Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vanilla Flavored: A Kink Of Its Own

My current work in progress, A Normal Girl, has been an enlightening engagement for me. It has led me to examine why I write the things I write, and what purpose I want my writing to serve. Sex is a big topic for me to include in my stories because it's entertaining, but the more I write about sex, the more I want to know and understand its value and importance in society. 

I began writing A Normal Girl with the intention of writing something other than what I'd written in the past. I had just finished writing Cat Games, which included some kinky sex games and materials, but I wanted to really push the envelope. I wanted to write the "taboo" and test what I was capable of. I set off to create a story full of some of the kinkiest things I could imagine at the time; cum play, orgasm humiliation, spanking, strap-ons, plushies, voyeurism, and golden showers. Writing about specific kinks has caused me to examine why so many sexual kinks are viewed as taboo. It comes down to society and all the Disney princess stories and media bullshit we've been fed from birth. The truth is that there is no right or wrong way to love or express love, lust, or desire. The truth is that what society tells us is acceptabletradition vanilla sex between a man and a womanis a kink of its own.

Kink: Noun

• figurativea quirk of character or behavior• informala person with unusual sexual preferences
The main character in A Normal Girl, Ryan, is a geeky technology apprentice. Shy by nature, his lack of experiences with women have left him still a virgin at the age of 22. After taking a part time job at a local bakery, Ryan finds himself encountering two women, both who have specific sexual kinks that he decides are not for him. Ryan wants the normal--a nice normal girl. But... what is normal? My story leads the reader to believe that Ryan is searching out traditional vanilla sex, when in the end, Ryan drops the bomb by reveling his own sexual kinks. 
The message behind A Normal Girl is that "normal" is relative: normal to one person is not normal for the next. Society telling us that vanilla sex is normal is the biggest lie of all time. I have yet to meet or speak to any person/couple that do not involve a quirk or the unusual in their sexual habits. I have yet to find anyone solely interested in vanilla sex. I'm not suggesting that there are those out there who don't enjoy or practice vanilla sex, and I'm not saying that vanilla sex is wrong or unacceptable. I'm pointing out that there are large numbers of those not practicing vanilla sex or who practice it in addition to other sexual behaviors. This puts the force-fed, idealized societal norm of "vanilla" into its own category, making vanilla sex a kink by definition. 
A Normal Girl is completed! You can pick up this kinky fetish novella from Torquere Press, releasing April 13th, 2016! 
I ask you to think over the taboo. I ask you to examine what you believe and why. The most important thing is to not judge anyone for the who, what, how, or why they choose to practice their style of lovemaking.

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