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Refined Tastes

It's that time of year again! The days are growing shorter as we head into the tunnel of shifting seasons, but that doesn't mean we have to hide. Happy October, happy autumn, happy harvest, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Grab your cozy sweater, slippers, and a pumpkin spiced drink as you curl up to an exciting new story.

It's my pleasure to announce the October 15th, 2018 release of "Refined Tastes," a lesbian, paranormal, dystopian, horror erotic story! Expect to be wooed, chilled, and thrilled. This story is deliciously twisted and not for the faint of heart!

Mankind has fallen and nature has reclaimed the world. For a lone vampire, life is mundane and meaningless without the people who were once plentiful. During a chance encounter with the last remaining band of humans, she must decide between her desire for blood or the preservation of the species she dearly loves.

Look for this new release on October 15th, and check out my other titles on Amazon

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Let's Talk Monsters

Do you love horror movies? Curiosities? Monsters? If so, you're not alone. From shape sifters, vampires, and zombies, to swamp creatures and mythological legends, there's a monster out there for everyone. In every situation. 

For every fantasy. 

But why?

Are we looking for the shred of humanity inside the mad creature, as in the classic Frankenstein tale?

Is it because we enjoy the fantasy of being sexually ravaged by a true beast, such as the wild, savage, Bigfoot?

Or are we trying to imagine something outside the realm of possibility, through aliens and tentacle monsters, just to escape the monotony of traditional sex? 

You'll find every kind of monster encounter possible through the limitless sub genres of erotic fiction. But what is the allure? What's the purpose of writing monster-to-human or monster-to-monster sexual encounters? Is there more to it than what we think?

I've asked several "monster" writers (using the term "monster" here to depict anything other than traditional human) the what and why of their chosen genre.

How is “monster” erotica different from traditional erotica or erotic romance?

“Well, for one thing, it's far superior to all other forms of erotica or romance, as we all know. The fact that at least one character is only partially human, inhuman, or superhuman (AKA a "monster"), is the main difference. That difference really drives the story and should make the sex unique for erotica. It's the attractor but also the problem. Getting involved with a monster brings both the good and the bad. The good: mind-blowing sex and a relationship unlike anything you've ever had. The bad: other people don't understand/have issues (torches and pitchforks style issues) and of course monsters often tend to... hurt people. Or eat them.”—Bryce Calderwood

“The biggest difference is that in most monster erotica or monster romance, the fact that one of the characters either is a monster or shapeshifts into a monster plays a large role in the plot of the story. For example, you can have a story about a billionaire and his secretary, but if the billionaire is also a shapeshifting dragon, that adds an extra plot line to the story and typically plays a large role in the development of the tale.”—Sophie Stern

“It's definitely a taboo genre of erotica that covers a quite broad category of creatures from the mainstream vampires and shifters to the truly kinky tentacle monsters and fantastical beasts form mythology that are truly impossible delights to enjoy. They are a play on power fantasy. Either the monster is overpowering the protagonist and giving them a pleasure they don't think they want or don't want to admit they want, to the other end of the spectrum where the protagonist is dominating the monster. Taming them, showing their mastery over a beast that could, quietly literally, rip them apart.”—Reed James

“Um ... the hero has a lot more hair. I like to think it's edgier and it lets me push the boundaries of what is acceptable.”—Virginia Wade

“The only real rule that I see there is that monster erotica by definition must include some kind of monster. It should be a physical monster; just a human who has a monstrous soul doesn’t count, and neither does a ghost who possesses a normal human. There has to be a monstrous or bestial physical element involved. Beyond that, I’d say that there is typically some level of humor involved, some awareness of the absurdity of what’s being portrayed. It’s a genre that—as intense, macabre, or profound as it may be at times—lends itself well to pure amusement and to joyfully frivolous diversion.”—Richard Bacula

What’s the allure for readers to choose “monster” erotica over other genres? 

“I think it's for the same reason we love stories about superheroes and magic or fantastic technology: it's a power fantasy. Often there's a touch (maybe more than a touch) of the taboo. Danger blends into sexual excitement. People never get tired of the "Beauty and the Beast" dynamic. We will always have vampires, shifters, and mermaids (or in the case of my stories: octogirls). If you dig a little deeper there's some REALLY crazy shit like getting impregnated by insectoid or tentacle monsters and getting your holes stuffed with eggs so the monsters can breed. Good times.”—Bryce Calderwood

“While many genres have to stay true to this "world," monster erotica lets authors explore the unknown. Since monsters don't actually exist in this world (that we know of!), authors get to play with reality and create different worlds to explore. For example, I have one story about alien dragons who shapeshift in space. That's one of my favorites!”—Sophie Stern

“Monster erotica is taking normal erotica to its extremes. More dangerous dom/sub play. More helpless submission. More extreme forms of bondage or other forms of edge play (like knife play with claws). They could have more extreme sensory experiences or lovers with inhuman stamina. It's erotica unbound by the limits of the real world.”—Reed James

