Monday, September 7, 2015

New Erotic Fiction by Felicity Brandon!

"This is not a love story. This is the story of the hunger inside of me which must be fed before it consumes me entirely..."


The Depths of Desire is an erotic BDSM novel and a unique, intense and fast-paced exploration of one woman's journey into sexual submission. Set in the luxurious and mysterious location known only as 'The Tower', the story is told entirely through Janie's eyes and offers the reader an insight into every arousing high and insecure low that she experiences there.

Upon arrival, Janie consents to 'audition' for the men of The Tower and from there the reader is invited to bear witness as her every dark and delicious fantasy unfolds at the hands of her new masters. The books contains sizzling scenes of submission, sexual humiliation, and spanking, as well as those of the developing intimacy and desire she feels. Janie is prepared to submit her body for mutual pleasure, but when she meets an alluring dominant called Patrick Shaw, she'll have to decide if her heart is on offer as well.

Interview With Felicity Brandon

1) What led you to write erotic fiction?

Good question! I think a lot of people who find out I write intense, explicit erotica and erotic romance wonder the same thing! The answer is that I have always written--I love to write. For some years I struggled to write non-fiction, but somehow it was sucking the joy out of the creative process for me. After I had my second baby, I decided to put my filthy imagination to good use and start penning some erotic scenes. One scene led to a short story, and one short story into an anthology. Now my first full-length erotic BDSM novel has been published and I'm excited to see just how dark my erotic fiction will get!

2) What inspired you to write your new book?

My new release "Submission at The Tower: The Depths of Desire" is the erotic book I have always wanted to read. It's a passionate and personal story of one woman's exploration of her desire for sexual surrender. I wanted to fully express and explain the consensual need to submit. Too many stories see female characters 'lured' or persuaded into various types of BDSM, but my female protagonist knows exactly what she wants. The novel takes the reader on an intensely sensual journey between Janie and her leading man, Patrick Shaw, exploring her deepest fantasies and their growing mutual attraction. 

3) What is your favorite scene and why?

I managed to cram a number of scorching hot scenes into this novel, but my absolute favorite has to be Janie's punishment in the stocks. I'd been designing this scene in my head for so long, I was desperate to get it on screen and every time I read it, it still delivers!

4) What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

"Submission at the Tower: The Depths of Desire" is my first full-length novel, so my biggest challenge was completing the story. I knew I had it in me, but actually getting it written was the biggest achievement. In the process of editing and securing a publisher for this book, I have started another two, so I know this is just the first of many.

5) What message, if any, do you want your readers to walk away with?

This books is erotic romance. It's all about sexual exploration and discover, strong, enigmatic alpha males, and falling head first for the 'tall, handsome stranger.' I want every reader to live Janie's story with her, feel the heat of each blush, and the sting as a hand crashes down on her waiting behind. It's a rollercoaster of erotic submission and intensity.

6) Tell us something unique about yourself

I'm a complicated individual (as Mr. Brandon will tell you!) Aside from writing and sexual power-play, a few other things also get my pulse racing: I love rock music (the louder the better), sharks (especially the Great White variety), and all things paranormal!

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