Tuesday, February 7, 2017

REVIEW! Patient Lee's "Muffin's Change: In the House of Flies"

Professor Thompson stumbles upon his student's blog and discovers her latent submissive tendencies. He engages her in an inappropriate sexting relationship, leading Nadine to her first orgasm. His online Dominance draws her in and when he proposes a makeover and a frat party, where he'll direct her interaction with frat boys, she goes for it. The makeup acts as a mask, giving her the freedom to be anonymous and to let her fantasies come true.


Disclaimer: This book contains descriptions of explicit sex and should only be pursued by mature adult audiences.

REVEIW: 4.5 out of 5 Yes Sirs

This is a book I picked up at the end of last year. It's no secret that I'm a Patient Lee fan *faints*, but I have yet to read all of her work.

Cover: This cover is engaging. I especially like the various font play and the shout out to the Deftones. It's wonderful when a reader can understand and identify with where an author is coming from. The image is also well balanced with both red at top an bottom. I can't complain about black and white photography, or half nude women either :)

Plot: This is a story about a young introverted college student named Nadine who secretly writes her erotic desires on her blog. With the help of a male fan, she slowly crumbles down the wall of safety she's made for herself, putting her trust in him. Through this trust, Nadine is freed from both the persona she's always outwardly displayed, able to unleash her inner sex goddess. Unbeknownst to Nadine, the Dom she's put her trust in is no stranger, but her writing professor. After encouraging Nadine out of her shell and allowing her to taste a sub/Dom relationship, Nadine is left unsure of what to make of the relationship once her Dom reveals himself as her professor. Albeit strange and difficult to accept, the draw of this type of relationship is what Nadine truly craves, and ultimately wins out.

My Take: I enjoyed that this story got the sub/Dom relationship right. I've seen so many storytellers do it wrong. Although a Dom gives commands, it's the sub who determines what's allowed and when. Everything was consensual without manipulation, and panty twisting to boot. I'm a total sapiosexual, so this story appealed considering the Dom was an older, intelligent type. It was also interesting to read from the perspective of both the professor, Nadine, and a lucky frat boy. This isn't always easily achieved, but Patient Lee writes seamlessly. This story, although playing into multiple fantasies (BDSM, vouyerism, student/professor), is very believable, due to its modern flare to include the technology that so many of use regularly, and in a way that most of us do use, even if we won't admit it ;) Anyone looking for a spicy new-to-the-Dom-sub-relationship book will definitely enjoy this one!

About Patient Lee

When love wins, we ALL win!

Erotic Realism- stories based in reality, infusing the mundane with the erotic. Yes. I made it up. I don't write about billionaires or presidents, nobility or celebrities. I write stories about real people inspired by the real people I see around me. I write about depressed teenagers, blue-collar workers, teachers and custodians, the middle-class, people living in trailer parks or in campgrounds, crab fishermen and college students. 

My ideas come from a variety of sources-- an overheard sentence (a student declaring "I have tasty fingers!" in the middle of class became "The Side Effect."), a song, an announcement ("Come with a friend and save two dollars!"). I select the kink for the story based on what best works with the characters, which is the main reason I write with variety. The other, of course, is my short attention span caused by raising children and teaching high school.

My work reflects the duality of my nature. Regular, boring job, quiet, laid-back disposition, but lustful and sensuous in the bedroom. My stories often deal with unpleasant themes- depression, bullying, environmental issues, natural disasters- but in a manner that leaves the reader uplifted, hopeful, and satisfied.

I work full-time and have a husband, and three children. I write when I can, sometimes balancing the laptop on my knees and a cat on my chest. I enjoy my seasonal camp site that overlooks a beautiful creek in the mountains. In the summer, I spend many hours at a folding table under a canopy, writing and sipping chardonnay or a super-hoppy IPA. 

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Note: As with any information appearing on my blog, all opinions are my own. I highly suggest you engage in your own quest to fulfill your literature cravings and form your unique opinions. Reviews are the best feedback for an author! Please take the time to review any and all books that you enjoy.

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