“I once read a naughty version of Beauty and the Beast, and the idea of the heroine having sex with this monster creature weirdly aroused me. That might be it.”—Virginia Wade

“I think that the genre attracts readers for a number of reasons. Some readers are attracted by the WTF factor, simply curious what exactly is going to happen in a story/matchup, and how. This is often the case with sillier premises, like human/dinosaur matches. But there's also the attraction of the primal mindlessness of most monsters—they're beings of pure emotion and physicality, all cock and lust (or pussy and lust, in some cases, or tentacles and lust... you get the idea). An important part of sexual fantasy is sharpening the elements down to an erotic edge, removing all distractions that might distract the reader from their emotional and physical reactions. Human aspects like personality, intelligence, ambitions, and so forth, can all enhance the erotic aspects of stories, but they can also distract from them. Sometimes it's best to remove those aspects, the humanity, from one or more of the participants in a sex scene, to shave away a large number of potentially distracting elements, and leave only the pure, bestial lust that monsters are capable of.”—Richard Bacula

What sort of “monsters” do you write about and why? 

“My two main ones are vampires and octogirls. For erotica my niche is futanari (women with both female and male sex organs), which are "extrahuman" in their own way. So now it becomes futanari vampires or futanari getting it on with octopus girls (Remember Ursula the sea witch from Disney's The Little Mermaid? Like that, only mega sexed-up).”—Bryce Calderwood

I write about shapeshifters in my books. Most of my paranormal romance and erotica centers on dragons; however, I do have stories that feature bears, tigers, wolves, and even dinosaurs. I love showcasing how big and strong monsters can be, yet how they're willing to be sweet and gentle with the person they love. I also like exploring the idea of monsters being misunderstood and judged by humanity, only to have someone discover that they aren't always what they seem.—Sophie Stern

I write about just any sort of monsters. I've done shifters, dragons, unicorns, centaurs, tentacle monsters, vampires, shadowy abstractions, sirens, mermaids, nagas, and more. They are just new things to write, new sexual encounters to imagine and put to pen.—Reed James

“I did very well writing about Bigfoot and his sex life. I thought it was the craziest idea I had ever had, so I knew I had to write about it. “—Virginia Wade

“I will write about absolutely anything. To date, I've done erotic stories about werewolves, scarecrows, vampires, gigantic octopus gods, unicorns, dinosaurs, and a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple pussy-eater. Probably some other stuff as well, that I've forgotten. I love the challenge provided by taking something that seems un-sexy, and making it surprisingly erotic. I love the opportunities provided by characters with superhuman strength or abilities, and/or with inhuman attributes and appendages.”—Richard Bacula

Are you able to take more liberties as a writer with the “monster” sub genre? 

“Depends on what you mean by liberties. In terms of what's permissible by Amazon... since we're at least holding hands with if not outright French kissing and maybe getting a little oral action with taboo subjects... I'd say yes to a point. Certainly in terms of action in the story (ALL kinds) there's a lot of crazy fun stuff you can do. Super powers and super strength and fantastical settings or characters give you a rich playground.”—Bryce Calderwood

“Readers who enjoy monster romance and erotica tend to love to explore different topics and ideas within the genre, so as a writer, I get to explore a lot of different ideas. It's also possible to mix genres, which is how we end up with monsters in space or aliens who are also bears or shifters who have super powers. It's one of the most fun things about being a monster writer!”—Sophie Stern

“Of course. You make the rules in monster erotica. Cocks that can keep cumming, women able to take dicks bigger than normal. You can amplify whatever you want. That's the fun of it. Taking things past their normal limits.” –Reed James

“Absolutely! If they ever discover Bigfoot is real, I'm in trouble. Then it would be bestiality, I guess. I've gotten away with all sorts of things writing in this niche.”—Virginia Wade

“Yes, I believe so. People are quite squeamish about rape fantasy as a rule, but it's a pretty standard element of most monster erotica. In regular erotica, readers are often concerned with consent, with non-violence, and such, but in monster erotica the single most-used trope is an unwilling woman being ravaged by some kind of rampaging and rampant beast. I like to mix things up more than that, having men ravaged by female monsters, or having women willingly seek monsters out, but generally speaking writers don't have to be as concerned with certain sensibilities when writing monster erotica.”—Richard Bacula

Do “monsters” turn you on? 

