Sunday, May 19, 2019

Rachel Woe for Chemical [se]X Volume 2

Contributing to Oleander Plume's Chemical [se]X Volume 2 is the amazing Rachel Woe!

Here's a little about her story: Making Waves

A housekeeper working at a seaside hotel stumbles across an irresistible box of aphrodisiac chocolates—and a gorgeous younger man she can’t resist sharing them with.

Here's what Rachel Woe has to say about inspiration and this anthology:

I was invited to participate in Chemical [se]X, Volume 2 by Dr. J last summer. I had heard great things about the first anthology when it came out a few years ago, and the concept of aphrodisiac chocolates intrigued me. There are so many delicious ways you can tackle a concept like that—as I and my fellow contributors have done. It’s going to be a real treat, for sure.

My idea for “Making Waves” originated back in January of 2017. A story nugget fell into my lap about a hotel maid who gets together with a much younger man. But no matter how hard I tried to make the story work, something didn’t feel right, so I shelved it. When I was invited to write for Chemical [se]X, I started brainstorming and voila! I’d found what had been missing from my first few attempts. I love when things work out like that.

Getting to work with kick-ass erotica authors, most of whom I hadn’t worked with or spoken to prior to this project, has been lovelier than I could’ve expected. I’ve struggled with social anxiety my whole life, which makes it hard for me to reach out and meet new people. The amazing women behind this project have done a wonderful job creating opportunities for all of us to get to know one another, while promoting each other’s work.

I’m so grateful that I get to be part of this anthology. I can’t wait to read everyone’s stories!

About this author:

Rachel Woe is an erotica and romance author who probably watched too many inappropriate movies as a teen. A longtime lover of risqué fiction, she used to smuggle Story of O and The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy to school, folded inside brown-bag book covers. Her work has appeared on and in the Best Women’s Erotica and Big Book of Submission series from Cleis Press. On the rare occasion when she's neither reading nor writing, you can find her camped out at the cinema, or on the hunt for a perfect Irish eggs Benny.

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