Sunday, June 16, 2019

Angora Shade for Chemical [se]X

I was approached by the Sisters in Smut  to take part in Oleander Plume's Volume 2 of the Chemical [se]X anthology. Already friends with several of the authors, and familiar with the fabulous stories in Chemical [se]X Volume 1, I jumped at the invitation! If you haven't read Volume 1, GO DO IT NOW. It's so smokin' hot. You will not be disappointed. I can also assure you Volume 2 is just as steamy, if not boiling! 

As a participating author in Volume 2, I was tasked with creating a sexy short story based on aphrodisiac chocolates. I came up with something I've never done before: Bigfoot erotica. Monster erotica has been out there for a long time, and it's true that I've written some paranormal stories including dragons(free read) and vampires, but never anything like this. I enjoy fresh new ideas, as well as a challenge.

About my story:
Gemma is a rich, blonde bombshell, but being born a stereotype didn't mean she had to play the part. Taking steps to prove her worth to her social circle and the man of her dreams, Gemma creates the perfect camping spot, complete with romantic aphrodisiac chocolates. Waiting in the woods, preparing for an unforgettable night of passion, Gemma's little candy box of Beast unleashes more than she bargained for.

In addition to my contribution, you can expect to read heterosexual and LGBTQ+ stories in this anthology, in settings ranging from hotel rooms to parties, the underworld to elevators, and all the places of imagination between. 

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Mischa Eliot for Chemical se[X]

Chemical se[X] Volume 2: Just One More, is here, featuring two new creations from Sister in Smut, Mischa Eliot. Here's what she has to say about her work, her experience, and the Chemical se[X] phenomenon. 

I’m Mischa Eliot and I write smut. I wrote Because She Hates Me and Happy Birthday (as M.J. Spencer) for Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More. 

One day, Oleander Plume walked into the private message chat shared between myself, her, and Dr. J. and said… “What do you think about doing a sequel to Chemical [se]X?” and we both squealed in excitement at this smutty opportunity. 

I read the first Chemical [se]X anthology and thought this is fucking amazing. Authors being given one main idea – aphrodisiac chocolates – and being told to run with the idea. Epic. 

Because She Hates Me is centered around two roommates who secretly crush on each other, but believe the other person hates them. The chocolates bring them together in ways they never thought would happen.

Happy Birthday is about Maryann and Strider, two people who work together at a BDSM club called Possession. I’ve introduced these characters previously in a (now unpublished) series. Sometimes, you don’t know who has feelings for you, until they reveal their surprise. 

It means a lot to have been asked to be included in the anthology. Having not one, but two, stories included has rocked my world. I honestly hope everyone enjoys something about all the stories. We sure went all out with various ideas centered around the theme. 

Normally, I have issues with all-female teams. However, we pulled some awesome people into the Sisters in Smut and I feel that we did well in choosing authors to invite working on the Anthology. I’ve gotten more experience working on this anthology from writing, editing, marketing, and more than I have since I began writing way back when. 

I’ve met some wonderful people in this group and I hope that the relationships fostered by working together will grow and bloom for future projects. 

About Mischa Eliot

Mischa Eliot is an Office Superhero by Day and an Author of Smutty Works by Night bringing you the hottest stories. 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Jayne Renault for Chemical se[X]

The talented and creative Jayne Renault has contributed to Chemical [se]X Volume 2: Just One More. Here's a bit about her story, Come Away with the Sweet Fairies:

Every year, Kablamfest — a magical weekend of friendship, music, and revelry — is held near the woods outside of town. Just like the year before, Robby, the de facto Kablmafest king, and his motley band of colourful characters have set up camp on the edge of the festival grounds to kick back and enjoy whatever magic the weekend brings. 

Ally, new to the group and the festival itself, has no idea what all this “magic” is about… But when a mystical woman turns up with some special chocolates that cause quite the stir, Ally lets herself leans into the unknown and takes a bite. With the open acceptance of her friends old and new, she can then set out on an a truly magical—and deliciously smutty—journey of love and self-discovery. 

About Jayne Renault

Jayne Renault is a self-proclaimed reckless lover, boisterous laughter, voracious reader, snarky ranter, smutty wordsmith, and long-winded sex-positive writer. She likes to play around with beautiful strangers, brooding anonymous narrators, smug masturbation sessions, infidelity, and the sometimes darker undertones of humanity. A good metaphor will turn her on more than a pretty face ever could, and one of her alter-egos is the resident Smut Queen and erotica editor at Bellesa. 

