Friday, February 6, 2015

"Tortured" Poem of the Day

"Tortured" by Angora Shade

Caught in your gaze
You search me like a maze
until you find my quaking soul
So warm and tender
force me to surrender
to your touch that makes me whole

I just can’t win
Can’t tune out the din
Your voice—the call I can’t ignore
Then held in your hands
you destroy all my plans
like each time you have before

Melting before you
I think that my heart flew
with that kiss that brought me down
Surrounded by your touch
I try not to think much
where I willingly will drown

You set me on fire
I burn with desire
freeing me—the phoenix now reborn
You cradle me still
my heart fulfilled
The calm after the storm

But I just can’t win
You’re no more than sin
a trick to keep me pacified
You’re gone in the morning
without giving warning
like you’re never really satisfied

I just can’t win

I just can’t forget
there’s only regret
I give and you take my greedy heart
Then you throw me away
I can’t make you stay
Least not until I fall apart

And that’s when you return
come back only to burn
to feed me your easy line
You dish me all your lies
and say never love dies
A story for once upon a time

See, I just can’t win

I just can’t win the hold of you.

I just can’t win
and can not begin
Can’t find love with someone new
I’m yours for the taking
I’m yours for the breaking
No one leaves a mark quite like you do

But I’ll never win

I’ll never win.

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