“I have gigabytes of monster girl art on my PC, so that's a solid "yes," it absolutely turns me on.”—Bryce Calderwood

“I'll let my stories speak for themselves ;) :)”—Sophie Stern

“I wouldn't write about them if it wasn't fun fantasizing about the scenarios. To figure out what can be sexy. Monsters are attractive for the same reason futanari are. It's the erotical illusion at work. That knowledge that it's impossible and yet sexy. It's intriguing, a novel experience. And as omnivore creatures, we are genetically driven to seek out new experiences. It's how omnivores find new sources of food.”—Reed James

“See question #2. Yes! It's the taboo thing, I guess. It's the creature in the woods, the danger of it. In my stories I have kidnapping and seduction. My Bigfoots love their women, though. They would never hurt them. They take care of their families.”—Virginia Wade

“No. Sex turns me on. Women turn me on. Monster erotica can turn me on, but the monsters themselves are simply vehicles that I can use to explore and focus on a female character's physical and emotional reactions. I don't fantasize about being a dinosaur, for example, having my way with a human woman. I don't fantasize about being a human of any gender who's having sex with a dinosaur. But the character's mixture of reactions to the monster? That can be quite arousing.”—Richard Bacula

If you could BE any kind of monster in real life, would you? Which kind and why?

“If I could be any kind of monster in real life there's no question about what I'd choose. Vampires live forever, have cool powers, and exude dark sexuality. Sunlight is highly overrated”—Bryce Calderwood

“I'd choose to be a dragon shifter because I love the idea of being big and strong, but also being able to fly. In one of my stories (Stepdragon), the main character can become invisible, as well. I think that would be an incredible power to have.”—Sophie Stern

“[A] Werewolf. Wolves rule and so do werewolves!”—Reed James 

“A vampire. I think they are essentially monsters. I would love to live forever and be eternally youthful, as long as I had someone I trusted to invest my money. Lol! I would have fabulous houses all over the world.”—Virginia Wade

“I think I'd have to pick Werewolf. They're generally endowed with high metabolism, inhumanly good health, and resistance to most forms of damage, and these days they typically get the choice of when to be a monster and when to be human. That'd be the ideal, having the best of both worlds. Or should that be the beast of both worlds? At the worst, it'd would only be inconvenient once per month.”—Richard Bacula


Bryce Calderwood
Reed James

The Acolyte's Passion (The Knight and the Acolyte Book 1) http://tiny.cc/shkaa1

Shadowy Tentacle Passion (Magical Girl Chronicles Book 1) http://amzn.to/1VcFWnP

Nubile Coed's Hot Birthday Gift (The Incubus's Harem Book 1) https://amzn.to/2kw3D1b

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Let's Get Personal: Summer Update

Happy August everyone. You know it's August in Sheep Shit Nowhere, Europe, when the spiders are as big as your mouse rubber ducky. They come in search of an attractive female, only to have themselves murdered in the process of their mating rituals. This guy did find himself a female, but alas, he was let down... down the long drop of gravity when I chucked him out the second story window. I'm sure he'll try again.

I keep trying, not with spiders, but with my goals. I began this year with both personal and professional goals, and then found myself in a total slump. Picture a very bored, lethargic writer, going out of her way to do anything but spank the muse. My muse needs this regularly to dose out the spells of inspiration. 

I was a writing machine from New Years (hello resolutions!) until about March when I began a physical change. I didn't feel good about the way I looked and fit inside my clothes. It's no fun to feel like your body has betrayed you. Over the slow course of a decade, I gained some unflattering kilos. So I put down my computer, and instead, began an intense cardio workout of kickboxing and running. I also changed my diet to exclude my daily dip into the Nutella jar with a spoon and my nightly half bottle of red wine. I literally melted. Lost 9 kilo and I feel better about myself. Not only that, but I'm a MILF, or at least I feel like one. And that was the point.

But writing had the back burner. I didn't have an interest in putting down new words when I was so busy focusing on my personal goals. But now that I've met them, and I've learned how to maintain the body I want, I'm finding my way back to words.

My professional goals are lining themselves up in a neat little row inside my head. I'm working on my bucket list. To me, Cleis Press is the place to be published in my chosen genre. If you can be published with them, it means a) you don't suck, b) ... see A. Publishing with Cleis is the affirmation I need to know I've made it as a serious writer. I'm currently waiting to hear back from 3 separate Cleis submission calls. My writing partners are optimistic. So am I. But if nothing happens with these, I intend to keep trying.

(Side note about writing partners: I love you. Like, literally love you. You guys are the awesome sauce on my hot fudge sunday, the cheese in my quesadilla, the cinnamon on my oatmeal. You do so much for me. I don't know many personal details about you guys, but it doesn't matter. I know your brains. You know mine. We have *Dramatic Music* --a mind meld-- *Evil Laughter* I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. Kisses)

My efforts from earlier this year have been fruitful. Angora Shade will feature a brand new story with Bold Strokes Books in their upcoming Lesbian Travel Anthology releasing January 2019. My story takes place in Japan, where a young woman intends to prove to herself and her friends, that yes, she can be independent and travel the world alone. But the world is full of surprises, especially when she finds herself in the wrong taxi cab. Keep an eye out for this. Cover reveal and more details about this fantastic anthology will follow this fall.

My biggest news right now comes from connections with people. From the friends I've made online and the friends I have here in Sheep Shit Nowhere. Friends are important. They guide, support, and when they're true friends, fill your thirsty thoughts with more imagination than you ever thought possible.