The Origins of Jane Renault

How do I even begin to tell my origin story? 

One day a couple of years ago, I found a craigslist ad looking for erotica writers. Taking the plunge to write and submit something to a yet-non-existent porn site for women ultimately led to me accepting the role as head of the erotica department for Within the first six months of that becoming a permanent, full-time position, I was introduced to Kay Brandt, porn director and acclaimed writer of lesbian erotic fiction. Kay facilitated further connections with authors willing to share some of their work to be hosted in the Bellesa erotic stories collection. Dr. J was one of those authors. 

I knew having the ice broken between Dr. J and I was huge before it even had a chance to prove it. I kept the lines of communication open with her while I waited to see what it had it store for me. In the meantime, I had already been keeping close twitter tabs on her, Mischa, and Oleander. I noticed before long that they were tightly woven, and was both fascinated and a little enviable of the writerly sisterhood they’d clearly developed. In the spring of last year, they were tweeting a lot about this Sisters in Smut “con” they had finagled. 

One day, I rustled up the courage and emailed Dr. J about discussing the future of our collaborative relationship. I accosted Mischa with a gushing DM about how much I appreciated her virtual presence and though I didn’t know how it would develop, that I would love to collaborate with her in some way too. To my surprise and elation, Mischa was quick to respond with kind enthusiasm. Similar communication with Oleander followed in short succession thanks to Mischa’s gracious introduction. 

So, mostly I just harangued Mischa, Oleander, and Dr. J with my love of their sisterhood and all that they do, so when it came time that they were opening their sisterhood up to others, they had already been brainwashed to think of me. 

This is how I became a Sister in Smut

By being a part of this inner circle, I was amongst those invited to participate in this new anthology. Having read (and loved!) the first iteration of Chemical Sex, I accepted this invitation without hesitation. 

So, that’s how we got to me writing a story for this second anthology. 

I love the concept so much. The original Chemical Sex story by Oleander Plume that made all of this possible is a quintessential piece of Oleander writing. It’s clever, well-woven, full of hilarity and excellent banter, all of which drives the piece at the perfect heady pace to the smutty goodness oozing from its gooey center. It’s no wonder it inspired so many others to fill an entire collection. 

To revive this project with this particular powerhouse of lady smutmistresses is an honour and a privilege. The whole reason I am where I am, doing what it is that I do, is because I was on a conscious hunt for female community. For sisterhood. To foster spaces that allow such relationships and group power to thrive, and support the members within the increasingly intricate web that we’re weaving together. 

That’s what led me to Bellesa. That’s what made it possible for make these connections with the Sisters. That’s why I’m contributing to this anthology. 

It makes no difference if I’ve known these women for years or was introduced to them by way of the group chat for us to discuss Chemical Sex-related matters. We’ve all been join by a common goal — to write sex-positive smutty goodness, to stand as pillars and build community bonds, to encourage sex-positivity and nurture the empowerment that comes along with those kinds of spark. I didn’t doubt for a second that we would strike harmonious chords upon our first proverbial jam session. 

The inspiration for my story came to me after I enjoyed a really lovely weekend at a weird little hippie festival in the townships outside of Montreal last summer. They was a veritably magical lady — the inspiration for my Marianne — who stopped by our campsite with a basket full of enhanced goodies, some of which were actually in delicious little chocolate form. It wasn’t about the trip within a trip that we went on as a group together. It was the fact that a variety of humans — many of whom were meeting for the first time, for we had all come as a mish-mash of mutuals to the core few — came together to enjoy a truly lovely community experience that celebrated friendship and exploration in a judgment free environment. It didn’t get anywhere near the level of scandalousness that my story does, but when I got home at the end of that weekend, invigorated with community love, I came back to the virtual world and met a wall of group messages from my fellow Chem Sex anthology writers. With my eyes swelling with actual tears of love and gratitude for the people in my life and how good that made me feel, I knew then that it was the lingering sensations fo this festival experience that my story had to mirror. And I already had a magical chocolate-bearing lady to get the creative wheels turning. 

All that said, I have NO idea where King Robby came from. But I’m obsessed with him and so, so glad he came out to play. I hope you all feel the same when you meet him. 

