Monday, December 17, 2018

The Girl in the Taxicab

Coming to you from Bold Strokes Books January 2019: Escape to Pleasure

Find this book HERE January 1st, 2019, and January 15th from all other major venders

Here’s a NSFW sneak-peek into my story (unedited):

“What are you doing?” Kiyoko breathed.

Mae starred with a take-charge determination into Kiyoko’s eyes. “Making up for the trouble.”

They fell upon the lone bed in the corner of the cramped room, dust rising into the air in a poofy cloud as the springs under them squeaked in protest. Mae gripped her fists into Kiyoko’s short hair, and felt the pull of arms wrapped like ropes around her back. A full body flush erupted over her skin, her lungs heaving with excitement, her body alight like a firecracker. She swooned when Kiyoko found her neck and licked her jaw to ear, and all control was lost in her fumbling of Kiyoko’s belt and the buttons of her fly.

They rolled to the side and fell hard to the floor, Kiyoko’s voice ringing like childish laughter. She pulled Mae to her feet and grabbed the hem of her shirt, yanking it up and over her head in a well-practiced movement. “I like a woman who surprises me,” she whispered. She ran her finger between Mae’s shoulder and bra, pulling the strap down over her shoulder. “I like a woman who knows what she wants.”

Kiyoko pushed Mae against the wall, pressing her back into the drape-covered, cold pane of a window. She leaned in for a kiss, but dodged Mae’s lips, diving instead for her neck again, nipping her nape with controlled pressure of her teeth. Goosebumps rose over Mae’s body from the intimate action, her thirst for more intensifying as she felt the clasp of her belt
loosen and her slacks slump in a bunch to the floor.

Kiyoko dipped her head and took one of Mae’s nipples, still in her bra, between her teeth, before sucking it into her mouth. She let go the moment she felt Mae’s sharp intake of breath; crouching down, her hands began trailing behind the same line she began to draw with her tongue all the way to Mae’s navel. Kiyoko swirled about the divot with her tongue while her hands peeled the thin layer of Mae’s panties away from her skin.

Mae reached for Kiyoko’s hair. It slid like silk through her fingers, Kiyoko’s breath scorching the thin layer of her panties. The fabric folded and breath trailed lower still, Mae’s legs loosening, the gap of her knees widening, the soft push of humid mouth falling upon her sex with eager appetite. 

Mae swooned. Kiyoko’s tongue tapped her stiff nub as her hands rounded over her backside. A single digit slid past her dampening center and explored the pathway to her rear, meandering in a slow caress until brushing the pucker of Mae’s anus. She moaned and threw her back tighter against the window, rattling with resistance.

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