I was invited to participate in an upcoming anthology with some very talented authors. INVITED. Yeah. Their group discussed whom they'd like to take part, and a handful of people were chosen. Is there a greater form of flattery? I don't think so. Needless to say, I'm both intimated by the quality of writing and storytelling these other writers have, as well as excited to be included in something so marvelous. I hope I don't let them down. This has the feeling of something wondrous and important for the purpose of interlocking creativity and learning, improving my craft, and reaching new readers. 

But it hasn't stopped there.

I told a few friends about this invitation and the premise behind the anthology over drinks and a BBQ. I confessed about what I love doing. We were up till 3 in the morning talking about it. Keep in mind, in Sheep Shit Nowhere, you don't go talking about sex the way you shoot the shit with your neighbor. But these friends ARE neighbors. Their kids go to school with my kids. We do the carpool thing. PTO. And I didn't get you're a perv looks.

My news fascinated them. My friends are apparently, really fucking pervy. 

I took them online and showed them, YES! Bigfoot erotica is a real thing. It became a running joke throughout our evening. And YES! They want me to write some bigfoot smut (which I've never read myself or intended to write, but hey, why not?). 

Fuck yeah
 I can make this dude sexy. Look at that body! Those pecs! That luscious, long hair. He'll smell like the musk of masculinity and pine, and fuck with the abandon we all want to feel, the true definition of passion.

Their imaginations ran wild and helped me generate legit plots to test, enough to keep me busy for a very long time. They also want to read me. Google docs is gonna get a serious workout. Hopefully some vibrators will as well. Maybe they'll name their future babies Gora. That would be fun *HAH!*

I can't tell you how pleasant all of this has been. I'm not open with my true identity where my writing is concerned due to the negative stigma surrounding the erotic genre. And that's sad. My own mother won't speak to me about my "sex writing" and I've never dared share my "hobby" with my extended family for fear of full-blown rejection of me and mine. MINE. Isn't it horrid to think my grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. would stop speaking to me, and in addition, my kids, simply because I write erotica and erotic romance! But it's true. I honestly believe my worst case scenario would happen. Not everyone is open about sex. Not everyone can mutter "lesbian" or "bondage" without a shudder. Not everyone is open to discussion and acceptance of the very basic nature of what makes us human. I wish my family could embrace diversity--the great spectrum of sexual possibilities--and the writing I do, which makes me happy. It shouldn't matter how a person gets their jollies so long as they and their partner(s) are consenting and safe. And it shouldn't matter what a person reads so long as their mind is active and their thoughts entangled in a space where possibilities expand.

But more of my friends know now. It's such a relief. I feel supported. I feel on top of the world.

So I'm going to write today. I'm going to embrace what I love doing and keep doing it. I'm feeling successful despite not having the impressive catalogue I thought I'd have after 4 years of taking my craft seriously. I have false starts and stuff I chuck out the window because it's for sure as hell crap, but I also have masterpieces of my own thoughts, broadcast in a way that makes sense to me and what I believe is a good story. That's all the more I want.

And as long as we're on the page of getting personal... And smutty. Cause I'm working on not shying away from sex or smutty or pervy or unusual whateverness of art (and hopefully someday I won't shy away from the truth with my family). Because that's what I do in my writing: art. But I do lots of art unrelated to writing. So here's my latest. The result of light and shadow, wet and dry, and the possibilities and limitations of using an iPhone in the shower: Silhouette of a Woman. 

Stay smutty.

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New from Wicked Pen Pandora Spocks!

Get Ready for a NEW RELEASE from Pandora Spocks!

Book 4 from the Dream Dominant Collection

She is the perfect combination of princess and warrior. 

Scott Nielsen and Jackie Walker. Their attraction is instant from the moment they meet. But he’s Dominant. And no way is she submissive. Is it a missed connection? Or a divine appointment? 

Scott Nielsen is ready for change. He’s walked away from his career as a wilderness counselor, planning to start his own outdoor survival school. He looks up his old friend and former colleague Blake Walker, intent on leasing space at Blake’s family’s remote wilderness guest lodge. That’s where he meets Blake’s sister Jackie, who runs the lodge with her brother’s help. Her strength and independence intrigue Scott. A single mom, Jackie has no intention of being anyone’s submissive. 

In his personal life, Scott is tired of casual sex in the BDSM club scene. Envious watching his buddy Blake fall head over heels for his own submissive, Scott thinks he might be ready to take the plunge himself. As he and Jackie spend time together, he’s enchanted with her inner Warrior Princess. But Jackie’s been burned before. And she has two children who are her priority, not to mention the business to run. As independent as she is, she can’t see relinquishing her power to a man, not even one she’s falling for. 

Scott’s heart aches at the idea of not having Jackie in his life. Can she take another chance on love, or will she insist on ignoring her submissive soul? 

