Friday, October 30, 2015

Cat Games 2?

Cat Games has a future!

Here's an excerpt from the sequel:

I haven’t thought much about what Rayne and I did to Daren until recently. In my waking hours I don’t even care, but for some reason, when my eyes are closed and my mind drifts, I’m taken back to that day when my new path began.

I want to believe that all I did was justified. Daren was a cheat, a liar, and a no-good drunk intent on having what he wanted at his beckon call. He deserved the sexual torture. He consented. What’s more, he absolutely earned the embarrassment he must have felt by whoever it was who found him naked, cum-splattered, and bound.

Even believing this—believing Daren had it coming—I still can’t drown his voice away. His threats have somehow imprinted on my subconscious, and a part of me must be concerned, but fuck him. I won’t allow dreams of his voice to stain the memory of knowing Rayne. Daren got his and I got mine. Mine is just that much better. I’m now a verified powerhouse.

Tiger, that’s Rayne calls me, and it has such a lovely ring to it.

I couldn’t help myself and had to look up the word in my electronic dictionary. Alongside the physical description of an orange and black feline were words like fierce, determined, and ambitious. Yes, that’s who and what I want to continue to be. It feels good. I finally have Rayne’s approval. I’m not a fucking mouse. In addition to all the things the dictionary has confirmed come with my title, I find myself mentally adding other traits: experimental, spontaneous, creative, and hungry.


I feel the remnants of my dream evaporate as I roll over and hug Rayne’s naked form to my chest while I burry my face in her hair. Sleeping this way completes me. I literally feel lighter while pressed against her, with all my worries evaporating to some non-existent, wilted, dim memory. And when her hands or mouth explore mine, I feel I have transcended earth and found my Nirvana. Reality collapses and pleasure ripples through me like vibrations of a harp string.

Yes. It’s bliss.

And I can’t get enough. I’m never sated.

Sex in her bed is great, but it’s always better in mine. That’s where we are now, warm and naked under my covers. Days pass before I find time to wash my sheets because I’m hesitant to erase all evidence of my goddess. When she’s not around, I love placing my head in the indent where hers had been on the pillow next to mine just so I can smell her. I don’t even mind those pesky flyaway hairs that fall out of her head and tickle me; they’re just bits of golden thread, all pieces of the treasure that add to my riches.

Damn, I’m so fucking rich now. I find myself in Rayne’s bed or hers in mine a few times a week, and it’s usually an I-need-to-fuck-you-now pounce that comes from me. Rayne’s never turned me down, but then, I haven’t failed to delight her.

It’s true we haven’t had that official conversation. Are we together or are just fuck buddies…? That’s only because it doesn’t seem necessary, especially after what happened at Jasper’s party.

I smile as I think about it and hug Rayne’s back to me a bit harder. She mutters something in her sleep and grasps the blankets closer around herself, and then falls still again. I kiss her back in gratitude for teaching me that relationships—love, lust, sex, or any combination of these things—are as individual as snowflakes. She’s taught me there’s no right or wrong way to live, so long as everyone involved shares a complete understanding.

I’m certain I do. I’m part of the group now.

I thought that playing the Gummy Bear Game with Rayne’s friends had been hot, creative, and experimental. I thought that it had been a spontaneous thing given life by impulsive young minds and the addition of alcohol on a Friday night, but I was wrong. Rayne’s friends are just plain free: sex-loving, open-minded, pleasure driven kinksters. They’re a tight-knit group of people too. With each member of the group fucking every other member at one time or another, I understand that there’s not really an us between Rayne and me. There’s me, there’s them, and there’s the whole. No one’s really together because everyone is. What’s more—I’m okay with this. As much as I love Rayne and feel content to have something special with her, I’m even happier knowing I’m allowed to explore and better my sexual education. I have lots of questions, lots of lust, and even more desire.

Unfortunately, things don’t happen in the group all the time. Almost four weeks passed between receiving my Tigress Medal of Honor and Jasper’s apartment event. I call it the event now when I think about it because it really did feel that way—like a theatre production, complete with cast, script, and director.

And it all started with a phone call...

(Stay tuned. The story continues 2016)

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