Monday, October 24, 2016

New Lesbian Romance from Author Blue Spectrum

Looking for something cozy and sexy for your fall reading time? Check out a new erotic story from author Blue Spectrum!

Kate has a simple plan for the holidays—it involves her “body massager” and a whole lot of unbridled fantasizing about her boss, Dr. Alia. Before that, she has to clean up the lab and set things up so that the biotech lab she’s working at is ready for use after the holidays.

Just when she’s all done, she gets called up to Dr. Alia’s office to assist the senior scientist in sorting out the messy layout of the newer version of the word processor in order to get a printout of the project so far. Kate finds herself in a fitting situation to confess her feelings for the older woman. But the senior scientist makes a declaration that might favor Kate.

Story Excerpt: 

Dr. Alia reached over her neat desk and took the silk scarf from her chair.

“Turn around,” she said.

I shuffled on the spot and faced away from her, toward the glass partition that gave Dr. Alia a bird’s-eye view of the research floor below. The painful glow of the ultraviolet light illuminated the clean, sharp angles of the workstations. My own space at the far right corner, near the incubator, was quite unobstructed by the hanging ducts from up here.

The soft fabric covered my eyes. I was glad for the darkness—it piqued my curiosity and heightened my other senses. Besides, it would stop me from overanalyzing what I was about to do.

As the knot tightened around the back of my head just above my ponytail, my heart stepped up its pace. In the quiet of the late evening, I wondered if the doctor could hear it too.

About the Author:

Blue Spectrum is on a mission to understand sex and sexuality through writing, and what better way to do so than with romance and erotica.

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