Most of my fiction can be found exclusively at, and all the rest of my ramblings, fictitious and otherwise, live at My first book is still a WIP, so you’ll just have to stay tuned for that. 

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Wednesday Noir for Chemical [se]X

Wickedly talented author Wednesday Noir is a contributing author. Here's a little about her story, "Tilda's Chocolate Delight"

A fledging relationship… A shy man. Tilda needs to take her new relationship to the next level, but bookish Andrew isn’t picking up her all-so-subtle hints. A new chocolate promises the erotic experience she craves to take her date night from book talk to pillow talk. 

Thoughts from the Author:

When I was asked to join the Chemical [se]X 2 anthology, I was shocked and thrilled. Several of the writers, I fangirl over and being given the opportunity to work with them was such an unexpected honor. Especially when given such a fun world to play with. 

My idea for Tilda’s Chocolate Delight came to me while I was thinking about what aphrodisiac chocolate would do for me. I’m awkward, shy, and I miss obvious flirting attempts routinely, so a chocolate to help me break the ice would be a lifesaver. So I definitely identify with Andrew more than I do Tilda, but she was a delight to write. I wish I could be half as bold!

Working with other writers was amazing. I feel like I grew as a writer with their help. I’ve never written within a theme with other writers. Seeing how each of us took the theme and made it our own was a delight. I made new friends, found new writers to read, and had fun. It was an unforgettable experience that I will carry with me throughout my career. Thank you, ladies!

About Wednesday Noir

Wednesday Noir is a self-professed tea snob, grilled cheese connoisseur, and unrepentant smut peddler. She loves all things horror and avoiding in-person interaction. But they say she can be summoned with a cup of tea and cute cat videos.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Rachel Woe for Chemical [se]X Volume 2

Contributing to Oleander Plume's Chemical [se]X Volume 2 is the amazing Rachel Woe!

Here's a little about her story: Making Waves

A housekeeper working at a seaside hotel stumbles across an irresistible box of aphrodisiac chocolates—and a gorgeous younger man she can’t resist sharing them with.

Here's what Rachel Woe has to say about inspiration and this anthology:

I was invited to participate in Chemical [se]X, Volume 2 by Dr. J last summer. I had heard great things about the first anthology when it came out a few years ago, and the concept of aphrodisiac chocolates intrigued me. There are so many delicious ways you can tackle a concept like that—as I and my fellow contributors have done. It’s going to be a real treat, for sure.

My idea for “Making Waves” originated back in January of 2017. A story nugget fell into my lap about a hotel maid who gets together with a much younger man. But no matter how hard I tried to make the story work, something didn’t feel right, so I shelved it. When I was invited to write for Chemical [se]X, I started brainstorming and voila! I’d found what had been missing from my first few attempts. I love when things work out like that.

Getting to work with kick-ass erotica authors, most of whom I hadn’t worked with or spoken to prior to this project, has been lovelier than I could’ve expected. I’ve struggled with social anxiety my whole life, which makes it hard for me to reach out and meet new people. The amazing women behind this project have done a wonderful job creating opportunities for all of us to get to know one another, while promoting each other’s work.

I’m so grateful that I get to be part of this anthology. I can’t wait to read everyone’s stories!

About this author:

Rachel Woe is an erotica and romance author who probably watched too many inappropriate movies as a teen. A longtime lover of risqué fiction, she used to smuggle Story of O and The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy to school, folded inside brown-bag book covers. Her work has appeared on and in the Best Women’s Erotica and Big Book of Submission series from Cleis Press. On the rare occasion when she's neither reading nor writing, you can find her camped out at the cinema, or on the hunt for a perfect Irish eggs Benny.

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sally Bend for Chemical [se]X Volume 2

The creative Sally Bend is a contributor to Oleander Plume's Chemical se[X] Volume 2
Here's a little about her story: Vanilla Frosting

Ted isn’t gay. He can’t be gay. It’s simply not possible. Not proper. Everyone told him so. 

But what if they’re wrong? 

His new roommate would like very much for him to be gay. He even has a secret plan to help him realize his deepest, darkest, sweetest desires. They say chocolate is the way to the heart, but it may very well lead somewhere else as well.

What's it like to be a writer and take part in an anthology like Chemical se[X]? Here's what Sally Bend had to say:

Q: How did you become involved in writing for the Chemical se[X] Volume 2 Anthology?

A: "Two words – Oleander Plume. Okay, two more words – Horatio Slice.