If you enjoyed LOST & BOUND, you’ll love this spin-off stand-alone story.

Release Date: August 14, 2018 
AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER for .99 cents: books2read.com/WarriorMine 
Genres: Contemporary Erotic Romance 
Heat Level: Erotic 

Spicy Excerpt:

Enjoying the view, she watched as he walked to the bed and reached beneath it, removing a Kink Ink bag. “I went shopping myself today while I was in town.” His bag was larger than the ones she and Amy had returned with.

From the bag, he withdrew a mass of black straps and silver chain. Arching an eyebrow dramatically, he carried the device toward her, stopping beneath the massive log that served as the center beam of the cabin. Belatedly, Jackie noticed a heavy black ring attached to the beam. Reaching up, Scott secured a thick steel chain to the ring overhead. From the chain hung a curved black bar, with black straps in various lengths that dangled beneath.

Scott crooked a finger. “Come.”

Ignoring the butterflies performing dive bombs in her stomach, Jackie slowly padded toward him.

“Do you know what this is?”

She chewed her lower lip. “I have a pretty good idea.”


Jackie flushed crimson. “It’s a sex swing?” She eyed the device curiously. Two padded straps connected the ends of the curved overhead bar, one longer than the other. Two short straps with cuffs at the ends hung suspended from a chain at the center of the bar. And at either end of the bar hung a longer strap with cuffs at the end, presumably for ankles.

He nodded. “I thought,” with his hands on her hips, he turned her around, “we might try something interesting.” He moved the lower strap behind her thighs. “Sit, Princess.”

Heart pounding, Jackie did as she was told, grasping onto the straps that hung down. Scott knelt, fastening a padded black cuff around each of her ankles, spreading her wide. Then he moved the shorter padded strap behind her shoulder blades. “Now lean back, Princess. I’ve got you.”

Shakily, she lay back against the thickly padded strap, gripping the side straps for dear life. With a smirk, Scott peeled her right hand off the strap, kissing it lightly before raising it to the cuffs overhead. He followed suit with her left hand.

When she was completely fastened in, he gave her a little push and stepped back to admire his handiwork.

“Whoa,” Jackie gasped as she swung around in a slow circle.

Scott grinned. “How does it feel to be completely under my control?”

Jackie tried unsuccessfully to suppress a nervous giggle. “It’s not so bad.”

“Not so bad? I’d rather it was oh, so good.”

As she swung around, she lost sight of him. When he came back into view, he was holding a black satin blindfold.

“Tonight, Princess, is all about sensations. We’re going to cover your eyes, so you can concentrate on what you feel.”

He stepped toward her and stopped suddenly. “Did you come up with your own safe words?”

Her eyes widened. “Oh. Yes. I did.” She looked to him, feeling suddenly sheepish. Maybe we should just go with the original ones, she worried.

He raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to elaborate.

“Well,” she gestured with a shoulder, causing the swing to spin to the left, “I thought I’d use earth, water, and fire.”

Scott pursed his lips in amusement. “Earth, water, and fire. What about air?”

As she spun, she shrugged. “Well, I only needed three, so…”

“Earth is the same as green?”

Jackie nodded. “And water is like yellow, and obviously fire is red.”

“Obviously,” he smirked. “Alright, I’m about to blindfold you. Give me feedback.”

“Earth.” She watched him carefully.

“Earth it is.” He leaned down and kissed her tenderly before he slid the black satin mask into place.

The next time he spoke, he sounded further away. “If at any time you feel uncomfortable, use your safe words.” She felt a swish of air, as though he’d moved by her.

“I considered a ball gag,” his voice came from in front of her, “but I need to be sure I can read your body language before we take away your voice.”

Strong hands gently gripped her lower calves as he trailed kissed up the inside of her right leg, his facial hair prickling in a maddeningly sensual way. When he reached the place where her thigh joined her body, he skipped her needy place to travel back down her left leg.

Jackie groaned with disappointment, and she felt the vibration of his chuckle against her inner thigh. “All in good time, Princess. The King will feast, I promise.”

When he’d finished his travels, he released her, sending her spinning in a slow, dizzying circle. With the blindfold, Jackie had no sense of up or down, left or right. She felt as though she were floating.

Then she heard a soft buzzing sound, followed by Scott’s sexy chuckle. “Oh, this is a naughty toy. Just what did you get up to with this?”

Mortified, Jackie was at once glad for the blindfold, and sorry she wasn’t gagged. “I, um…used it.”

He whispered into her ear. “Yes, but how?”

Oh. My. God. “I pressed it against myself.”

“And where exactly did you press it?”

Jackie cleared her throat. “I pressed it against my pussy.”

“Your pussy. This glorious pussy right here?”

She yelped as he unexpectedly touched the vibrator to her sex. “Yes.”

She felt him stiffen. “Yes, what?”

“Oh! Yes, Sire.”

He applied an open-handed pop to her pussy, and she yelped again. “How quickly we forget. Perhaps we should stop and allow you to consider the error of your ways.”

