Thursday, August 24, 2017

What are YOU reading?

I've recently finished reading "Storyville" by Wicked Pen Writer Maggie May.

The Plot: This is a story of young love blossoming in the most unusual way--one of the lovers is a ghost. The narrator is a young woman who's recently moved to New Orleans to take a new job shortly after breaking up with her former rock star boyfriend.  She meets the beautiful, debonair Jan Baptist, who shows her around the area and delights her with his manners and knowledge of history. After realizing that he only shows up from time to time, and usually around the cemetery that she loves across from, she comes to believe that Jan Baptist is in fact a ghost. This doesn't deter her, not even when he takes her down into a crypt that time travels into the past. She's fascinated and curious. The attraction and desire for this beautiful ghost is strong enough to surpass the knowledge that Jan Baptist is married, bisexual, and dead. All these things seem to enhance her experience, making falling for him a sure thing. After several dates and a mix of various sexual experiences  the whirlwind romance abruptly comes to an end. Jan Baptist has only a limited time to spend with the living.

My Take: The most wonderful thing about this story is the narration. The author's voice is consistent and wonderful to read. Bonus for well placed vocabulary and a clean manuscript. I found the story easy and relaxing to read, engaging, and very creative. I always appreciate stories that surprise me, so when the narrator discovered Jan Baptist had a wife, and that his wife wanted to sleep with her, she went with it to please him, having a good time with it. This happened again in another sex scene when another man was involved. I'm not sure that in reality a person would just go with a ghost or go with a sexual experience after such a short time of knowing someone, but for the sake of fiction, it was entertaining. The sex was graphic enough to arouse but still leave me wanting more. Descriptions were well written and believable. My only criticism of this story would be its length. I would've liked to see a longer romance, more explanation as to how Jan Baptist was able to come into the world of the living, and how the narrator was able to move into the world of the dead and back.

My Rating: I give this story 4 our of 5 sexy ghosts! 

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  1. Thank you so much, Angora for this wonderful review!!
    Maggie May