Oleander and I met through my review of Horatio’s book and we instantly struck up a friendship. We talked, we interviewed one another, we guest posted, and then she invited me to become a Sister in Smut . . . and the rest is history. 

I was flattered and delighted when she invited me to join Chemical [se]X Volume 2. I had no idea where it would lead me and didn’t set out to do any sort of homage or tribute, but when my muse demanded I try my hand at a M/M story, I knew Oleander would approve."

Q: How did you feel about this anthology's theme of aphrodisiac chocolates?

A: "The idea of aphrodisiac chocolates was a tasty one, but it wasn’t until I went back and ready the first Chemical [se]X Volume that I realized how much potential there was in the concept. Reading it, I found myself drawn to the stories where chocolate was more than just an aphrodisiac, where it helped lovers overcome their inhibitions and discover themselves."

Q: How did you create a story to fit this anthology's theme?

A: "You know, it’s funny. I had a carefully constructed story all laid out. I knew the characters, the setting, and the plot. It was the kind of story I felt readers would expect of me. It was fun, and it was safe.

And then this day dream came out of nowhere. I saw these two roommates, with plenty of sexual tension between them, and I watched the entire story play out in my head. I knew, right then and there, that it had to be my story, no matter how challenging it was to write."

Q: Chemical se[X] is led by Oleander Plume and the Sisters in Smut. How has working in this all female-led collection impacted you?

A: "I am in awe of the talent assembled for Chemical [se]X Volume 2. I mean, seriously, look at that lineup! I am humbled to be a part of it, and I am ridiculously excited to see what everyone comes up with. I know some of the ladies very well – my fellow Sisters in Smut – and I’m getting to know everyone else as we all join forces to support and promote each other. This is not just an anthology, it’s become a community."

About This Author: 

Sally Bend is a queer reviewer, editor, and author of LGBTQIA books. Although shy and polite (she is, after all, Canadian), she loves the bold and boisterous expression of stories that bend the binaries of gender and sexuality. 

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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Dr J for Chemical se[X]

Dr. J. is a contributing author to Chemical [se]X Volume 2: Just One More, in Oleander Plume's aphrodisiac erotic series Chemical se[X]. Here's a bit about her story, My Blu Valentine.

Sylvia’s friends arrange for an invitation to send her to a decadent Valentine’s party for singles. Her ex-best friend dares her to go, so she does. Sylvia and her sexy tablemate Blu, win the table display chocolate tower. She remembers her friend’s words: “Eat the chocolate.” So, she does and has quite a story to share. 

How did you become involved with this delicious anthology?

I Skype with Mischa Eliot and Oleander Plume, my Sisters in Smut colleagues, regularly. The amount has increased since we met in real life almost a year ago. We had talked about starting a project together, and when Oleander threw out the idea of another take on Chemical Sex, I was ready. 

How do you feel about the premise of an aphrodisiac chocolate anthology?

I love the premise of the original story Chemical [se]X where we meet Jane, Wyatt Henderson, and Ben Reynolds, their company CEO. The story starts in the laboratory where Ben explains the story behind the aphrodisiac component and tells them their job is to distill it from the leaves. When they do, they put it in chocolate and test it themselves. The outcome is epic. The notion that Oleander started this creative anthology concept from a call for submission that was rejected shows the love and belief in her work. 

How did you come up with your contributing story?

I wanted to write something different for me with my story, and I decided it would be female/female. When I write I choose elements from the world around me. I had attended a 1920s party for Halloween, and I had this phenomenal flapper dress, so it became the item that brought the story to light. Add a party, giveaway chocolates in a romantic place, and I had the setting. I worked a friend and enemies element into the mix. I loved it when Oleander said my story had a “twist in the tail.” 

As we progressed in creating the plan, the middle way through I offered to make an LLC publishing company. Of the three of us, I am the one who doesn’t punch a clock and can devote some extra time to the logistics of getting the book out to the world. Doing all the processes, writing, editing, business creation and development, at the same time has been overwhelming at moments. But it has been the fantastic work and excitement of women I respect, that made it easier to keep moving forward. These writers created a unique synergy that speaks to camaraderie and support. It has been an honor working with them. 

About Dr J.: Living the island life on the Atlantic coast, Dr. J. knits and supports all the visual and performing arts of the area. When not doing authorly things, you can see her on the pétanque court perfecting her competition moves while sipping something cold. 

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