Jackie’s mind flitted to what Amy had said about orgasm denial, and she panicked at the thought of not being allowed to come during this play session. “Um, no, Sire, really, it was merely an oversight on my part, I’m so very sorry, please, I didn’t mean it, I just—”

Scott laughed out loud. “You’ve been talking to Amy, I see.” He whispered, closer now. “Don’t worry Princess. I plan to wear you out tonight.”

About the Author:

Pandora Spocks is a sassy ginger and hopeless romantic, living her happily ever after in South Florida. She enjoys reading and writing literary erotic romance.

She is the author of the three-novel epic romance Rannigan’s Redemption, modern-day adult fairy tale Chasing Ordinary, and a naughty little romantic novella, Just One Night. Her Dream Dominant Collection is a series of light BDSM stand-alone novels featuring sexy Alpha males and the strong red-haired submissives who can’t resist them. The collection currently includes four novels: Luke & Bella, Lost & Bound, For Sparrow, and Warrior Mine.

Pandora is busy on her laptop, working on her next spicy romance. 

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NEW from Felicity Brandon!

NEW from Felicity Brandon 
and Stormy Night Publications!

Available June 8th!

After she saves the life of Prince Anders, the Viking warrior who took her as his captive and tamed both her body and her heart, nineteen-year-old Princess Aurelie of Donrose knows that she can never return home again. She will belong to Anders forever, as his bride and his possession, destined to be used and enjoyed as thoroughly, shamefully, and often as he pleases.

Though Anders has proven many times that he is more than willing to punish her bare bottom harshly for any disobedience, with war fast approaching between her brother and her husband, Aurelie puts her own life in danger in the hopes of making peace. But when her reckless gamble goes wrong, can Anders rescue his headstrong young wife before any harm comes to her?

The Viking's Possession is the sequel to The Viking's Conquest, but can be read as a stand-alone novel. It includes spankings, and sexual scenes, including some scenes of sexual humiliation. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.


I land on the bed, eyelids flickering open and closed as the spasms of pleasure continue to overpower me. Anders shifts his weight on the bed over me, and as my lids fully open, I see him come into view over my face. His gaze is compelling and holds me to bed every inch as much as his body had done before.

“Roll onto your belly,” he commands me, lifting his body weight to give me enough room to spin as instructed.

Once I am in place, he lowers his hard body over my own, spreading my legs apart with his knees. I know just what he will do next, and as though it is some unspoken agreement between us, the edge of his large erection nudges at my wet, exposed sex.

“I need you,” he murmurs, his mouth whispering into my right ear.

“Take me,” I reply, twisting my head to acknowledge his words.

His lips find my own, capturing my mouth in his kiss as he plunges slowly into my empty channel. The scent of my own desire wafts over me, and the reality that his mouth has just pleasured me leaves me overwrought. Between our legs his hard length fills me right up to his testicles. The depth and intensity of the act the clearest sign of his possession of me yet. My mind whirls at the sensation, my mouth opening into a silent ‘o’ as he withdraws, and then slams back into me again.

There are no words between us now – language seemingly lacking the coherence required to elaborate such a connection. His mouth falls to my neck, nipping and kissing my nape as his groin flexes forward, penetrating me over and over, pushing me into a frenzy of desire. I want to speak, to call out, to demonstrate somehow the way his passion makes me feel, but I simply cannot find the will. His hardness pinions me there, grazing my nub into a flurry of new excitement, despite its recent satisfaction. I notice that his thrusts have become shorter, and more insistent, and I gaze back at Anders, marvelling at the look of agonised ecstasy on his handsome face.

About Felicity:

Felicity is a #1 international bestselling, and award winning writer of dark, spanking romance. Head in the clouds, you can usually find her either plotting her next book, hitting the gym, or rocking out to her favourite music. She lives to write though, and is happiest creating desire and kink at her keyboard.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Angora's March Update

I hate the last stretch of winter. All around me there are signs that it's almost over. We're "crawling out of the tunnel," as my mother always said, with sunrise coming a little earlier and sticking around a bit later. A few tulips are braving their heads, the snow is melting, and there’s no ice to scrape off the car in the morning. YAY. 

But whatever vitamin D my body had stored is totally gone! I’m sluggish. Dragging my feet. 

Anyway, after surprising myself with a wonderful writing sprint in January and February, March feels sluggish writing-wise too. I was rejected for two anthology calls I submitted to. The first editor said something positive along the lines of, “[It] was a good story, but I can’t use it in my anthology.” The second said she had to pass and couldn’t give any individual feedback, but included the next submission call information in the short email. 

Sigh. We all have a bucket list, right? This publishing house is one I’d like to check off eventually. I know that rejection is part of the publishing game; it’s going to happen and happens to everyone, the great writers of history included. I’d be arrogant to think I was the exception. But still, it stings. Not so much because I think I deserve to be included due to my writing brilliance, but because I gave it my all. After being in a funk for so long, my optimism was inflated to otherworldly proportions. 

