounters were believable and entertaining.  

My Rating: My only complaint (my usual complaint about short stories, lol, sorry) is length. I could really see this book being a novel with a more complicated story, but for the sake of a quick read, this a is a good one! There's something for every taste whether the reader is male, female, or other, sure to fulfill every taste. I give this book 4.5 out of 5 swollen bellies!

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