I’ve always been an optimistic person. People in my life have described me as feeling intensely about everything and often possessing or displaying dramatic emotions about the world. The advantage to being this way is putting out positive energy for yourself and others, drawing in others, and happily exploring the limitations of creativity and adventure. The downside is choosing to be ignorant to reality and wishing to retreat into the utopia themed worlds I create inside my head. When shocked with real world issues, my emotions sharpen and my heart breaks. 

I need to learn better balance. But I don’t know how to achieve this or to alter the way I’ve always been. 

But maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe optimism is the drive I should harness to keep myself motivated. I plan to keep trying. I still hope to check off my bucket list publisher. I still want to spill my stories onto the page for the purpose of my own sanity in a regular “mind dump” over the course of however many years I’ll be in this life. 

Sorry, all this stream of consciousness blogging is a little disorganized. 

But yeah. I’m polishing off my lesbian, post-apocalyptic, vampire, lesbian horror (mouthful!) for later this month, and a heterosexual science fiction erotica for April. Sometime in the next week or two I hope to hear back about my lesbian travel erotic submission. Maybe BUST Magazine will love the short stroker I submitted to them. I really hate waiting.

This week I'm starting a heterosexual erotic story based in clutter. We all have clutter. Some of us like to dig through the racks at the thrift store or peruse the aisles in antique malls in search of treasure. I think that some treasure could lead to some booty! (Har har!)

I’m keeping a running tab of stories and ideas, anthology calls, and all the related details together in an organized place. My stories that failed will find a new home in another submission call or I’ll self-publish. It’s not like I wrote them for nothing (my optimism here). 

I haven't forgotten about my other works in progress [the next Choose Your Pleasure (A Space Odyssey), Sinful things (in progress for 3 friggin' years), the sequel to Cat Games (which totally needs a new title), or the many other ideas floating around in my head. I have to dispose of one at a time before I can move on, and I'm just really focused on getting a piece--any piece--submitted to a publishing house again (to "get back on the horse" after being screwed over by TP)]. I also haven't forgotten about the fans or the curious waiting for these things. 

I just need to take my time and remember I'm not Wonder Woman. I can be optimistic and successful, just not all the time.

And I guess if I have just one reader say, “Hey, Gora, listen, I really liked this; I was entertained,” then I can call that a win. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Naked by Kay Brandt


Paired as teammates on an extreme survival reality show, two survivalists, Cadence and Jackson, meet as naked strangers, totally dependent on each other for getting through the grueling four-week challenge surviving the wilds of Madagascar. Away from family, friends, lovers, their cellphones, the internet, and all modern conveniences including their clothes for nearly a month, Jackson and Cadence develop an uncommon bond that surpasses friendship. When the show ends, and Jackson and Cadence return to their normal lives without each other, the intensity of their bond proves unshakable for them both. Will their newly developed relationship remain as their shared secret, not to be explored beyond Madagascar? Or, is their chemistry strong enough to draw the two brave survivalists back together?

Book Excerpt:

Almost ripping the latch just to get the stubborn bra off, Cadence's fingers unfastened the harness and set her full C-cups free. Why did I wear a brand new bra for this? She wondered to herself, wrinkling her nose over having to drop a clean, light pink bra onto the muddied ground. And then she noticed her matching underwear, and suddenly thought, Thousands of people are going to judge me by my pink lace panties, even my customers at the bank. Standing in the escalating heat, Cadence shivered with a weird mix of adrenaline and fear running through her chest, stripping out of her frilly bottoms and tossing them on the rest of her discarded clothes. She almost spoke, then quickly remembered that wasn't the direction given, and held her gaze off-camera until Dani called, “Cut!”

With a hard exhale, Cadence laughed as she stood in her nude awkwardness. “I don't think I took a breath during the entire segment.”

The crew laughed with her, averting their stares like professionals who'd seen one too many nude bodies on the job.

“Well, you did it,” Dani praised. “The rest is easy.”

Dani's humor made Cadence laugh more. “Right,” was her sarcastic reply.

“I can't say that the worst is over because I'd really by lying then,” Dani shared, her laughter replaced by a more serious outlook. “Come on. Your partner's waiting to meet you.”

Brian instructed the crew on where to station themselves next, receiving the nod from Dani to move forward.

“Your partner has a camera following him, and Brian will stay on you,” Dani continued, “Try not to look at either camera as you two connect and wait till you hear me give the signal. Then we'll reposition and give further instruction. Cool?”


“Starting again,” Dani called out in director-mode, alerting her crew to get ready for the next shots. “Following Cadence as she takes the path to meet her partner.” Hands on Cadence's shoulders, she turned her nude participant in the right direction then gave a friendly nudge and told her, “We've made markings for you to follow. That's the last time we'll assist during the show unless there's an emergency. We just have to make sure for sake of time that you and your teammate find each other so we can film the next few segments before it gets too late.”

“Totally understand,” Cadence confirmed, facing her greatest challenge up ahead. Her heart rate increased before she started moving, knowing that a naked male stranger would be walking towards her soon. Bare, without any kind of protection, Cadence closed her eyes and waited for Dani's cue.

About the Author:

Kay Brandt is a seductive storyteller, award-winning adult filmmaker and bestselling author, delivering a passionate blend of story and explicit, graphic content. In the 1990's her creative expression was writing erotic stage plays like the critically acclaimed "Kiss Me Twisted", which many years later evolved into the X-rated films, "Cherry episode 1" and "Cherry 2" and then evolved again into "The World of Cherry" ebook series. Since 2009 Kay has written/directed/produced more than forty X-rated films, many winning AVN and XBIZ awards, for top companies like Adam&Eve, Digital Playground, New Sensations and Girlfriends Films. The "Cherry" films, are the two biggest budget lesbian adult films ever made and since their release in 2011 have been deemed erotic classics. Kay's current creative passions include writing/directing a new genre of adult films based on erotic books. "Safe Landings," a feature based on Kay's dramatic romance novel and the epic film based on Selena Kitt's New York Times bestseller "Babysitting the Baumgartners" are the first two offerings in Adam&Eve's books-to-films series. She also released her first horror novella, "Soles" through Fido publishing in 2016 and there's more twisted horror stories coming soon. Share the journey and indulge in the wild fantasy worlds she creates for your pleasure.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

What Am I Up To?

It's come to my attention that I haven't given my readers much clue as to what's going on with me! Here's the lowdown:

In 2016 my former publisher thought it would be a good idea to steal royalties from its authors and use them to buy a new car for their daughter and go on lavish vacations. A lot of the authors stayed for a while, hoping that the missed payments were a glitch and they'd get their shit together. I was one of these authors. I had to stay; the publishing house wasn't just a place to publish with, they were my friends. But they betrayed that. Anyway, I lost over a year's worth of income due to their bullshit.

This left me in a big funk. Not a good dance-type of funk. I'm talking about the feeling you get when you lose faith in the people around you because you live with the illusion that good always triumphs over evil. The truth of the matter is that people will take advantage of others if and when they can--at least some people will. I can't expect the whole world to be as wholesome as I am.

Due to my funk, 2017 was a bumpy, boring, monotonous existence. My writing consisted of letters I sent to Grandpa and social media interaction. Somehow I was able to force myself to finish my Choose Your Pleasure: The Dragon's Gift, A Lesbian Story, but it was no t without great effort. I didn't have much focus or desire. I didn't get that feeling of elation and accomplishment I used to get when reaching a goal. 

When 2017 came to a close and I looked over my Amazon earnings, I laughed out loud. I'm going to tell you: I made $35. In. One. Fucking. Year.

Looking back, even though my publisher robbed me blind, the earnings I did receive through them in 2016 were my best year ever. A lot of this was due to taking part in anthologies. Write a piece based on a theme, submit, get accepted, and be included with a bunch of other talent, being paid $50 a pop.

I've told myself that 2018 is going to be a better year. I've finally put the incident with my publisher out of my mind and I've moved on. I know this is true and not just something I'm telling myself. I'm actively writing again, and like a fiend! 

In the month of January, I wrote 10,000 words! This might not sound like a lot, but when you're a full-time mom, doing full-time shit everyday, finding the time to write can be a challenge. It's mid-February now, and I'm claiming bragging rights to say I've completed SIX anthology submission calls, some for small places, some with big names. I've started a seventh story, and have a plan ready for number eight. If I'm accepted to at least one of these, even the one that pays the least, I'll have made more money than I did in the entirety of 2017. 

So will it happen?

It will. It has to. I'm confident in my writing ability, focused on my goals. I have wonderful beta readers and a good support network of fans and other authors. I do write for them, but mostly I write for myself. I'm starting to feel confidence again, maintaining the mental high that comes from working hard on an idea and seeing it through to fruition. I want to be a good storyteller, and I know I can be. I am. 

So 2016, 2017, you can go fuck yourself. 2018 is gonna be great. 

Here's what you have to look forward to so far, in an anthology published this year or self-published:

  • A multicultural lesbian romance based in the deep south, where race and risk takes a front seat over love. Time and personal growth leads to a HEA.
  • A multicultural gay jungle adventure erotic romance with a HEA.

  • A short heterosexual erotic voyeur story taking place in a college dorm, with a HEA.
  • A vampire erotic horror based in the post apocalyptic world with a HFN (depending on how you look at it).
  • A multicultural lesbian action adventure erotic romance based in Japan and focusing on breaking down walls. HFN/HEA 
  • A lesbian erotic dungeon tale focusing on sadism, masochism, and the power dynamic between dominance and submission. HEA
Keep a look out. I'm making this my best year ever.